Thursday, December 27, 2007


Cyrus, twin #2 & oldest grandson

Twin #1 & youngest grandson
youngest grandson
"looks like sking to me!"

For this Christmas we have a visitor we have loved for years! Cyrus, one of our past exchange students from Sweden came to visit. What fun he is, with a great sense of humor and generosity! He was born in the US, his father Iranian and mom Swedish! Now isn't that a mix of cultures! Always puts a different slant on things. He recently moved to Albuquerque NM to work and study there. In July he finished up his Masters degree and is working to get into one of 3 PHD programs(MIT,Hopkins & somewhere in California) I vote for Hopkins so he will be closer.

So far we have had Smorgastorta( sandwich cake thing-he made), Gloog( a drink) and had vegetarian dishes as he is vegetarian now. All were good eating & drinking.

For the kiddos' Christmas gift he wanted to give them them a trip to a ski slope, and to teach them to ski. In Pennsylvania about 2 1/2 hours from here in MD. Their mom didn't want them to go as she was afraid someone would get hurt (just a mommabear caring for her cubs). As you can see by the pics she finally relented and we all packed up and went. Of course he wanted all of us to gear up and ski, even our physically disabled daughter, but I said no to that one. I had been on ski's once in my life and that was enough for me. I did, however coax my daughter to let them go as it would be a great experience and he really wanted to do it.
He had them up on the bunny slope in no time at all. They seemed to really enjoy it. We had no actual mishaps, except the little guy who didn't like running into the fence one time. At one point in the day he took off ski's and poles ran all the way down the hill and said "I gotta go pee". When we saw him running down the hill we thought O NO he got hurt or something. Seemed like they all liked just sitting back on the ski's and sliding down the hill, and falling.
They would have skied forever I think. The little guy wanted to bring the ski's home and practise- even though we have no snow at present. They all chirped in "they wanted to go back again tomorrow".
Worst part of day was getting the right boots fitted for the skis & the drive back home-bumper to bumper. Best part of the day- having Cyrus accomplish what he set out to do & seeing my grandkids ski for the first time and laugh with cheers of glee!

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Cookie Party

I wrote this almost to the conclusion and somehow lost it in the blogosphere so here goes again

I was invited to a Cookie Party Exchange at a co-worker/friend home. I said that seems like fun!

I settled on a Lemon Meltaway Cookie-not too hard, but was cooking at my daughters with a four yr old helping and the "new heater" installers about the house. At one time I thought to myself- how dumb am I? I can't even convert the recipe to make 12 dozen. It took me three days to complete this task. I even purchased 2 sets of 12 plates to package the cookies. The first set was too large to display only a dozen.

I have figured I need to get away from the children more? I even drove from Md to NJ to attend this event only to have to drive back to Md the next day to watch the kids. My daughter even had to find someone to cover for her until her ex would take the kids so I could get off earlier to get to NJ in time!

ALAS-the party was such fun! Great food to eat & drinks. And seeing some old friends from work I hadn't seen since retiring. AND conversing with someone closer to my age!

The cookies were judged from unbiased folk-no one had entered a cookie. Mine didn't win in the taste test or the packaging, but it well worth my efforts to attend.

Now I have twelve dozen cookies to share at the holidays, if of course we haven't devoured before then. In case you're wondering the cookie that won was a chocolate covered cracker with peanut butter thing-AND they are yummy! The packaging was won by a cookie that looked like coal in an old coal container.
We shall find peace. We shall hear the angels, we shall see the sky sparkling with diamonds.
Anton Chekhov (1860 - 1904), 1897

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

A Snapshot of 2007

Well folks we are starting to close down another year,
For me it has been quite a bear. Have been able to Blog- humm didn't think that possible for me. Many changes, distractions, etc so here goes:

I had major surgery on the second day of the year to fix a surgery just before Christmas, which ended up with a week in hospital ICU stay. As a result I have no belly button any longer. Never used it after I was born, but sometimes miss it.

Decided to stay in NJ after all and have made some modifications to the ole homestead. Probably will do more.

Went on a few vacations-Colorado, Florida a few times and to the Pocono's(Nursing School Reunion).

Have made more trips to Maryland than I would have wanted. Took the annual anniversary trip with the whole family, to the Dutch Country.

Retired from a 30 year Nursing career and took a job as NANNY for the grandchildren. That has been rewarding and also very tiring at times. Still Love the kiddos. I have been helped, by the children, see things thru the eyes of a child. Have given spankings and still get huggs & kisses every day! Didn't have chance to be stay at home mom with my kids, but am now doing it thru fire(sometimes). Have helped my daughter remodel her 80 year old home-LOTS OF WORK THERE!

Contracted the dreaded Lyme Disease, had all the symptoms even the bullseye rash, but took awhile to finally come the that diagnosis as was in Colorado when the fever, chills, muscle aches and pains started. Man what headaches & muscle tetany I had. Was glad when the antibiotic started and I got some relief. Also, did have to go thru 2 rounds of antibiotics. Am glad my doc listens to me! And tested me for it and also continued the antibiotics longer than he thought he should. I am feeling pretty good from that, but still get tired or is that old age? Aside from me rest of family have been pretty healthy-Thank GOD!

We got a kitten, Angel, left in our back yard. Nursed it till now seems like a healthy, growing and amusing cat of 6 months, that the grandchildren say is there's.

Am purchasing a place in Florida to be Snow Birds until the little one gets into school! I can't wait- it is almost brand new. Will have to furnish with new things., etc. Can't wait till we can move there full time as the ole bones need the warmer climate!

With retiring sure miss some of the friends at work. However the TRUE friends will continue to be with me wherever we go. I appreciate their kindness and faithfulness to an ole kook! I also have been quite blessed by my Nursing School buddies after all these years as we continue to be in my life!
AND finally I have a loving family & church family that get me thru these days. SO how was your year?
Life is just a mirror, and what you see out there, you must first see inside of you.
Wally 'Famous' Amos (1936 - )

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

D is for Danny

Been spending lots of time with #2 grandson of late, guess that's part of being nanny-granny.
The other day we had our trip to the local library where he goes to a book reading then plays on the computer. (any folk with small children should take em to the library-it's free, educational, and best of all keeps em outta your hair for a bit whilst you read or in my case do homework).
One problem with the library we go to is, they have a book drop outside which he is completely fascinated with. For some reason I can't get him to understand you are not supposed to put gifts of dried leaves & rocks into it. He likes to leave the librarian presents!

After library time we indulge at the local Mc'D's- this one is quite special as it has a gigantic playground indoors. He can eat his usual happy meal of chicken nuggets, french fries & ketchup. I have never seen one person like ketchup so much. My daughter even asked the doctor if it were a problem. She said does he eat other things don't worry about it, it is a phase he will grow out of. He is a little man eating his meal quietly and mannerly. Then he goes on the play equipment. By the time you leave there you have a wonderful headache as 1/2 the towns kids under 5 are there at lunchtime.
I was quite pleased with him the other day: another rug rat was continually pulling at his shirt around the neck, I said to myself ONO we are gonna have a problem-he is only gonna take that tugging for a certain amount of time and he is going to retaliate, but to my surprise he held his cool. I wouldn't have! I would have pushed back or something. Dan is a rough and tumble kid, but enough is enough. I can't believe the other kids momma didn't say anything, well she was engrossed in her conversation- the kid could have left Mc'D's and she wouldn't have known!
After all the play is finished we get ice cream- the happy meal comes with a free very small cone- I get that and he gets a sundae- the wait staff think it's funny. I really don't need the extra calories and he certainly works them off!

Today was the advent of our first snow here in the northeast- he was loving playing in it. Throwing snowballs at granny was quite humorous! We had to go get gloves & hat so he could play longer. I had one terrible time getting him in the house after he had played out there for quite awhile. It was almost dark. he was afraid the snow would be gone tomorrow. He kept saying he wasn't cold. He assured me the snow here in NJ was better than the snow at his mom's in MD.

O to be a kid again with all that wonderful energy & imagination! Plus not getting cold in the snow- doesn't get better than that!
Be gentle with the young.
Juvenal (55 AD - 127 AD)

The thing that impresses me the most about America is the way parents obey their children.
King Edward VIII (1894 - 1972)

Outings are so much more fun when we can savor them through the children's eyes.
Lawana Blackwell, The Courtship of the Vicar's Daughter, 1998