Monday, July 21, 2008

weeps, weeps

We must embrace pain and burn it as fuel for our journey.
-Kenji Miyazawa

I saw this quote and just thought about it for hours and wanted to share with my blogger friends.
Doesn't need comment!

Sunday, July 20, 2008


Well ya have to get started by getting all the stuff on the front yard! EEK- do we really have all that stuff to get rid of! Yes, Mommanator and there is more that you don't have the strength to get out. I sorted stuff I had just thrown into boxes to get down here- to go through!
Folks are pulling up to look, don't they know we aren't selling until tomorrow? Hey if they buy something who will stop em, just less to sell tomorrow! The kiddos want to know who will stay up all night and watch no-one steals all the stuff. We laughingly said you will-no you will and then tell the kiddos -"if someone needs it bad enough to steal it let em have it"

Prayer for a good sale and also for No rain to spoil the event!

EEK the first customer is here! it's what time? 7:30 am, but I am not dressed and I haven't had my coffee. owell throw something on, they might want to buy something!

Change, who thought to get change-I'll go out! No I'll go out and get it, and coffee and doughnuts and and! OK go and get it- I can watch the 5 kiddos and do the yard sale I guess! Just don't take all day!

O we made our first sale- she really bought that-I never thought that would sell! "One persons trash-another's treasure!"

So how long did we say we were gonna have this sale anyhow? we didn't decide did we. Some folk around here close at 12 noon, some @ three! Hey I put all that stuff out and am waiting at least till dusk to start putting away! Besides we are gonna sell all and won't have to put anything away!

About 1/2 way through a Spanish guy and his son stopped by- they were the only two all day that tried getting a lower price. In broken English we managed to have a great time with these two! They ended up being our best customers of the day. Poppa was very funny, joking with us about the children and trying to get lower prices, sitting on the front steps. Mommanator was even called "El LO CA"! Humm- little ole me!? He bought an air conditioner- which he really needed for his breathing! We even gave him a bottle of water- I was afraid at one point he would have a heart attack or stroke right there on the steps! He bought one of the girls' skirts- I said it was too little for him- he laughed and said was for his country El Salvador- I gave him a couple of other things to send there! He smiled a great big toothless smile that would light up the world- you just couldn't NOT like this character- out of a movie you saw as a kid!

I have to go get # 1 son's football outfit- sure while WE are having a yard sale! go-on and don't take all day. I'll take some of the kids- NO they didn't want to leave granny?

Lunch what's for lunch! the kiddos are starving! Hot dogs yes hot dogs- OOPS not enough and need rolls! I'll go this time- You know I hate yard sales don't ya! I also purchased the most delicious grapes- they were cold and wonderful to put into mouth and pop the juices with just enough crispness! and cookies of course!

Grandson #2 found an old hatchet that was my dad's - Mom I want to cut some thing down-Ok go cut that tree down- it's only 15 feet tall Huckleberry tree-that will keep him busy for awhile! He will loose interest in no time- customers stopped by and watched him- he is quite determined isn't he-maybe he will be president one day!, it's good to see boys be boys! Mom offered $10 and a trip to Jimmie Cones if he completed it! 2 hours later the tree was on the ground, money was in hand and the trip to Jimmie Cones planned- Many pictures were taken- I just can't believe he stuck with it for so long- stopped only for a short rest and water. Maybe he will be president one day LOL
Grandson #1 modelled his uniform & tried his cleats, helmet and cup! He needs to get used to these things!
OO I am getting tired and hot-let's go for a swim in the pool! Ah yes, let the yard sale run itself! NO your sister is here -she can manage it- Yeah she counts money better than me. O the pool glorious pool! the kids were in heaven! and so were the grown ups! who plans a yard sale for the hottest weekend this year-YES US!

The sun starts to dip- we must clean up! some things were put into boxes to take to a local Salvation Army- some were put on front as Free! $200 hundred for the day and all that work! Now what shall we spend it on!? Most of the stuff mine that was sold! AH yes-dinner! and a trip to get school supplies- what better to spend it on! Maybe it's a good thing to have a yard for school supplies! Yes all agreed!

The most wasted of all days is one without laughter.
e e cummings (1894 - 1962)

Friday, July 18, 2008

things remembered

Got the trailer loaded and drove back to Maryland last eve. Got back around midnight and then couldn't sleep! what the heck!
Of late I have been having trouble sleeping-o what could it be? not enough time to relax MAYBE!, too many things to think about MAYBE!, living in three places? MAYBE! Who needs sleep anyhow! I got online and cleared the mailboxes, til about 3am and still couldn't sleep, but decided I must go and rest at least! got up (first in the house) @ 7:30 am.

Is so wonderful to come in and no-one knows you're coming! When the kiddos realised I was here they just about broke my neck with hugs & kisses! The youngest had to sit on my lap and computer with me, like old times! all the while "I LOVE YOU, you're mine"

Today and the next few will be of adventure, we are having yard sale! yes with 4 kiddos, oops I have inherited a three yr old niece for a week! make that 5 kiddos! by the end of the weekend I will be ready for the psychiatric hospital for sure!

I still have some stuff at the house, but it is looking real bare! I go out and get the real needy stuff only- I have one pot- now you make dinner with that!

Yesterday, I also weedeated my whole front yard as I couldn't get the mower started! I will be down here for a week and the grass would be too high if I hadn't done anything. This past week I also weeded garden beds two of which have cactus gardens! I still am pulling out tiny stickers! The realtor said I should do it! I told him the next time anyone gets the bright idea to weed the cactus- they should supply gloves with that! He said- who plants cactus intentionally! I do- I love it! Really low maintenance, until you have to weed! O I also cut down all my rose bushes in the front of the house, they were getting overgrown!

In honor of Pax's birthday a great qute from THE DIVA!

The real power behind whatever success I have now was something I found within myself - something that's in all of us, I think, a little piece of God just waiting to be discovered.
Tina Turner (1938 - ), O Magazine, December 2003

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Sunday Rambling

First of all I will be back in NJ later today and no computer again for a week- miss me! teehee. Just can't keep off that I95!

Twin #1 had us really concerned the other day! She had quite a bald spot right on the top of her head. She insisted she nor one of the other kiddos had cut it. It looked like there weren't even any follicles. What could cause that to happen in an 8 yr old? nerves, metabolic problem? I was sure she had caused it somehow just by her reaction when questioned about it, plus I had cut her bangs just before vaca, and hadn't noticed any falling hair. I would have noticed that much of a bald spot! Finally we got her alone and explained we had to know what had happened, if it was something medical we would have to have it taken care. She very shyly said, I got gum caught in it and couldn't get it out so I pulled it out! Wow that must have hurt- down to the follicles! and sooo much. We told her if it happens ever again and hopefully not tell us. Mom has stuff that will take it out. She seemed sooo relieved! I think she thought she was gonna be banned from gum or be punished is why she didn't tell. We looked at each other and smiled-KIDS!

Twin #2 had us going yesterday, She was vomiting for 24 hours. She also had a tummy ache- no specific area. We hemmed and hawed. We discussed it, both being nurses. Decided she was constipated-one little enema, and she felt somewhat better, but continued to vomit- called the doc- went to the ER. They didn't do much-urine test & xray- 3 hours later we were sent home. Just an intestinal virus, her bowel is full of air- your should expect diarrhea tomorrow! O goody!
She got up this am and is just fine-guess mommy & granny were right- constipation.

Well gotta go-see ya in a week!

Everybody gets so much information all day long that they lose their common sense.
Gertrude Stein (1874 - 1946)

Saturday, July 12, 2008

early am Saturday tidbits

Either I've been missing something or nothing has been going on.
Karen Elizabeth Gordon

It's 12:10am, just drove back to Maryland where I have computer access. It's quite unbelievable to be without TV, Computer, Radio for a week! So I am really taking advantage of the computer because I will be driving back to NJ tomorrow AAAH I 95 again!

The news cast started off this eve by a naked person, two on the top of a bus and one killed, and more mayhem in good ole US of A. I can see I haven't really missed that much. I really don't read the news or look at tv news. I have this line of thinking- If it is really important some one will definitely tell me or I will see the sky falling. Makes life so much simpler.

I do miss the noise the TV or radio make though. I keep telling my daughters I am on a silent retreat. Now if I could have the time to really enjoy it! Don't get me wrong the house was definitely NOT quiet by any exaggeration of the human mind. Both daughters and the 4 grandchildren were there! nuff said?

Daughter #2 decided we needed to paint the living room, hallway & foyer! She decided it should be white ceiling & walls to the chair rail, chair rail very light grey and the remainder of the wall grey. Throughout the painting I closed my eyes and blinked several times, all I could see were purplish walls! However when all is said and done it looks pretty nice. I didn't do too much of it, so the credit goes to her. I kept laundry and cleaning done for all of us. Those kiddos can sure dirty clothes! not really dirty, BUT swimming in the pool and the towels O MY!

I miss the hubby, but will soon be able to return to Florida. To stay I hope! And the house will sell and I will wait for the next shoe to drop/ catastrophe appear. Do I sound doomsdayish!? not really, just a realist!

Granddaughter #2 is under the weather this eve, puking. Both her mother and her lovely grandmother have decided although both nurses "don't do puke" ! She hasn't really bothered us, but we feel we must check her periodically.

Just a comment on the "gas crisis". I would never have known it travelling today on I 95! Parts of it were bumper to bumper! Luckily more going north than south. Aah yes and gas is slowly creeping down in NJ. paid $3.84 per gallon today just before going over the bridge. Hope that continues to drop. Going up and down NJ to Md is costing me a bundle!
O yes and the other day while getting dau #1 from the airport- going I 270 a twelve lane or so highway, it was bumper to bumper in both directions, then The beltway around DC just ridiculous.

If any of ya get the chance go over to - it is just a wonderful story of an aide trip he just went on in the US.

Just one more idle thought- I have spell checked this thing once already and really thought I could spell better-am I getting old or something like that!?

Saturday, July 05, 2008

tidbits for Saturday

Let not thy will roar, when thy power can but whisper.
Dr. Thomas Fuller (1654 - 1734), Gnomologia, 1732

I need to think on this quote today!

went to a thrift shop the other day with Danny(the five yr old) he saw and grabbed an American flag and started singing "hail to the chief" Granny can I have this flag? sure, well he went to the cashier singing all the while, saying how much for this flag? she said any kid that can hum hail to the chief at your age can have it! he placed this postage stamp size flag in my front yard for all the world to see. I gave him a bigger flag yesterday and he had to put it on the house. Patriotism is alive and well in the next generation!

went to dinner with #1 dau last eve. we went to a patriotic place 'Red Lobster'. teehee. at least the lobster is red. I had the most delicious thing I have ever eaten I think. Talipia with macadamia nuts toasted with coconut and with a hint of white chocolate sauce. I would never have thought to put those things together, but I am telling ya it made my mouth drool!

dau #2 and I have been a bit crazy! we have been cleaning, not just the ordinary type of cleaning. We cleaned out her garage-you can actually put stuff in it now. we also, cleaned 1/4 to 1/3 of her barn out of my stuff. only took 2 days and lots of sweat. ya see the time is coming to a close to when I will be going to Fla permanently and we just have to sell off some of my treasures. It is so hard to think of all one accumulates over 30 years living in one house. We only really took essentials to Fla. You should see the memories we left behind, but we are making new memories and all it is, is stuff! I even had 'stuff' from my mom's we collected after she died, and haven't had the inclination to get rid of. we laughed and cried over some of the stuff!

I'll be driving back to NJ today- yeah another trip up I95- one just has to go with the flow over that!

Dau # 2 is brushing her hair right now. She has quite a bit of it, thick ,lustrous & wavy-shoulder length- then ties it up with a scrungy thing-hum why have it long then? so it can be put in a bun or french braid or the like? when she was young she had straight pure white blond hair, now its a brown/golden color and a little grey showing through. Her hair is truly like my sister-in-laws. She is a a true mix of her heritage. She has many attributes of my family especially my mom, but I can see so much of Jim's in her.

Serena just fell into the Venus trap again at Wimbledon
A Safe holiday weekend to everyone- enjoy your family & friends and joy in the fact that you can be an American and all the freedoms it can supply.

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

home again??

The most important work you and I will ever do will be within the walls of our own homes.
Harold B. Lee (1899 - 1973)

Well I am back in Maryland from Florida, not really my home, but one of them at the present time.

Tired- yes

Poorer- yes and no- money yes, but wouldn't have missed the experiences with the kiddos!

They are such cute, good kids! They can be a handful, but most of the time quite enjoyable.
Dan just loves the beach- no surprise here! we almost had to drag him off the sand every time we went. Ken has always loved the beach. One of the twins loves swimming, the other is quite satisfied kicking sand in grandma's legs , feet, face!

Before we left Fla they wanted to know just when were they coming back, so guess they had a pretty good time too. Twin # 1 said Grandma- I really love your new place here in Florida.

I am sure the neighbors will be happy we've gone= peace and quiet in the neighborhood.

Taking my dog for a walk was a real adventure! they had to argue who was gonna be the poopie scooper and who was gonna do the leash, who could be strong enough to hold the critter when he saw a rabbit! ( he's about a 5 pound tzih tsu) O and how about geckos-can anybody catch one!

The plane was a better ride than going down we all sat together, but Spiritair has spoiled me, the pilots there know how to fly a plane- the take offs and landings are smooth- Airtran on the other hand- we felt like we were gonna turn over!
I was really pleased with the kiddos in the airport- please and thank yous to everyone they met or saw. One woman even looked at them like they were from Mars, when they said excuse me I am really sorry for bumping you.
Twin #1 was just miserable on the plane I encouraged her by threatening bodily harm. however guess I should have given her some slack as she had to go to the bathroom and they wouldn't let her undo her seat belt till they were past us serving drinks, so everyone had to use the facilities!
All in all it was a good trip. Now I must get some sleep !