Wednesday, February 28, 2007


I am so tired from returning to work and trying to satisfy all those "wonderful" social/case managers that I hardly have the brain power or stamina to think let alone to type a blog!

HOWEVER- I watched 'Babel' this evening while resting in my luxurious new bed. Brad is starting to look much older, but thought he did a good job. Kate-well, does she do much badly! At first I found it a bit hard to follow with the 'subtitles' and three story lines. It looked so true to life in all the various scenes. I will have to look at the remainder of the Academy nominated flics I have ordered from Netflix to see if I agree that it should have been nominated for best Picture. I have been so lax in seeing movies at the theater this year,. I cant wait to see the Departed. Tomorrow eve is 'Little Miss Sunshine'

Guess I should be off to bed/sleep- tomorrow is another day at officeland where there are sooo many personalities to deal with. I am so glad I live so close to home so I can come home at lunch and lie on the sofa or bed and get a powernap!

Tuesday, February 27, 2007


A new blogger would like your opinions- good or bad. Catch him on "No1Big Daddy"
Just thought I'd add a pic for your veiwing pleasure? Arizona cactus

Saturday, February 24, 2007

Arizona Gals

Which one of these "ole"gals could possibly be a mommanator? They are sweet Nurses, every one a baby boomer! They are all 60ish you know the new 40. Some are retired from nursing, but 2 of them still work in nursing. One is a Wharton Graduate and has a different kind of funeral business(a theme funeral of all things). One works for Bristol-Myers-Squibb.
They all still like to party.
Iwould put anyone of them against a new graduate from just about any school!

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

that sky

went outside a few minutes ago just to get something out of my car
looked up and to my amazement saw a beautiful sky,
all decked out in the most brilliant stars I have seen in a long time

have I not been looking or were they just brighter?
isn't it supposed to rain or something tomorrow?
I must be mistaken, I thought I heard the news right!

were they put there especially for me to see this night?
it made me think of things like when I was a child,
when dad would say-now there's the big dipper and the little one too
do you see the seven sisters and Venus too in that southern sky.

Made me realise that parents teach us so many things,
those little insignificant things that we share with others,
like when I told one of my exchange students -look there's
venus-see the one which is shining so bright in the southern sky,
and he argued one can't see the planets with the naked eye
and I was happy to show him the news paper article the next day
"you can see Venus in the sky these nights-look to the southern sky if in NJ"

or when I took another exchange student out in the night
and she looked with amazement to the sky
and said-the sky is so beautiful-I never see the sky at night before
I wondered why her parents had let her come all the way from Japan
but she had never seen the sky at night before.

So I thank you God for sending me out on this night
just to look up at that beautiful sky to remember things
ever so insignificant, but none the less important to me.

Monday, February 19, 2007

Butterflies are Free

This is my first time adding a picture, Hopefully you will see the beauty of this butterfly as I do!
Couple of months back I went to Arizona, on a reunion trip with some of my Nursing School buddies. During the trip we went to a nature reserve, were lucky enough to go to this butterfly exhibit which was opening the following week!
These butterflies actually are Not free, they are enclosed in a climate controlled building with no predators except MAN. We had to go through seal lock doors in & out and actually were examined afterward to make sure we were not taking any home on our clothing!
What a beautiful exhibit! We saw some other butterflies than the typical Monarch we see around here.

Monday Morning

Well this has been a long day already! I have been awake since about 3:30am nursing a sick grandchild who finally went to sleep after having diarrhea and fever all day Sunday(the day of rest?) Alot of crying and I want my mommy!
Originally had planned to get my kitchen back in order correctly, after the move back in the house! Dont know if that will happen, but if the big guy is interested will probably forgo a morn of rest to get that kitchen done. He is up and atem- complaining all the way about this and that hurting, banging into things. -Gotta love him!
Have already read my email, the paper, looked at everybody's bloggs (not much new reading since 12midnight!)
Well thats it for now!

Friday, February 16, 2007

Anna Nicolle

I said I wasn't going to comment on the death of the beauty, however I guess I have to throw something in there.

Why did she die? How did she die?
My daughter and I have come up with a theory that we haven't heard on the news.
Could she have been trying to detox herself?
After all she had a new baby, a death of a loved son, the law suit, men trying to be the father of the baby and the list goes on!
She may have been trying to detox herself and went "cold turkey" which is real dangerous to the body. Can cause some of the symptoms she was reported to exhibit before her death. Yes it can cause cardiac symptoms, dysrythmias and sudden death!-she had no drugs in the stomach.
I guess we will never know, but it is another thought to throw in the mix.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

gas tanks

Can anyone tell me why the gas tanks are not on the same side on every car!
You see I have about 4 cars I drive routinely. The state car (some of the state cars have tanks on opposite sides), my car, my hubby's car and my daughter's car. Then of course sometimes am asked to drive someone else's car because they are sick or whatever.
Then I have to get gas, which side of the car is the tank on! Invariably I drive to the wrong side of the gas pump! Not so much of a problem in NJ as we have folks who pump our gas(believe it or not) But then there are the other states. One gets out of the car and oops I did it again- have to get back in to pump my own gas!
Next problem I have encountered with this, is you drive to the gas station, which line is the lowest! Get the car on the right side etc. etc.
As Americans we pay a plenty for gas (not as much as foreign countries, but it makes a hole in ones pockets. Along with coming up with a more efficient- fuel saving car! Can't the car makers and pump makers make those darn gas tanks uniformly on one side or the other!

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

the Valentine

What is it anyway?
A card that shows you feelings so true?
Roses are red
violets are blue
sugar is sweet and so are you!
OR is it that feeling you
have had for someone for a long time that you cant explain!
OR that unexplainable warm glow that goes to your toes
when you just think of that special someone.
OR is it a dinner for two at an expensive restaurant
with champagyne, a favorite meal topped off with truffels and white chocolate mousse?
Or a gigantic bouquet of a dozen or two long stemmed red roses
in a perfent Wedgewood crystal vase?
Or is it just another day when people can actually
be nice to someone else for no reason at all?
Give them cards, chocolate candies in red heart shaped boxes,
smiles, a touch or illtimed kiss on the cheek?
OR is it a guy/gal going to the poorest of poor
in the city and ministering to them with a bit of food
or a blanket in this coldest part of the year?
to me it is any one of my four grandchildren coming up to me with a hug and a kiss and saying grandma "I LOVE YOU" for no reason.
or a co-worker/friend saying "mommanator thanks for what you do" and truly meaning it not that superficial stuff with a glance and a smile but a true heart felt thank you.
You see any day of the week can be valentines day not just on February 14th.


Wednesday, February 07, 2007

How to prepare for a Mammogram-guys can read

Must write this for all my friends/family who have had mammograms or known someone who has! I found this in a book I am reading by Barbara Johnson a humorist
The Mammogram
This is an xray that has its own name because because no one wants to actually say the word "breast". Mammograms require your breasts to do gymnastics. If you have extremely agile breasts, you should be fine. Most breasts, however, pretty much hang around doing nothing in particular, so they are woefully unprepared. But youcan prepare for a mammogram right at home using these simple exercises.

Exercise 1. Refrigerate two bookends overnight. Lay one of your breasts (either will do) between the bookends and Smash the bookends together as hard as you can. Repeat this three times daily.
Exercise 2. Locate a pasta maker or old wringer washer. Feed the breast into the machineand start cranking. Repeat twice daily.
Exercise 3. (advanced only please): Situate yourself comfortably on you side on the garage floor. Place one of your breasts snugly behind the rear tire of the family van. When you give the signal, have your hubby slowly ease the car into reverse. Hold for five seconds. Repeat on other side.

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

History of Sacrifice

Yes folks this is from me and take it for what it is worth! A statement on Today.

The wars have taken many lives, but what are the nations fighting for?
Here is a listing of the American lives spent over the years:
Indian Wars-------------------6,125
War of 1812-------------------2260
Mexican-American War-------13,283
Civil War----------------------562,130
Spanish-American War--------2893
Philippines War-----------------4,273
World War I-------------------116,708
World War II------------------408,306
Korean War--------------------54,246
Vietnam War-------------------58,219
(per education world)
there have been 3,318 coalition deaths so far in the conflict with Iraq---
Danes---------------------- 6
(per 1-26-07 CNN count)

How many Iraqui?
per News Center article published 7-05 they aren't counted
(but the armed forces sends reports of same).
the Bookings Institute says as of 7-13-05 there have been an estimated 22-25,869 civilian casaulities (feeling that is a low estimate,) with probably more than 100,000 police, soldiers & insurgents deaths.
Not to mention the destruction of buildings,land & jobs. The maming, orphaning of citizens.

Friday, February 02, 2007

New Years Resolutions?

Yes we are at the beginning of February, however lets take stock of those darned resolutions.
I hardly made any cause 1. I was too sick to even think of any other than getting better, and 2. I hardly ever make any.
Why on the green earth do we resolve to do something that we haven't been able to do in the past? Because we are looking at fireworks, kissing our special someone or just a wee bit drunk? Or do we think about it for weeks and days Humm what shall I do different in the next year or years. Let's be honest we only do that for a couple of days/weeks at best!
With all of that said, I resolved to:
Be kinder, loose weight, be tollerant of others stupidities, and try to get my financial situation DONE before I retire.
How have I done in the month? Dont laugh, but I am kinder- I have to be or else no one would have helped me in the past month.! I would have had to get my own meals, done my own dressings and the list goes on! I lost weight with one surgical procedure 131/2 pounds to be exact, but haven't been on the scale since! I resolve to get weighed tomorrow and send a follow-up LOL. How in the world am I supposed to get my financial situation DONE before I retire on temp disability! What a joke!!, but am glad for it (did ya all know all states don't have temp disability? We are one the few. My daughter in Maryland has to pay every 2 weeks for hers if she is to get ill)-(there is one good thing about Jersey!)
Now to being tollerant of others stupidities-that has been easy so far, I haven't seen too many folks!
Now if ya have the ambition, let me know about your resolutions and how they are coming along.