Monday, April 30, 2007


Well, I did it and have 2 job offers already. I started watching the grandkids over the weekend-the whole house has some type of flu! NOT GOOD! all are running fevers, coughing and all sorts of junk stuff. The last one woke me up at 5am by turning on the lights and screaming "I can't breathe" EEK he has a touch of asthma and was really making himself worse. God bless children they certainly know how to get your attention. His mom had been trying to get him to calm down, guess he thought granny was better. Temp was 103- we started today off with a bang!
It is now bath time. And then off to bed! YEH!
I need to write about the wonderful retirement party, but will have that another time. Need to do without 8 hands helping me. So have a good one for me.

Sunday, April 22, 2007


This weekend I went away again, to the Poconos this time. It was another reunion of my Nursing school class. This time we were celebrating turning 60! Seems like we will celebrate just about anything!
It was just beautiful up there! We didnt do much besides eat, talk, & drink. O yeh, we did go for hikes, watched the deer go thru the yard and thoroughly enjoyed each others company again.
We talked allot about nursing and how it has changed over the years, Not necessarily for the good. How incompetant we feel the new nurses are just coming out of school. Also, about the sorry state of affairs medical/nursing care is today.
We cant believe we actually took the Nightingale pledge all those many 39 years ago- how idealistic and young we were then.
We looked at many pictures of the past and couldn't decide how we got from there to here now.
We also discussed how remarkable it is that we still keep in contact still after all the time has past. Thirty-five of us graduated- 10 of us were at the reunion and we keep in contact with about 10 others, 2 have died that we know of. We would love to find some of the others. We are gonna try again next year for the reunion to connected with more. In fact we found another one this year. Our 40th reunion we are currently planning to take a cruise to Hawaii.

Monday, April 16, 2007

Shell& Liz

Here I am in cold windy wet Maryland. Trying to post, but the twins are wanting to help. They were watching TV but as soon as they saw grannie, they decided they wanted to play on the computer, but I said NO my turn (mean grannie!).
They are identical twins and boy are they looking alike today. As they get older they seem to look more and more alike. They do have subtle differences in looks, but I almost have to look at them directly in the face and have them say something, before I can tell them apart.
We were so surprised when they were born, but are sure glad to have them, they make life interesting for sure, along with their 2 brothers. A total of 4 children in this quiet house. LOL
8-6-6-&4. When they all get home from school its like a war zone till they have a snack, get homework done and settled down. After school they take the dogs for a walk or feed them.
Their differences are in their personalities.
Liz is a helper, neat and very caring, she jumps up when asked to do something and does stuff even when not asked, she has to be told not to do Shells chores. Shell is quite different-she is MESSY! Messy, messy- she only helps when you make her, she is caring but doesnt like anyone to know it. Pax has said that Liz will be a doctor or nurse and Shell will be the artist, hippie type in SOHO(even with the baret on her head).
They are both very good students in first grade, bring home all A's & B's- between all the kids they are costing me a fortune as I give them money for each A they bring home, but it is money well spent if it continues.
As I only had girls I can see so many inherent differences between girls & boys.
Now they realy want to use the computer, I will finish here and write about the boys on another day.

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Out & About

While I was out today killing some time before I had to pick up Melanie from her friends house & driving to Maryland. I took a drive about a 5 mile radius of my home and oddly enough not far from where I used to live as a kid. I couldn't help but notice;
1. the die hard gardeners were out mowing their lawns, do they have to start so soon! is the grass realy long enough to cut?? Ok I can deal with multching, fertelizing, planting and raking, but MOWING!
2. my yard doesnt look that bad considering I haven't done all that stuff! the daffodils, forsythia,grape hyacynths, hyacynths, and of course the Blue Bells of Scotland add some blue & yellow color to my yard.
3. the peach trees all around my house are starting their lovely pink blooms, should be in full regailia by next week if it stays like today!
4. people aren't bundled up like nannooks of the north everywhere
5. people seem PLEASANT- waving and smiling at the same time
6. people are driving far too fast to get to the shore-already
7. building, building, building everywhere-soon this will be called the too expensive house state not the garden state. So what ever happened to the Pinelands commission? I saw houses being built on postage stamp size lots. In the middle of town there was a section being built that will prob have 10-12 too expensive homes on it.
8. even the cemetaries were abloom and thank God we have them or else there would be a house or Eckerds or WAWA on every corner
9. Sadly I saw a stretch of trees(near where I used to ride my bike as a kid) that had either had Acid rain and a lot of it or else some chemical deposit- all the fauna and flora was DEAD- yes dead-how long will it take to replace that grove of trees along that creek? or better yet when will WE learn to stop the ruination of our trees and creeks with our polluting ways! I so wanted to take the grandkids on a bike ride there one day when they master two wheelers!
10. Saw the price of gas going up up up, in our state! at one station it was 2.53 this am and now 2.63 per gallon- maybe I shouldn't go to Maryland their gas is always at least 25 cents higher than ours.

But alas I am happy to still be able to see these things and enjoy the pretty things along with the ugly! Guess I should keep my eyes on the driving huh

Sunday, April 01, 2007

time and again

We converted to another computer today, so I have lost all my bookmarks! I think the man does that just to keep stuff off his computers! He did say if it isn't hooked up he can't get junk on it. Well I will have to work at it again so here goes! LOL. Ya see he finally brought the computer back from Maryland and I dont have to use the laptop any longer. It came with the price of getting a new computer desk!
We haven't brought the old one back as of yet, but when I retire I will make it my business to get that cherry wood desk he had to have, cleaned out from the daughters stuff and get it back to NJ. I think he and I play these games just to keep life interesting! His goal is to have the most toys when he dies! My goal is not to spend money on toys!
He wins most of the time. Just a small example: he has a 2006 motorcycle- I go to Goodwill to get stuff. He has a 2006 Chrysler Pacifica with all the whistle blowers, I am driving my paid off Malabu! I am definately a product of my dad and he is of his dad. Owell I guess that's part of what has kept us married for 38 yeasr now!