Friday, March 30, 2007


OK this is the question of the day-AALA PAX-FFF

How come I know where my esophagus and corpus collosum are,
but can't find my passport,
or my glasses that I had on my face reading with, a short five hours ago!

I can locate an address, someone gives my while in the car,
but always loose my keys!

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Why do I have to be ME?

SO you ask, what's up with the mommanator? Who else should she be!?

I would like to throw caution to the wind!
I would like to get in my car and just drive off and start a new life.
I would like to tell people off!
I would like to Not care about anyone else or just plain anyone.
I would like to Not care about money. Get nails done, hair coiffed amazingly bad-punk rock style,I haven't been bleach blond yet!!
I would like to go out and buy my RED jag or convertible mini cooper, or baby blue Aston Martin.
I would like a single story home in PERFECT repair.
I would like to get a message by a tastefully gorgeous Swedish masseuse- male of course.
I would like to go to a spa (the Blue Lagoon was nice) and have everything offered and Not give a damn how much it costs.
I would like for no-one to want me to do something for them.
I would like someone to change, launder and iron my sheets, remake the bed, spritz with lavender and tuck me in tonight.
I would like to say something sometimes and people not say-how do you know that, are you sure, turn on their heal and either go look on the computer or ask someone else in my ear shod.
I would like Not to feel much of the time that something of doom is gonna happen.
I would like to believe some of what I hear, see, etc.
I would like to be whistled at or someone say who is that?
I would like to sleep in late, have someone saunter in with fresh brewed coffee & breakfast on a silver tray.
I would like to feel like I did in the Spring of 1969.

these are not necessarily in want order & the list could go on forever
these are but a few to mention and on the uppermost of my mind.
I can't be having a midlife crisis- I am well past that age.
Heaven knows even with hitting the lottery some things are not attainable,
But at least I do have LOVE.

Saturday, March 24, 2007

the Last hurrah

As some know I moved, but really didn't move last Aug/Sept then again in Dec.
Now this time I AM MOVING- as you also know Officeland I is moving to Officeland III-a glass building, however only some selected have the view from a window-not me of course-why give the old broad who is retiring a window!? Packing for the move has been something! The dust & dust mites might I say have been terrible! The smells that have evoked have been indescribable! The place too darn hot! Since we only have 1 window in the building that can open, we are left to opening doors of which there are some who scream when the doors are open-let em scream I say-they can put on their darn coats for all I care I cant breathe with my allergies, the smells and the heat- oops I complain too much!

The actual packing has been a mix of bitter sweat, as I am packing for the move and for retirement-have looked through things that have been my work for almost 20 years now at this office-thrown hard work just plain ole in the shredder- IS THAT ALL THERE IS?, IS THAT ALL THERE IS!

Some things even brought a tear or two to the mommanators eyes! BUT of course there were the tears of joy too remembering things associated with a memento or a gift or a card from a co-worker/friend. One I can specificaly remember is from a great friend who sent me this unbelievable "nurses" card along with a hand written poem-so special!

Then of course, there is the TRYING to get some actual work done in this mess, noise, heat and confusion! Yes they actually think we can work in this atmosphere! They took all the client files away, so we cant even look things up. That doesnt stop the phones from ringing or my wonderful co-workers giving me more things than I can get accomplished before I finally take that walk out the door to my next endeavor- as I close one door and open another to the next season of my life!
as I always say 'quityerbitchin at least yer in the race!' and of course my 'get over it already'.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Weekend in Lancaster

Well this past weekend I was celebrating my 38th year of marriage to the same guy! Yes people sometimes get married and are true to their vows. We have had our ups & downs, Spats, crying, laughter- we have had it all, but somehow have always worked IT out!

We have gone to Lancaster for the past couple of years, in a real nice Hotel! Well this year me(ya know the one getting older every minute) and my computer couldn't remember the name of the Hotel (the Revere Inn). Soo I registered with A Days Inn- what a fiasco that turned out to be. Lets put it this way it was probably one of the worst places I have stayed in in my entire life!
Of course it was prepaid, with no refunds! I would have forfeited the money, but with me being out of work for so long, I honestly couldn't afford to do that! It was supposed to be handicapped assessable- much of it was , but the game room, & indoor Pool were not! and of course the mommanator has already made an ADA violation report on that. Then let me say a few things about the weather! It was beautiful falling rain, sleet, hail, snow, ice all the way there. In NJ we hardly got any snow but it accumulated a foot up there in Lancaster! The Days Inn staff didn't think it necessary to clean sidewalks or driveways. However a foot of snow doesn't stop the clan from having a good time shopping & eating! And so we did -laugh, swim, shop and eat!
Happy Anniversary to the Mommanator & her Mountain Man

Friday, March 16, 2007

girls night out

This evening went with a few folks to Sandy Cove Maryland for a girls night out.
It involved a great meal of cod and/or chicken, vegetable mix, savory yellow rice,
salad with the most scrumptious raspberry dressing, bread and wonderful desserts.
I had a bit of oreo cookie pie and coconut custard pie! Was I full after that!

Then we saw a show: a couple sang a few tunes and then the main event was a ventriloquist-
she was unbelievable- I swear those dummies were talking and not her. She has done her thing all over the world- just returned from Japan. She did the funny part with her dummies-aka-peoploids then told an amazing story of her family. Mostly about her daughter who had a drug/alcohol problem and finally after many years went to a treatment program and it finally worked. She had us laughing one minute and crying the next!

The only thing which was a downer was the darn rain and driving in it. I have gone to this place another time and it rained then too!? Cant figure what that is all about-owell!

Saturday, March 10, 2007


Well yesterday we had the first of several parties at Officeland I to "honor" the folks leaving us on the first wave of moves from Officeland I. The supervisors fed us with a grand variety of pizzas and the rest of us brought in Veggie Salads, Friut salads and deserts. We had the usual speeches from the supervisors complete with crying and gnashing of teeth!
One gal said "I AM JUST GOING TO MOVE" to Officeland II. I like them at Officeland I and have established relationships and I don't want to move. Well honey that isn't how the state works- you will be leaving to Officeland II if you want to continue to work!
We also had a video of past & present residents of Officeland I- we laughed allot at that, and were surprised how different everyone looked- some smaller, some larger, some with and without hair and surprisingly some of the older folk looked better now!
All in all it was a fun time reminiscing about the "Days of Officeland I-and the passing of time- like the sand in an hourglass"!
And of course no-one wanting to help clean-up.

Saturday, March 03, 2007

March Maddness

This is gonna have a new meaning for me. As most of ya know I am retiring from wonderful state service the last day of april 2007! Well yesterday it struck me I have so much to do and so little time. I have to pack to go to the new building, yes I will leave some things behind-like state purchased books, files and the like.
I also have to pack the things I have to take home. I have to take said packed items home. Also, have to take the furniture thats mine home. Of course have to help the daughter and take her furniture/ wheelchairs home!
Along with bringing stuff back from Maryland to resume living in NJ-unpack that stuff!
The beginning of the week I happily found out I had more time to use than I thought-so have to get that time used up-see the smile on my face!
I also have an abundance of stuff left over from when I was on leave to get done, along with the stuff that has been given since I got back to work-OMY whats a gal to do? I will just have to pace myself! LOL
I think I should just ignore it and leave it to the next person, but if anyone knows me I cant do that!