Thursday, June 26, 2008

Busch Gardens/Adventure Island

While on vacation here in Florida, we decided to visit these two places. Disney is just too expensive! When you are talking 8 people just to get in! We could go to these two for one price for three days! Plus we got Florida resident tickets! Woohoo-that's the ticket!
On the first visit we went to just one side of Busch Gardens-we were all exhausted by the end of the day in 90 plus humid weather. I had the great pleasure of pushing my #1 daughters wheelchair most of the time! I call it exercise! and another nail in my coffin!
We, #2 daughter ,the kiddos, me and Cyrus rode wild water rides! The water was wonderful, most of the time. I actually got soaked. The new Jungala is great for the smaller kids-sorta like a ropes playground-my grand kids loved it! There was something for every age child there. My littlest one wasn't too happy that he couldn't ride some of the rides-they have height restrictions. He so wanted to ride one of those crazy roller coasters that turn you upside down. I was happy to take him to the carousel and feigned motion sickness so they would push my daughter for awhile.
We had good food there but of course costly! One thing we found out is that one can get water anytime at the concession booths. We had photos taken on the one ride and Cyrus had #1 dau & all the grand kids caricatures- you should see the set of boobs #1 dau has! We were happy the park closed @ 9pm!
Next we went to Adventure Island-had a swimmingly good time! We packed lunches so we wouldn't have to spend so much moola on food. Dau #1 tried to drowned in the lazy river, had 10 lifeguards try and get he out! Teehee- she can swim like a fish! They were afraid to let her go, mommanator wasn't with her, she had gone to drop off the wheelchair. When I returned to the lazy river and they found me I was shocked, they wouldn't let her go with her sister! They had also called my hubby, and somehow dropped the call. He was nervous wreck till we finally retrieved our phones from the locked cabinet and saw all the calls from him and called him back!
Just a little bit of excitement makes every trip fun! We left the park early as a terrible storm with thunder & lightening ensued. We could have waited it out but we were already sunburned despite sunblock! When the littlest one said I am ready to go home we listened and packed it in!
Then we went back to Busch Gardens today-on the agenda for sure was feeding the giraffes, for an extra charge of course. We stayed on the other side of the park we didn't get to the first day. Train ride around the whole place, more roller coaster. and then the big feed. My one granddaughter loves giraffes, so she was in the proverbial pig heaven! We got some great pics from there. I will try and do a photo montage one of these days I promise. The actual ride was closed half way through because of anther storm complete with lightening. They close the parks when the storm is in a 5 mile radius.
While dau#2 was getting a pic c/d and REFUND for part of the trip I took the kiddos to see the lions/tigers & mirecats! We also saw the biggest tortoise ya ever saw, and some really ugly BIG crocks!
We had a couple of real fun days even if cut short by storms.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

9-1-1 How may I Help you?

I actually called 911 the other day, and you will never believe what for!
We were driving in good ole Florida on a pretty heavily travelled road when a car just swerved onto the shoulder of the road, with a guys foot dragging. Well he looked like he was jumping out of the car. We collectively yelled what do you think that is all about? Looked like he and the driver were having an argument and he was jumping out. We sighed and said owell glad I'm not in that car.
Then we continue to drive down said 4 lane highway to see someone driving across the four lanes in front of MUCH traffic! Only to find out it was the Nuts in the same car. He was walking across the highway with her driving in back of him. He then sees a bus and starts to run to catch it.
She then drives fast and heads toward the bus to prevent him from getting onto it. She almost broadsided the bus. I say enough of these two nuts they are gonna kill someone and I don't want it to be me or my grandchildren. They can play games but not with a highway loaded with traffic! I could care if they want to kill themselves, BUT not others!
So I called 911 and they dispatched the police.
We never saw them again, and I sure hope the cops got them and hauled them to jail or something like that!

Friday, June 20, 2008

Fla again

Well #2 daughter and three of the kiddos travelled by plane to our place in Florida.The airplane was a mess! they had us all sitting apart! A child of 5 doesn't sit by himself, let alone girls @ 8 years old. All of them were crying and the stewardess just looked and said," take your seats , maybe someone will change with you". That wasn't happening! Then their was this fellow with his 2 daughters one of which was prob 3 sitting apart. How crazy is this! The passengers, led by me finally got it all straightened out. And the lovely stewardess got the credit for simplifying all the mess! What a piece of work she is.
Then there was the mess getting the van. Whew I thought we'd never get that done!

We have been doing allot of swimming in the pool and getting a new sunburn! Twin #2 has swimmers ear and we had to make a late night visit to the pediatric medi stop. She was crying with the ear pain. At first we thought she had a spider in her ear. And being true nurses we irrigated it . No spider so we had to consult with a doc. Then a visit to the pharmacy @ 11 pm.
Today it is still hurting a little but is on the way to health.
I can't tell ya how many loads of clothes have been washed yet. My grands wear something for a second then put it in the dirty. No water conservation here! BUT I will put a stop to that post haste! I am the one doing the laundry!
Hubby is busy doing stuff outside and needs help! that means we go out and watch him! So we sit in the lounge chairs and drink iced tea and watch him. We can do that easily!
We are gonna go to the beach sometime today, but dau #2 is waiting for a phone call. Then of course a trip to Busch Gardens is in order, but I can't get up enough steam to even decide when! We are thinking when a friend comes in from Sweden, we will let him help out with the kiddos.
Vacation is a nice change of pace! Different air! HOT AND MUGGY, Different food , and different flowers to view.
They are calling to get outa here so LATER.

Friday, June 13, 2008

My Daddy's Eyes

My Daddy's eyes with a tint of blue could peer over
his glasses and make you do what he wanted you to.
Sometimes scary and harsh but most of all
funny, whimsical and filled with love.

Daddy's hands and arms were as strong as could be,
chopping wood and hugging like a bear could do.
His arm had a tattoo yielding a heart saying "love" too.

Daddy's feet had travelled far and wide.
Taking him places only to be talked of with pride.
His Kentucky home, England, Germany, Czechoslovakia,
then settling in NJ to hide.

Left school in the fourth grade to help the family.
In the coal mines, then to the Conservation Core,
that led him to the Army for WWII.
Things he wouldn't talk of,
only a tear,
would slowly creep down his chin
that was usually in a grin.

He lived and died as he wanted to,
with his diabetic hand clutching a candy bar.
Tasting all the sweetness that life could bring.
Showing his family what could be done,
with strength, perseverance and trusting God.

I have not seen all that he had seen,
but he let me see by his heart & stories I can repeat.
To show what a wonderful man he was,
to my children and grandchildren for them to repeat.

All truths are easy to understand once they are discovered; the point is to discover them.
Galileo Galilei (1564 - 1642)

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

just a thought or two

Have ya ever had your toenails painted by a five yr old!?

Have ya had work done on your house and not seen it for a week? Paid for sight unseen? Not cared what it is done with? Happy with the results?

Have ya ever played in the rain with the grandkids?

Have you loved the cool after the rain?

Have ya been on the recieving end of a water shooter (gun)?

Have ya just taken funny pics for the fun of it?

I feel like a tiny bird with a big song!
Jerry Van Amerongen, Ballard Street, 08-18-05

Monday, June 09, 2008

mondays morning moan

Dwell not upon thy weariness, thy strength shall be according to the measure of desire.
Arab Proverb

Howdy folks. I have not posted for the past week or so because my darling hubby took the computers & tv's to Florida! He wanted to make sure all I had time for was to work on completing what has to be done in the house before we finally sell it. He was kind enough to leave me a bed and some food! O and I had a cd player. I listened to books on tape- Thank God for that or I would have been totally sensory deprived!

During the week I also became ill with sinusitis I guess- went to the doc and that's what he thought I have. On an added note my twin granddaughters have strep throats-could maybe be that!? Anyway who felt like cleaning and packing? Not me for sure but alas, I did it. I can't believe we accumulated so much more stuff since we had it empty last year! My hubby is a true collector! and where do ya say dust bunnies come from? I know they must hatch in NJ!
To add to this the inhaler the doc gave me keeps me awake! so no sleep! I would throw it out the window, BUT the wheeze is horrible and the cough is great too!
I also mowed the grass twice, ya know ya have to keep it looking nice for potential buyers. (did I mention our riding mower is beltless?so did it the hand mower type. We have almost an acre, but I only did a portion-too HOT here to mow)) I also took some flowers/ bushes that I had to have. Especially the butterfly bush which I bought as a remembrance of those I worked with. With some of the money they gave me on retirement. I also had to have my curly willow bush-almost as tall as I. I grew it from a mere branch taken from The Philadelphia Flower Show a couple years back. My friends laughed at me hauling it through the flower show, the marketplace and onto the train back to NJ. You see it was quite long. People looked at me and laughed out loud! I also moved some hosta to where I removed some plants to cover the holes left.

Then of course I had to take the packed boxes, by myself, to the trailer, to bring down to my #2 daughters house. Drove back to MD yesterday after church and unloaded the trailer!
O did I forget- I had to go pick out new flooring to be installed today-so the buyers would love the kitchen!
And so it goes- my mom used to say-"no rest for the weary!" Me weary- heck no just another day in the life of an old broad.