Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Another year

Today it has been a year since the hubby died. Am doing ok, just gotta keep busy, and its always busy around here. We are getting ready to go up I95 to NJ. I sure hope the snow & ice pass us by, but all the weather men say something is coming.
Don't really have that much time to post but wanted to say

THE WINNER IS; Denise- I will send when I get back if ya send me you address!

Yikes another year is passing by! when we were kids it seemed like forever from one year to the next, but now it goes by in light-speed! May everyone have a wonderfully blessed NEW YEAR.
Health, wealth, prosperity!

I think I could write a book about my grandson! Right now he is sitting near me, he got new boots for Christmas and is swinging them around saying it's booty time- he really doesn't realize what us gutter minded adults are laughing at. He is part of what keeps me from crying, glad I came up north for the holidays.
Leaving in an hour gotta go for real!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

just a quickie

Was laying on the bed with grandson #2, just watching tv , relaxin & talking. All of a sudden he asks, "gran-ma, can we go to the North Pole?'
I said, " O honey we cant go there it's too cold there."
He says, "Why?"
And I say, " Well it's just too cold, only scientists go there, to study weather and like."
I then ask, " why do you want to go there?"
Unscathed he answers, " cause that's where Santa lives, and I would like to see his house."

Sometimes I forget he is only 6 years old, what a dummy I am!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Quiet Insanity!

If indeed you must be candid, be candid beautifully. Kahlil Gibran (1883 - 1931)
One thing is clear to me. You can't know everything you'd like to know. You can't do everything you'd like to do. You can't read everything you'd like to read. You must hold onto some things and let go of others. Learning to make that choice is one of the big lessons of this life.
Real Live Preacher, Real Live Preacher.com weblog, September 9, 2003
Ya know stuck in a house for a day doesnt hurt anyone, but you would think it does! Yes it snowed and my goodness it snowed a bunch. I think we got about 22 inches over a day. We were only stuck in the house one day! ME my kids & grand kids!
But these crazy Americans we live with still thought it necessary to go out. They were getting stuck everywhere. My favorite I95, was even closed. Come on folks take a day of rest. Spend time with the family, Go sledding with the kids. Have Hot chocolate and sit by the fire. Just sit in Awe of all the snow. Contemplate on how much water was dumped! I think in DC they said 6 million people were affected.
So what did my crazy family do. All of the above plus- dau#2 & I started a quilt we are giving as a Christmas present. I cleaned the kitchen (how many times?). Got kids into and out of clothes, hats & boots all day. Used those millions of socks as gloves. Wrapped some Christmas gifts (did I ever tell ya I hate wrapping!) Sneezed a trillion times, took a nap because of too many antihistamines, even fell backward off a stool while sneezing. Got caught up on bloggers & facebookers, cleaned out 2 email site boxes. Amazing what one can get done while stuck in a house for but a day.
O I forgot took the dogs for walks and thought we'd loose them in the snow. O and lost my camera once again!
So friends take stock and as my daughter would say stop and smell the coffee. It's not too often we are forced to be home! Enjoy it while you can!

Saturday, December 19, 2009

The Insanity Continues!

Yep it's snowing!

Life is pleasant. Death is peaceful. It's the transition that's troublesome.Isaac Asimov (1920 - 1992)

I have been to 4 different school presentations. The children are doing different countries, I have been to Canada, China & Germany. The girls also had a real cute Christmas program, written & produced by the class. Have to show pics later.

After this we went shopping for the first round of Christmas goodies. After which we go to school to pick up the cherubs. Dau #2 goes to the doctor cause she is having multiple pvc's & chest pain- cardiologist next week, no change in the EKG! YEAH I had to about kill her to go to the doc. CHILDREN what can ya do with them!

While she is at the docs, dau#1 in wheelchair and my four grands go off shopping again, must get gifts for momma! That was indescribable fun! but they were pretty good, and I lost no-one!
When she gets back we go off to dinner at a local pizzeria. She drops us off and drives home to let the guys deliver wood. She was gone an hour and they never arrived! We ate. & Ordered her food too. The kiddos were really worried about her, so sweet.

Well after dinner whats left to do- go to the grocery store of course-Ya know its gonna snow! and we may be without for DAYS! As soon as I went into the grocery store I lost #4 grandson, and was getting a little frantic when dau #2 said he right here! You should have seen all the crazies in the store, one might think it were gonna be the end of the world. there wasn't any milk, eggs and almost all the chips gone! See whats important huh!

Finally we arrive home and must unload the car that we nearly couldn't fit into for all the shopping throughout the day! But we got in and all the stuff out to see it start to snow. A wonderful ending to a happening day!

I only have four of ya signed up for the giveaway, so let me know if ya want to be included!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Talk about Insanity!

First off don't forget the giveaway slated for December 24th-anyone interested in the drawing? A Janet Evanovich book in the offing!

The above is the motley looking crew this summer, did I post this!? am battling with A in Alzheimer's! HAHA Just dau #1 missing. She was away. I am in orange next to dau #2

Just 14 hours before we were to fly my friend tells me she cant watch the dog, so I make arrangements for him to come with us! Yikes one more thing to do. Do you know his ticket cost as much as mine! Plus I had to get a CORRECT carrier. That took me almost all day!

Well we arrived safely in Maryland to be about frozen to death. I left 80 degree weather and it was 35 when I arrived. Sure am glad I brought the jacket. This weekend they are talkin a foot of snow! So where are my boots! I have done allot of sleeping since I arrived, can't seem to get enough, and there isn't even a time change! Must just be relaxed with kiddos around. We've been shopping, but have lots to still get. We will bake cookies over the weekend. Right after getting off the plane we went to children's' school for a program and to surprise them all! What fun!
The children start their Christmas vacation this Friday till after the new year.
It will be nice to not have to get up early to get them off. You should see it around here! They get up about 6am, and all bound on my bed to wake me. Then their momma starts making lunches, breakfast, making sure they have correct clothes and shoes ( are the dresses long enough), teeth brushed and all hair combed, then drive them to school by 8am. Some take cookies & Stollen she has made for school programs. Never ending around here!

I found out my daughter changed computer carriers so all my book mars are gone, so dont know how many blogs I will be viewing, but I will try and keep ya up to date on me. I will have much to catch on when I get back to FL!
Blessings for a wonderful holiday for all of ya! "It's a wonderful life"!

Friday, December 04, 2009

Another Day of Insanity

different pic of tree out back, think its a ficus
Unfortunately insanity of a different kind.
An elderly gentleman from the neighborhood died yesterday.
'Ezra' was such a kind, spirit filled man.
He was in our Sunday School class and had such a wonderful knowledge of the scriptures.
Just another reminder of how frail life is! I was talking with him in his house yesterday
and he looked fit as a fiddle. We joked and had a good visit!

This is a pic of my youngest grandson next to a 'precious moments' doll that looks amazingly like him! In fact, I bought the doll cause it reminded me so much of him.

It is RAINING here and I feel like I am back up north, I can't seem to get warm today Me sitting here with a sweater on! Did I say it was RAINING & COLD! Tomorrow my friend wants to have another yard sale. I am telling ya if it's like this I will not be going.

I have to pack, get my cards written, shampoo the carpets, o and generally clean the house before I go up north. I never want to come home from vaca with the house a mess! My family used to think me crazy when I'd go on vaca and make sure everything was all spruced up before going. BUT they always liked coming home to clean sheets and towels etc. It was always worth the effort and will be this time too!

Dont forget the giveaway and to tell me you want to be entered. see previous post

Thursday, December 03, 2009

Countdown to Christmas!

A littl' decorating in the home. 2009

The time blogging between now & Christmas will be dedicated to my insanity!
I haven't even started shopping, guess I won't till I get to Maryland.
I just don't want to haul it on the plane.
PLUS I don't have any ideas of what to get anyone.

I am in such a practical state of mind. I don't want to buy anything that isn't disposable.
Disposable you say, yes we ALL have too much! so disposable means- something that collects dust NO, something to wear NO, Toys(they already have too many) NO.
That leaves food, yep that's disposable, everyone eats and with this economy everyone can benefit!
O just thought of something else disposable-MONEY! My mother in law always said, green is the right color, size, etc

I will have to get a couple of things for friends here in Fla, but that will prob be food related?

So follow me in this adventure before Christmas, and in the spirit of it all I will be having a giveaway. A book entitled 'Plum Lovin' by Janet Evanovich, you got to love her writing.

Just put your name in the hat, by telling me you'd like it. I will have dau #2 pick it out of the hat on Dec 24th. And hopefully get it to you in January 2010!

There is an hour of calm relief
From every throbbing care;
'Tis when before a throne of grace,
I kneel in secret prayer,
When one by one, like threads of gold,
The hues of twilight fall,
Oh, sweet communion with my God,
My Saviour and my all!
Fanny J. Crosby