Friday, January 26, 2007


Wintry glistening white stuff falling from the sky, only seen best thru a child's eye,
As old folk scream-'How am I gonna get that car cleaned off for work,
do I have to shovel that stuff,
they scraped the end of the driveway over,
should I call off from work,
do I have enough time?'

Children see flakes big and small,
a conundrum of color as it is prismed in light,
snowmen, forts, snowball fights,
mom & dad staying home to play with me ,all day and through the night
Hot chocolate, popcorn, snow angels, boots hats and fur-lined gloves galore,
Mommy take me out for some more

No dear she exclaims, my arthritis is hurting and my back is screaming
lets take a bath and explore a book or some music or
I'll start a fire, maybe we can toast marshmallows
and watch the birds we fed before,
I'll get a glass of wine and a cup of Hot Apple Cider for you,
and then we'll take a nap and dream of some more!

Then we can have snow cones as made in my youth
when the snow was over the roof and
I still had to drudge more than a mile,
just to go to a bus to get to school
to send me back as soon as there
cause the roads were too rough and we might slide in a rut,
with that OLD bus driver to get us back in an hour

with no-one at home,
we played in the snow, made snow angels, built forts & snow men,
had snow ball fights,
without our boots, hats and coats and fur-lined gloves and no one knew
cause when they returned we were completing our homework and had dinner on the stove
or praying for more of that
glistening white stuff falling from the sky.

That glistening white stuff falling from the sky. O MY
more of God's wonders right before my eye!
how did it become so white falling from our sky
of acid rain & factory dust from afar
that glistening white stuff falling from the sky!

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Abducted by Aliens Again

I don't know what has happened to me but I must have been abducted by those darn aleins again, or something like that. Actually let me put the blaim where it is due! I lived with a friend a few months back who realy was abducted, cause she is a CLEAN freek!
I had this surgery you see,and I am not supposed to lift anything larger than 10 pounds and no cleaning or stuff like that. Well I can't get outa this cleaning thing!
O NO the mommanator! today I found myself washing baseboards! with bleach!!! Yesterday I took out all the trash to the street and it doesnt get collected till tomorrow, I washed the trash cans! I even picked up trash outside to put in the cans. and the list goes on and on!
PLEASE let those aleins come back and return the mommanator!

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Kenny Day

Well yesterday was an interesting one. As you all know I have been out of commission for awhile now, missed the #1 grandsons birthday, so thought we would have a day for him.
He is presently studying the constitution, liberty bell etc in school, sooo living in Lovely South Jersey decided the first thing we would do was take across the river and see that darn liberty bell. He was so excited you would have thought he was opening a gallon of Hagen Das! We had to go through metal detectors, take off the coats etc, then back outside to get to see the bell inside?
Ya know there are lots of things to read while walking to see the bell, did we read any of them NO he was too excited to see the bell. Well we saw the bell and even touched it ( the lady said we arent really supposed to touch but since there were so few people there it would be ok). He touched it so lightly you would have thought he was gonna break it again! Then, ok whats next, no going back to read all the stuff about it. Then off to constitution plaza, to find out about going into Constitution Hall. Believe it or not, but no tickets needed for January or February since there are so few people then. What luck, but it was quite chilly walking around Phillie, all bundled up @ 30degrees with a wind chill of I dont know what. We had a Phillie pretzel & drinks, and off to Constitution Hall they went I stayed back as I was now getting a bit tired, plus granny had to go to the shop to buy a little liberty bell a book ,candy for the birthday boy.
Believe it or not we had great parking one block from the liberty bell on the street!
No sooner had we gotten back to the car and he says ok I am ready to go back home now! We realy had a fun time and he touched the Liberty Bell!
In the evening we continued with the K Day theme and took the 4 kids to see "Arthur and the Invisibles", another adventure- taking 4 kiddos the youngest almost 4 to the movies. We probably could have gone to see Pavarotti for what it cost to get in and junk food.
The movie was real cute and all enjoyed. When I got home I went to bed, HUMM I am a granny!

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

home again!

Well we came back home yesterday! whew long drive, then off to the brothers for dinner. Like I wanted to be out longer! But the food and company was good. They gave me a small glass of wine which I immediately tasted. OMG it was wonderful. When I asked what kind it was my brothers friend said it was the one you gave me, right over my head, I said, let me see what kind.. We both laughed heartily when he showed me, of course he was laughing at me and I was too! It was just what I needed for a mellowing after that ride from Maryland!
Then this morning found out a family from our Church had an accident and 2 lives were taken, the dad and the 8 year old daughter! I pray for the peace of Christ to overtake this family and thank God the 2 are with Him now!

Monday, January 15, 2007

little house on the prairie

Today is yet another one in the recovery of granny jax. Of course it involves some time spent at the grandkids home in Maryland. So far today I have finished knitting a hat(now the girls want one exactly like it but only smaller!) finished a scarf I have been trying to finish for awhile. We have cut everyones hair except mine since it is too short to even comb, hence the new hat! The kids and I have straightened up the living room. Have tried to do some homework with the kids. Have been watching "Dirty Jobs" forever.
All of a sudden the house got real quiet. Owhere owhere did everyone go? They all left me to make a doghouse for the new puppy. Everyone is hammering- the sound out there is a buzz. I tried to go out, but even with the new hat and a jacket felt cool so came in, was gonna take a nap but the computer called!.
Yes this is little house on the prairie- cutting our own hair, making dog houses and last but not least getting our feet stuck in the new puppy poopie!

Sunday, January 14, 2007


well here I am trying to get back into this blog thing. seems like I have to have surgery to get with it, or at least have some time for it. Let me do a little year in review! So many things happened it almost is rediculous.
Since I am retiring in April 2007 we decided to sell our home in NJ. What a whirlwind, it sold in 30 days, whew. So we packed, had the movers move stuff to MD(our next stop till the last grandson is in school fulltime then to move further south. Jim went to Colo on his motor bike, the house sold so quickly I had to get him back home to get the house emptyied. So lock stock and barrel we were in MD, I moved with a great friend til I actually retired. What fun! THEN the day before settlement the realtor told us the buyer couldn't come up with the money! So back to square one. We have moved from the house, wintertime is coming, holidays etc(people dont usually (buy then), OMY I feel like I am in a bad movie. Soo as time passes we decide to not sell and continue to live in NJ till we die or God has something else for us. Dec 1 we move back to the homestead, however most of our stuff is in MD.
Dec 18th I have surgery, 2 weeks later I have to have repair of the surgical site as it has become necrotic in 2 areas. Humm 2 surgeries in 2weeks, thats good even for me! So we are now into 2007!

With all that said I look to retiremnet with great anticipation and a little angst! Money seems to be the biggest thing I fear but I am reminded that God will supply all my needs!