Wednesday, January 27, 2010


I want to give a forewarning for this post, anyone offended I'm sorry. I just post the facts as I see them.

I think I am age discriminatory, yes me!
I went to the theater this afternoon with my oldest daughter who is 39, and in a wheelchair. They had probably 40 handicapped parking spaces. We were there an hour before the show started. I could not find a handicapped place to park. So I hoofed it pushing my daughter who is no lightweight.
As we were seated I looked around the theater and to my utter dismay over 90% of the theater goers were Qtips (folk with GREY hair). Now I don't care if folk have grey hair, but over 90% in a 500 seat theater! In the daytime. Yikes I was almost scared. I felt like I was in the "day of the walking dead"! I know, I know I live in Florida!, but I never expected every senior citizen would be grey headed, tilted over, walking slow!
My adventure continues, we were in the 5th row back from the stage. A gentleman seated in the 4th row had a pair of binoculars out and using them! OMG I could almost see the blemishes on the singer.
Every member of the 5 piece band was a Qtip.
All the ushers were Qtips. Now picture this a Qtip usher helping a Qtip patron and they both had trouble walking- on flat services, never mind the stairs I won't even go there.

I really did enjoy the show I had quite a wonderful time viewing the sights. O, ya know when someone sings or the like, you see at least a few in the audience bobbing their heads or tapping their feet! Well non of this was seen by me. In fact, I seriously wondered if they had taken their last breathes! I felt sorry for the singer. She almost had to start the clapping(bad me).
Side note- it was 68 degrees when we exited the show @ 3pm- I actually saw a woman with a fur coat & hat on!

Now to almost the best part. Do you know how long it takes 500 seniors to exit a theater? Not very long. I don't know what they had to go do @ 3 pm! Go get the senior citizens discounts @ Denny's, etc., Ah maybe the depends were overflowing. I am telling Ya I think my daughter was the youngest person in the theater and me the next youngest and we were just about the last to leave. There were 2 other wheelchair patrons on the other side of us. They had to go around us to get out the theater. For what I ask! I just stood and marvelled with my daughter.
Then we are finally walking to the parking lot. A lady in front of me , with a walker, going down hill. I was really afraid I couldn't stop the wheelchair so as not to hit her!

In the car we, I am trying to back out and see all these crazy seniors speeding in the parking lot! I just sat there in bewilderment.
I know I should not be writing a blog about my peers in this way, but come on dye your hair!
I know I will have nightmares tonight of crutches, wheelchairs, canes, hearing aides, & dentures all sporting Qtips!

Just a lovely pic of Florida a couple of weeks ago when it snowed here


Sandee said...

I'm 58 and I can't wait. I'm pretty agile right now, but God knows what will happen in the next 10 to 15 years.

I did chuckle throughout this post as I had a visual. This kind of crowd I find at the local Safeway blocking the aisles.

I do dye my hair already.

Have a terrific day. :)

Denise said...

Quite an outing you had there. Enjoyed your post. I have sent you my address by the way. Honestly, I would have sent it sooner but I thought I already had. Well, I will be 60 this year so maybe my short-term memory is badly affected already ;)

Denise said...
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secret agent woman said...

Ha ha ha! But would it have made a difference if they had all been brown- or red-headed of the behavior was exactly the same?

And where is the snowflake in that photo?

Sandy said...

hahahaha, that is a funny post!

Craver Vii said...

Never say dye. ;-)

Cactus Jack Splash said...

Oh biiii I an a Q-tip! I thought I was a gangster...I belong to a gang called O.L.D. we drink metamucil instead of beer, we carry walkers and canes instead of 45 calibers, we fly grey/silver for our colors and we are grouchy as heck.

Lynn said...

That must be why all the handicapped spaces were taken. :)

Carver said...

Funny post but heck I have silver streaks in my hair and I earned every one of them. I'm 52 and started getting noticeable ones a few years ago. They are kind of like highlights at this point but I have no intention of ever dying my hair. I think it's fine for people that want to dye but I like variations in hair. Cheers, Carver

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