Thursday, December 27, 2007


Cyrus, twin #2 & oldest grandson

Twin #1 & youngest grandson
youngest grandson
"looks like sking to me!"

For this Christmas we have a visitor we have loved for years! Cyrus, one of our past exchange students from Sweden came to visit. What fun he is, with a great sense of humor and generosity! He was born in the US, his father Iranian and mom Swedish! Now isn't that a mix of cultures! Always puts a different slant on things. He recently moved to Albuquerque NM to work and study there. In July he finished up his Masters degree and is working to get into one of 3 PHD programs(MIT,Hopkins & somewhere in California) I vote for Hopkins so he will be closer.

So far we have had Smorgastorta( sandwich cake thing-he made), Gloog( a drink) and had vegetarian dishes as he is vegetarian now. All were good eating & drinking.

For the kiddos' Christmas gift he wanted to give them them a trip to a ski slope, and to teach them to ski. In Pennsylvania about 2 1/2 hours from here in MD. Their mom didn't want them to go as she was afraid someone would get hurt (just a mommabear caring for her cubs). As you can see by the pics she finally relented and we all packed up and went. Of course he wanted all of us to gear up and ski, even our physically disabled daughter, but I said no to that one. I had been on ski's once in my life and that was enough for me. I did, however coax my daughter to let them go as it would be a great experience and he really wanted to do it.
He had them up on the bunny slope in no time at all. They seemed to really enjoy it. We had no actual mishaps, except the little guy who didn't like running into the fence one time. At one point in the day he took off ski's and poles ran all the way down the hill and said "I gotta go pee". When we saw him running down the hill we thought O NO he got hurt or something. Seemed like they all liked just sitting back on the ski's and sliding down the hill, and falling.
They would have skied forever I think. The little guy wanted to bring the ski's home and practise- even though we have no snow at present. They all chirped in "they wanted to go back again tomorrow".
Worst part of day was getting the right boots fitted for the skis & the drive back home-bumper to bumper. Best part of the day- having Cyrus accomplish what he set out to do & seeing my grandkids ski for the first time and laugh with cheers of glee!

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Cookie Party

I wrote this almost to the conclusion and somehow lost it in the blogosphere so here goes again

I was invited to a Cookie Party Exchange at a co-worker/friend home. I said that seems like fun!

I settled on a Lemon Meltaway Cookie-not too hard, but was cooking at my daughters with a four yr old helping and the "new heater" installers about the house. At one time I thought to myself- how dumb am I? I can't even convert the recipe to make 12 dozen. It took me three days to complete this task. I even purchased 2 sets of 12 plates to package the cookies. The first set was too large to display only a dozen.

I have figured I need to get away from the children more? I even drove from Md to NJ to attend this event only to have to drive back to Md the next day to watch the kids. My daughter even had to find someone to cover for her until her ex would take the kids so I could get off earlier to get to NJ in time!

ALAS-the party was such fun! Great food to eat & drinks. And seeing some old friends from work I hadn't seen since retiring. AND conversing with someone closer to my age!

The cookies were judged from unbiased folk-no one had entered a cookie. Mine didn't win in the taste test or the packaging, but it well worth my efforts to attend.

Now I have twelve dozen cookies to share at the holidays, if of course we haven't devoured before then. In case you're wondering the cookie that won was a chocolate covered cracker with peanut butter thing-AND they are yummy! The packaging was won by a cookie that looked like coal in an old coal container.
We shall find peace. We shall hear the angels, we shall see the sky sparkling with diamonds.
Anton Chekhov (1860 - 1904), 1897

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

A Snapshot of 2007

Well folks we are starting to close down another year,
For me it has been quite a bear. Have been able to Blog- humm didn't think that possible for me. Many changes, distractions, etc so here goes:

I had major surgery on the second day of the year to fix a surgery just before Christmas, which ended up with a week in hospital ICU stay. As a result I have no belly button any longer. Never used it after I was born, but sometimes miss it.

Decided to stay in NJ after all and have made some modifications to the ole homestead. Probably will do more.

Went on a few vacations-Colorado, Florida a few times and to the Pocono's(Nursing School Reunion).

Have made more trips to Maryland than I would have wanted. Took the annual anniversary trip with the whole family, to the Dutch Country.

Retired from a 30 year Nursing career and took a job as NANNY for the grandchildren. That has been rewarding and also very tiring at times. Still Love the kiddos. I have been helped, by the children, see things thru the eyes of a child. Have given spankings and still get huggs & kisses every day! Didn't have chance to be stay at home mom with my kids, but am now doing it thru fire(sometimes). Have helped my daughter remodel her 80 year old home-LOTS OF WORK THERE!

Contracted the dreaded Lyme Disease, had all the symptoms even the bullseye rash, but took awhile to finally come the that diagnosis as was in Colorado when the fever, chills, muscle aches and pains started. Man what headaches & muscle tetany I had. Was glad when the antibiotic started and I got some relief. Also, did have to go thru 2 rounds of antibiotics. Am glad my doc listens to me! And tested me for it and also continued the antibiotics longer than he thought he should. I am feeling pretty good from that, but still get tired or is that old age? Aside from me rest of family have been pretty healthy-Thank GOD!

We got a kitten, Angel, left in our back yard. Nursed it till now seems like a healthy, growing and amusing cat of 6 months, that the grandchildren say is there's.

Am purchasing a place in Florida to be Snow Birds until the little one gets into school! I can't wait- it is almost brand new. Will have to furnish with new things., etc. Can't wait till we can move there full time as the ole bones need the warmer climate!

With retiring sure miss some of the friends at work. However the TRUE friends will continue to be with me wherever we go. I appreciate their kindness and faithfulness to an ole kook! I also have been quite blessed by my Nursing School buddies after all these years as we continue to be in my life!
AND finally I have a loving family & church family that get me thru these days. SO how was your year?
Life is just a mirror, and what you see out there, you must first see inside of you.
Wally 'Famous' Amos (1936 - )

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

D is for Danny

Been spending lots of time with #2 grandson of late, guess that's part of being nanny-granny.
The other day we had our trip to the local library where he goes to a book reading then plays on the computer. (any folk with small children should take em to the library-it's free, educational, and best of all keeps em outta your hair for a bit whilst you read or in my case do homework).
One problem with the library we go to is, they have a book drop outside which he is completely fascinated with. For some reason I can't get him to understand you are not supposed to put gifts of dried leaves & rocks into it. He likes to leave the librarian presents!

After library time we indulge at the local Mc'D's- this one is quite special as it has a gigantic playground indoors. He can eat his usual happy meal of chicken nuggets, french fries & ketchup. I have never seen one person like ketchup so much. My daughter even asked the doctor if it were a problem. She said does he eat other things don't worry about it, it is a phase he will grow out of. He is a little man eating his meal quietly and mannerly. Then he goes on the play equipment. By the time you leave there you have a wonderful headache as 1/2 the towns kids under 5 are there at lunchtime.
I was quite pleased with him the other day: another rug rat was continually pulling at his shirt around the neck, I said to myself ONO we are gonna have a problem-he is only gonna take that tugging for a certain amount of time and he is going to retaliate, but to my surprise he held his cool. I wouldn't have! I would have pushed back or something. Dan is a rough and tumble kid, but enough is enough. I can't believe the other kids momma didn't say anything, well she was engrossed in her conversation- the kid could have left Mc'D's and she wouldn't have known!
After all the play is finished we get ice cream- the happy meal comes with a free very small cone- I get that and he gets a sundae- the wait staff think it's funny. I really don't need the extra calories and he certainly works them off!

Today was the advent of our first snow here in the northeast- he was loving playing in it. Throwing snowballs at granny was quite humorous! We had to go get gloves & hat so he could play longer. I had one terrible time getting him in the house after he had played out there for quite awhile. It was almost dark. he was afraid the snow would be gone tomorrow. He kept saying he wasn't cold. He assured me the snow here in NJ was better than the snow at his mom's in MD.

O to be a kid again with all that wonderful energy & imagination! Plus not getting cold in the snow- doesn't get better than that!
Be gentle with the young.
Juvenal (55 AD - 127 AD)

The thing that impresses me the most about America is the way parents obey their children.
King Edward VIII (1894 - 1972)

Outings are so much more fun when we can savor them through the children's eyes.
Lawana Blackwell, The Courtship of the Vicar's Daughter, 1998

Friday, November 30, 2007

Cats in the Kitchen Kitten in the BR Sink-FFF

Here's Angel the cat, we rescued from the back yard. He is growing nicely, but I find him in the most unusual places! The bathroom sink @ my daughters is one place. Oh and he likes the toilet paper-he doesn't care which side it's put on-he loves to unroll it & make my daughter crazy! The kiddos think it is their cat and my hubby argues it is his!

Friday, November 23, 2007


I can remember as a child going to my grandparents home for Thanksgiving. We'd have turkey and all the fixings plus grannies chicken & dumplings. I would get my own chocolate pie. I don't know why I was given that distinction as Grannie had 10 children and lots of grandchildren. But I was given my own pie. I could share if I wanted but no-one but me could cut it for the first piece. She was an unbelievable woman my Grannie and we all knew it and were thankful for her.

As time passed and my parents became grandparents we started having the Thanksgiving at their place. My mom was a great cook, and did she ever like to cook. I would love to have a piece of her apple-walnut sour cream cake right now! Unfortunately, that recipe went with her to the grave.

Before the meal prayer was said and everyone took a turn saying what they were grateful for over the year. It was such a delightful time. Some would write down their thanks in a prayer or a poem. Some would say OK let's get to the eating part. We would always try and sit everyone at the same time, but that didn't always work. After the meal the women would do the dishes and the guys would watch football.

More time passes and I find myself maker of the annual Thanksgiving meal. What allot of work. We continued the part of everyone saying what they were thankful for and the prayer. I found myself doing much of the cleanup. Everyone else would watch TV or sleep. Then one day, I said I have had enough. I got myself and my nieces and nephews dressed and we went out back for a walk and looked for rocks. Every person had to get a favorite rock to bring back to their parent. That year we also searched high and low for my invisible dog. the kiddos still remember that year and we talk of it with much laughter. That was the last year I hosted the Thanksgiving meal. I passed the mantle to my younger brothers family.

That leads us to 2007- my hubby & older daughter decided to take a quick trip to Florida. To the warmth and a close family friends home. But alas, we didn't have the turkey meal, prayer or the saying of what we were thankful for. You see were in the air flying back to South Jersey as most of the folks in the United States were enjoying their meal. The funny part is I miss having turkey leftovers, pumpkin pie, mince meat pie & sweet potato pie. candied sweet potatoes, homemade cole slaw and fresh green beans cooked the way granny & mom did em. I missed my grand kids and little spats over who would sit where.

So- what am I thankful for! Family, friends, days past & present, health to enjoy it, A loving hubby, kids and grand kids & God who lets it all happen!

Tuesday, November 13, 2007


I am one of those people who just turn off commercials mentally when they are on. Folks ask me did you see the commercial "xyz" and I just have no clue- I probably do some of my best thinking during commercials- after all ya have almost three minutes of them whenever they are on. It has to be really something for me to see.
Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I'm not sure about the former.
Albert Einstein (1879 - 1955)
To me they are plain stupid! Who on Earth needs to see a guy in a red wig advertise what? When one does catch my eye -I almost always have to ask someone-so what were they advertising? Maybe I am the stupid one-some I just don't get even when explained.
I am very grateful when the ones about the elections are over-they are relentless!
Genius may have its limitations, but stupidity is not thus handicapped.
Elbert Hubbard (1856 - 1915)
With all that said I do like some of them the first time-not the sixtieth time I have seen!
I am a visual person, and believe me I would never buy something just because it was advertised on tv. In fact, if the commercial is shown too much I may even say I will NOT buy that product. I may be in the minority on this one- I do not think the Geigo cave men commercials are cute-eek, I'd rather see the gecko!
One I do like and other bloggers have remarked on it the one with the little guys walking down the street in their own cute way with backpacks as big as they are- a dance like thing.

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

humble pie

Men occasionally stumble over the truth, but most of them pick themselves up and hurry off as if nothing ever happened.
Sir Winston Churchill (1874 - 1965)

Nothing puts me down more quickly than the first cold of the season! I can hardly get my head off the pillow! Want to sleep the day away. Get up to get something to drink & to eliminate and then I find myself back on the bed!
Thanks for medi-stops I was able to see a doc last evening-my doc is away & I couldn't be seen by one of the partners till who knows when!
With the antibiotic & cough med I am back in bed again!
Drove home from MD yesterday just to get to see a doc, making myself more tired!
I even fell asleep when I was talking on the phone with my grandson!
I get so darn guilty when I am the sick one-why is that? Just give in to it momma and get yourself back into bed-that's what you would tell everyone else to do.
see ya! in my dreams!

Monday, November 05, 2007


We all have big changes in our lives that are more or less a second chance.
Harrison Ford (1942 - ), quoted by Garry Jenkins in 'Harrison Ford: Imperfect Hero


Sunday, November 04, 2007

Just some tidbits

A few days ago I walked along the edge of the lake and was treated to the crunch and rustle of leaves with each step I made. The acoustics of this season are different and all sounds, no matter how hushed, are as crisp as autumn air.
Eric Sloane

If winter is slumber and spring is birth, and summer is life, then autumn rounds out to be reflection. It's a time of year when the leaves are down and the harvest is in and the perennials are gone. Mother Earth just closed up the drapes on another year and it's time to reflect on what's come before.
Mitchell Burgess, Northern Exposure, Thanksgiving, 1992

I guess I will never stop being a nurse, although retired. I still care for the human spirit & being, guess I am a terminal optimist! Sometimes I miss the touch of, helping through an illness of a perfect stranger. Friends and family still ask for my input about their specific problems, sometimes I feel like I am a mother to many.
Any way, while reading this am, on the net found this about E.Coli. This is a germ which causes diarrhea & abdominal pain & cramping/bloating- not much fun if ya have it.
Two recalls in food products:
Totino's/Jeno's Pizza of General Mills products
American Chef's Angus Beef Patties in Twin Cities from Sam's Club

I often wonder: how these products go through all the processing, etc. still come out infected?
What we can do to make our world more safe?
What we can do to get the word out more quickly about such problems? (the one about the Beef Patties was initially found in the summer and we are just now hearing about it-telling folks to check their freezers)

I presume we are better off than foreign countries without the checks and balances, but!

So be careful what you buy, cook adequately, to directions on the packages, wash hands frequently with warm soapy water AND hope for the best.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007


There is no need to go to India or anywhere else to find peace. You will find that deep place of silence right in your room, your garden or even your bathtub. Helen Kuebler Ross

Humm great thought Helen, however where do we find silence? She says even in the bathtub! Silence is not something I hear too much of! However, I do find the peace she speaks of in the most unusual places.
In my car of all places-I will be driving along and all of a sudden become overcome with peace! Am I nuts or something? I look at the trees, the rivers, and just place myself on a mountaintop! I also find that peace when in bed with the big guy-just him & I lying there together. I guess he makes me feel protected or something like that.
How about when all the kiddos have finally settled for the night and a calm comes over the house.
How about when you have been away from your home for awhile(like vacation), you open the door and such peace fills ya!

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Friday's Ramblings

Use what talents you possess: the woods would be very silent if no birds sang there except those that sang best. Henry Van Dyke

Experts recommend practicing good hygiene. That includes: Washing your hands thoroughly with soap and water or using an alcohol-based hand sanitizer. Cleaning and covering cuts and scrapes until they are healed. Avoiding contact with other people's wounds or bandages. Avoiding sharing personal items such as toothbrushes, razors and towels.
MSRA infections have garnered much news coverage recently.MRSA stands for methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus. Staph is a very common bacterium, present on the skin or in the noses of about 20 percent to 30 percent of the population. It's usually nothing to worry about. MRSA is a strain of staph that has become resistant to treatment with antibiotics, including penicillin, amoxicillin, oxacillin, methicillin and others. That makes MRSA harder to treat than regular staph infections.
Staph infections start out as mild infections on the skin, showing up as pimples or boils. Infections with garden-variety staph are easily treated in most cases. Both staph and MRSA can cause more-serious skin infections or they can lead to pneumonia or infections of the bloodstream, urinary tract, or the lining of the brain. Surgical wounds are often prime targets for these germs.
Skin-to-skin contact with a person who carries MRSA is believed to be the most common way people get MRSA in the community. In this situation, people who are otherwise healthy may get a skin infection with MRSA. It's also possible to get MRSA from surfaces that are contaminated with the germ, but this is less likely than person-to-person contact.
There hasn't been a sudden increase. Drug-resistant staph germs have been spreading across the country for years now, causing deaths from time to time. How is MRSA treated if it is resistant to antibiotics? MRSA is usually treated with Vancomycin, but Bactrim has been known to be effective.
But the best cure is PREVENTION-Wash those hands folks!


Well here in the Northeast it has been raining for the past couple of days, It is a rain that the gardeners/farmers are most welcome to see! It rains awhile, clears up and then rains again. Not the gully washing type that the ground can't consume! (at least there is no lake in my backyard)! I wish we could send some of it to those poor folks in California!


Found a fun site-can play for awhile and also provide the needy with grains of rice. You have to match your word knowledge with answers. give it a try, you may provide some much needed rice to the less needy!

Daughter #1 had her thyroid ablation this week, hopefully she will start feeling better. And may even go back to work? She has nodules on her thyroid that are precancerous, ablation is supposed to kill the thyroid and the nodules. Much better than the knife!

Monday, October 22, 2007

Free Lunch?

I rec'd this as an email, but thought interesting enough to be read on the blog. This is an interesting "story" to ponder.

There was a chemistry professor in a large college that had some exchange students in the class. One day while the class was in the lab the professor noticed one young man (exchange student) who kept rubbing his back and stretching as if his back hurt.The professor asked the young man what was the matter. The student told him he had a bullet lodged in his back. He had been shot while fighting communists in his native country who were trying to overthrow his country's government and install a new communist government.

In the midst of his story he looked at the professor and asked a strange question. He asked, 'Do you know how to catch wild pigs?'The professor thought it was a joke and asked for the punch line. The young man said this was no joke. 'You catch wild pigs by finding a suitable place in the woods and putting corn on the ground. The pigs find it and begin to come everyday to eat the free corn. When they are used to coming every day, you put a fence down one side of the place where they are used to coming. When they get used to the fence, they begin to eat the corn again and you put up another side of the fence. They get used to that and start to eat again. You continue until you have all four sides of the fence up with a gate in the last side. The pigs, who are used to the free corn, start to come through the gate to eat, you slam the gate on them and catch the whole herd.Suddenly the wild pigs have lost their freedom. They run around and around inside the fence, but they are caught. Soon they go back to eating the free corn. They are so used to it that they have forgotten how to forage in the woods for themselves, so they accept their captivity.

The young man then told the professor that is exactly what he sees happening to America. The government keeps pushing us toward Communism/Socialism and keeps spreading the free corn out in the form of programs such as supplemental income, tax credit for unearned income, tobacco subsidies, dairy subsidies, payments not to plant crops (CRP), welfare, medicine, drugs, etc. while we continually lose our freedoms- just a little at a time.

One should always remember 'There is no such thing as a free Lunch! Also, 'You can never hire someone to provide a service for you cheaper than you can do it yourself.Also, if you see that all of this wonderful government 'help' is a problem confronting the future of democracy in America, you might want to send this on to your friends. If you think the free ride is essential to your way of life then you will probably delete this email, but God help you when the gate slams shut!

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

happenings in mommanator land

Went to Florida and had a wonderful time at the friends house! The weather was unbelievable!

When the hubby and I returned the first thing out of his mouth was-'Lets go back- it looks so dark and dismal here'. I had to put on a light jacket as the weather had really turned whilst away! Our family is rethinking a move to Florida, my hubbies arthritis didn't bother him at all while we were down there.

Next a.m. it was 46 on my back porch! oyeh- for those of you that have been wanting the fall to arrive! Has been an unusual fall thus far- the trees don't have as wonderful Autumn look. Noticed today while driving the kiddos, some geese were traveling north- the trees and the birds are confused!

Have been back in Maryland this week- what did we do today! We tore up carpet and put down some linoleum- that was great fun with a four year old helping! However it didn't take as long as expected- we started 9:30am and finished somewhere around 1pm.

All the festivities of fixing the floor of the dining room stopped when I got a call that one of my cousins had suddenly died! He was 62, fairly healthy, but guess he had an undiagnosed aneurysm that ruptured. They aren't exactly sure! That stopped me in my tracks. I just have so much trouble believing he died., but it happens.

Just wanted to write about that to encourage all to keep smiling, if you've argued- apologise, call someone you have been thinking about-for you don't know what the next day or minute has in store for ya!

I pray you bear me henceforth from the noise and rumour of the field, where I may think the remnant of my thoughts in peace, and part of this body and my soul with contemplation and devout desires.
William Shakespeare
I wasted time, and now doth time waste me.
William Shakespeare

Sunday, October 07, 2007

things that bump in the night

last night my daughter and I were intently watching "Law & Order Criminal Intent" and all of a sudden something went 'Bang' like a gun or something dropping etc. We looked at each other 'What in the world was that" after much trepidation we both got up and started looking.

My first instinct was the big guy fell out of bed, or the cat had knocked something over. After much inspection we went in the kitchen- there was dough on the floor. You see, an old canister of biscuits had exploded in the trash can. I had thrown out early as I thought they had expired.

Whew that was fun!

Fear is the main source of superstition, and one of the main sources of cruelty. To conquer fear is the beginning of wisdom.
Bertrand Russell (1872 - 1970), Unpopular Essays (1950), "Outline of Intellectual Rubbish"

Thursday, October 04, 2007


Went to the Poconos for another nursing school reunion- we are all celebrating our 60th birthdays! Was a lovely ride from South Jersey. Picked up a couple of others going. The weather was wonderful- just warm enough, no rain, & sunny. We are planning a reunion in Hawaii for our 40th Nursing school reunion. There were 2 more there, but they had to leave early and the one taking the pic.
Many folks can't believe we are still getting together after all these years. It is more of a sisterhood than a class. We don't have any significant others come like hubbies, children etc.
We can talk freely about stuff. We reminisce about old times, and some of the things we did when. IE, about the time I put an upperclassman's room furniture on the roof of the school, because she was absolutely torturing me during the first weeks of freshmen year. I think she thought twice before waking me up every night around 3am, pouring water on my floor and stacking all kinds of things in front of my door during the night.

Then there is eating, drinking, singing, dancing to the oldies, and don't forget about feeding the deer that walk all over the place. We were told this time that there were bear sightings there where we go, So we were not going out at night! OO and we also get up and walk for exercise! One of the gals does all the cooking. She lives alone now and loves to cook- so let her! and can she cook!
A great time was had by all- at least I know by the emails & talk on the way home! So we will be
doing again- as long as we can make it and you all know that 60 is the new 40 so we will be doing until we are on canes and crutches!

Always acknowledge a fault. This will throw those in authority off their guard and give you an opportunity to commit more. Mark TwainUS humorist, novelist, short story author, & wit (1835 - 1910)

Friday, September 28, 2007


I am going on a vacation again to visit friends in Tampa Fla. I sat and wondered what I am vacationing from as now am retired-5 months already. Looked up the word vacation and realised it had many meanings! AND I guess I CAN take a vaca from my normal activities, to clear my mind and spirit only to come home and do more of the same!

I think of my life as mini vacations at the present! Retired from Nursing, however, a week in Maryland and a week in New Jersey. Which one is truly the vacation! A HA can you guess! I do different things in each place but weirdly the same- cook, clean take care of some. I know one thing for sure there are not enough hours in the day!

Am taking a course offered by the church on the book of Daniel (by Beth Moore) in Maryland. Taking a second study at my church on "Be a Woman of Character'. I hope I can keep them straight!
For those of you who find yourselves driving allot get some books on tape! What a great way to pass the time! Currently am on a series by Clive Custler- I would never read these books, but find them most interesting while driving! My hubby has and has read every book
by Custler and he thinks the tapes give the books a different flavor.

Travel, trouble, music, art, A kiss, a frock, a rhyme - I never said they feed my heart, But still they pass my time.
-Dorothy Parker, Faute de Mieux

Half of the harm that is done in this world is due to people who want to feel important. They don't mean to do harm. But the harm does not interest them. T. S. Eliot

Wednesday, September 26, 2007


Few are agreeable in conversation, because each thinks more of what he intends to say than of what others are saying, and listens no more when he himself has a chance to speak.
Francois de La Rochefoucauld

I found this quote today and read a couple of times and thought-WOW is that true or what!
How many times have you been in conversation and thought(or said) if you would just listen to me before you answer! or have you listened at all to what I said! or better yet- why do I even talk they aren't listening anyway!
How about when asked "how are you"- does anyone ever listen to the answer? I have sometimes tested this one and said- terrible or sick or some other stupid word- people are too much on their own agenda or planet-
Sometimes when talking with a VERY vocal person- I will not say anything even when they are finished. Just to see if they will listen to me. I give them much time to finish AND sometimes even then they aren't finished. I will even say to some "are you finished, or can I speak now"
As pax would say are we listening to one hand clapping in the world!

Monday, September 24, 2007


Just wanted all you folk who have been wondering about Zelda of Garden of Eden- she is so much better and I noticed she is back to writing on her blog. check her out and give her words of encouragement- momma

The probability that we may fail in the struggle ought not to deter us from the support of a cause we believe to be just.
Abraham Lincoln

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Again Giant Eagle!

Hi all- my bi-weekly post on Giant Eagle and my true love for it! HAHA
Went today with my daughter and we tried something new they have. You got this thingamajig(scanner) with your cart WITH bags attached. You are able to scan all you want to purchase as you go, then place in your bag in the cart!
Therefore you have a running total of what you have spent! You can bag as you wish. My daughter has a specific way she likes bagged!
You don't have to put on the conveyor belt and then bag and then put back in the cart!
After finished you go to the cash register and pay and on your way home!
I really liked this feature- I have for years complained of the bagging process and have wanted to devise or invent something to do this. In fact they even trust you have scanned the items.
This week the daughter paid $1.55 per gallon for the gas.

It is a mistake to regard age as a downhill grade toward dissolution. The reverse is true. As one grows older, one climbs with surprising strides.
George Sand (1804 - 1876)

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

A day in the life.

Got up this am with tree of the four grandchildren in bed with me! One was lying across my feet, one was up against my back and luckily the other was on the other side of the bed- O JOY. Have to get up at 6:30 am to get them off to school. I did not exactly want to get up, but smelled the coffee and decided it was easier to get up than wait for the four of them to come get me.

I was gonna do my usual folding of clothes, but the day had other things in mind for me. Cooked breakfast. Many times we eat late so I decided to make dinner early so we could eat early. Decided to make homemade mac and cheese. There is always tons of cheese here.
Tried to do something on the computer, but my youngest decided he needed me to help with puzzles, play dough, etc. Then his mom came back and did school with him, and I could get online.

We went on a field trip. HA!, went across the street to pick apples. What a lovely day for it. Did we walk there? O NO we drove, however while at the "pick your own" farm we managed to walk quite a bit. He wanted to also look at ALL the pumpkins- man there were some really big ones there, great for pumpkin pie I think.
Then off to a thrift shop, that was closed. The young un didn't want to come home so we took him out to lunch. One of those places with a park so he could get more fresh air and play with some other kids. When we got home he now wanted to throw Frisbee-so all of you that think I don't get enough exercise think again!
It was then time to get the others from school! and then HOMEWORK, of course mom had to leave on a field visit so its me and the kids doing homework! We had to practise spelling!
Just got finished and came out here and to my utter surprise the two not doing spelling have "decorated" the floor with mini Lego's! there goes early dinner, will soon be the time
to go to bed and maybe I will have a little time to sew this evening- I will not fold clothes!

In three words I can sum up everything I've learned about life: it goes on.
Robert Frost

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Just a Quote Today

I could never say this better! Thanks to the Xpatriated Texan
'Xpatriated Texan
A blog by Thurman Hart
Six Years and Still Upside DownSeptember 11th, 2007
Six years ago, the world was turned upside down. As surely as Washington’s defeat of Cornwallis, the falling of the World Trade Center showed that being a superpower is not sufficient protection to deter someone who trades in hatred and fear. Power can never again be measured in sheer numbers of troops, cruise missiles, or even nuclear weapons.
Unfortunately, the sight of George W. Bush frozen in fear before a class of elementary students was but a precursor to the incompetence with which the American retaliation would be handled. Forces were withheld from the battle against Osama bin Laden in Afghanistan in order to pursue a pre-emptive war of choice against Iraq and Sadam Hussein. Even then, the President refused to send sufficient forces into Iraq to secure the post-Sadam peace.
Republicans like to say that “9/11 changed everything”. They are right. Before that, I didn’t believe an American President could display such staggering incompetence, matched only by his inability to admit a mistake. The combination has proven deadly to American soldiers deployed overseas and has bankrupted our treasury for generations. Six long years have passed since that day in 2001 and yet we are no closer today to either catching Osama bin Laden or to securing Iraq.
Democrats are trying desperately to change directions in Iraq, but theyhave been stymied at every turn by President Bush’s Congressional apologists. They preach patience while even more American soldiers fall on the field of battle. Even as report after report has shown that conditions in Iraq are not improving, these so-called “moderates” continue to run interference against the will of the American people.
A hundred and seventy-six years ago William Lloyd Garrison rallied Americans to the cause of immediate abolition of slavery by pointing out that some issues have no “moderate” stance. “Tell a man whose house is on fire to give a moderate alarm,” he said, “tell him to moderately rescue his wife from the hands of the ravisher; tell the mother to gradually extricate her babe from the fire into which it has fallen.” To that, I would add, “Tell a soldier he may moderately come home from war.”
Enough is enough. It’s time to bring our troops home from Iraq.
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Monday, September 10, 2007

Quite a Scare

Today, while I was caring for the youngest grandchild, I thought I had lost him. We were both outside, me packing up the car to come home. He was playing in the car, pretending to drive, pushing buttons & knobs of every description.
Mother nature called so I said Danny I have to go to the toilet, he said OK grandma. So off into the house I went. He was probably 20 feet or so away from me. When I went back outside, he was no-where to be found. I called and called. looked in all the rooms, even looked under the bed. Went out front and called him too. My heart was starting to skip a few beats and I had quite a sick feeling! Where could he be? Had someone snatched him up in the few minutes I was in the bathroom.
They live on a busy street, but it's rural. Big hill 100 yards out the back. I even went down to see if he was out back playing with the dog. Who was not barking- he is hound- he always barks when cars, people come in the long driveway.
Where was Danny, had someone nabbed him. What would I tell the family, the police, HIS MOTHER!
Don't know what made me , but I went and looked back in the car- he didn't want me to leave without him so he was under a coat in the back of the car, amid the boxes I had packed to come home! I was really releaved when I found him, but of course scolded to never do that again, as he made my heart go into failure. Of course, he said what's that and why not. I told him that I had thought someone had stolen him. He said would they adopt me? Of course, he is 4 and thought it pretty funny he scared Grannyjax. So I simply said get into the house and we'll talk about it some more. I locked the doors and we went and laid on my bed and he was just as content to be there in my arms. I wanted to kill him, but hugged him so tight instead.

One need not be a chamber to be haunted;
One need not be a house;
The brain has corridors
surpassing Material place.
Emily Dickinson (1830 - 1886)

Thursday, September 06, 2007


While sitting out on the porch this morning watching the cars go by and getting some fresh air, I decided that there were so many greens and most of us know what they are. So thought might be something to post about.

Green-the color of money to most! Green grass, Chartreuse, Sage green, Colorado Blue Spruce, Lime green, avocado green, mint green,Kentucky Blue Grass, neon green, blue-green, the green in the bottom of the pool at the moment-algae, peuce, kelly green, mold on bread, light , dark & medium greens, the green ya get when ya feel sick.

As I continued to sit there I thought of the green slowly going away this fall, however it turns into unbelievable shades of yellow,gold, orange,brown, & red.

How lucky we are to see!

' We could learn a lot from crayons... Some are sharp, some are pretty and some are dull. Some have weird names, and all are different colors, but they all have to live in the same box'. ANON

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

where have all the bloggers gone

Well here it is the beginning of September, looking at the blogs and seems to me that writing is at a standstill for most of my fellow bloggers! Must be all blogged down in life!

school has started, some still on vacation,
one I know has a bum wing(and her dominant hand is the one that is laid up) OH by the way just in case you are wondering- Zelda told me to tell all she is doing well, she has started PT, goes a couple of times a week, also thanks for all the encouraging words!

Another is out running around in his new car, others are partying to the end of summer, others are BACK TO SCHOOL THEMSELVES-that's scary at my age!

Personally I am here in MD helping the kiddles get back in the routine of school-whew, breathing room for a least a few hours of the day! Got all the uniforms ready & made the school bags-you should see them! quite the eclectic collection of colors! They each picked out the material.
However, when they return-HOMEWORK! I think one of my least favorite tasks is spelling! The twins have the same teacher so, I have to go over the same words TWICE. This morning we had to go over spelling before they went to school. The little one is being home schooled, mom is doing it at present so more breathing room!

So all of you blogger friends-hope all is well, hurry back so I don't have to find others!

They always say time changes things, but you actually have to change them yourself.
Andy Warhol (1928 - 1987), The Philosophy of Andy Warhol

Monday, September 03, 2007

After 1990

If you were born after 1990, you probably won't know a thing about these things, unless of course you read alot, LOL
The automat
Black & White Movies
Blue Laws
Carbon Paper
The Draft- not the footbal or baseball kind!
House Calls- not the tv program
Leisure suits
Paper Dolls
The smell of Burning Leaves
An Unanswered phone

Oh, life is a glorious cycle of song,A medley of extemporanea; And love is a thing that can never go wrong; And I am Marie of Romania.
Dorothy Parker (1893 - 1967), Not So Deep as a Well (1937), "Comment"

Monday, August 27, 2007


As I sit and look out the window, I see the breeze soflty blowing the trees
I know there is change in the air
I see the first leaves have fallen and we are still in summer
The leaves are starting to turn their wonderful yellows, reds & oranges

The hustle & bustle of school clothes' & supplies' purchase complete
The kids have returned to school whether they want to or not
The teens from the local school are training for track up my street
I hear the band practising in the distance

While outside this am the weather has turned a bit cooler
what a refreshing feeling
a little briskness to the air, but can still go out in shorts & T
Yes I know there is a change in the air!

Change has a considerable psychological impact on the human mind. To the fearful it is threatening because it means that things may get worse. To the hopeful it is encouraging because things may get better. To the confident it is inspiring because the challenge exists to make things better.
King Whitney Jr.

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Saturday Rambling

I think I am gonna start putting a quote on my blog when I blog- see below- so I am not JUST rambling-LOL So look for it and tell me what you think- or you can just comment on the quote

I used to dread getting older because I thought I would not be able to do all the things I wanted to do, but now that I am older I find that I don't want to do them.
Nancy Astor (1879 - 1964), interview, 1959

One reason I chose green for the template was it is a constant reminder to me and also the readers, to think more green. We have but one Earth and I personnaly want it around for my children & grandchildren! Without the effects of our constantly trying to kill it! and might I say ourselves! just think of all the diseases our society have inflicted upon ourselves!

And talking about green- you should see the NEW composter my daughter and her dad have built! It's a 55 gallon BLUE drum on a wooden pedistill. WOOWEE! However it has been working well so far- we have actually been taking the compostable materials out into it and the youngest grandchild loves turning it. It is quite a site when you look out into the backyard, but she has found a great spot for it-out of the way sorta.

Found another interesting site besides its they have ways/instructions to make things in a green friendly way. when looking it over today found a handbag/wallet made from an padded old bra- don't think I will be making any of those it would have to be a shoulder bag-LOL and I don't want my undergarments on my shoulder- its bad enough to have to wear them in the first place! Actually there were some very interesting instructions for using old things- like making buttons from old metal buttons, making glasses from wine bottles, making solar panels, refilling MONTBLANC pens & ad infinitem!

And speaking of green we made "dirt" for the kids this week- wow did they like it. It's a dessert called dirt- made with chocolate pudding, oreos, whipped cream & gummi worms. I have had it made in a children's bucket & shovel to serve, with silk flowers for adornment at parties- great tasting simple dessert to make!

Friday, August 24, 2007

O-MAN/Giant Eagle

I think blogger has the flu or something like that! I have been trying to post since last evening! And like I have the time to keep on trying! Finally I have it fixed I hope! Had to actually write blogger to figure it out then redisign my template-hope ya like the new look, guess it was time for a change anywho!
AT any rate here goes a try at what I had written last eve.
Yesterday we again went to Giant Eagle, The kiddos went to the eagles nest for some playtime, computer & games. We shopped for groceries.
giant has food stations like most stores do now a days. We had such a ecletic bunch of food-all was good. I started off with a peach-new kind and quite sweet, next was a small toast with chedder cheese spread, a small crab cake, pork hotdog on bun, acakey like thing with marscapone cheese and bown sugar-too sweet, a corn relish was delightful-prob had corn, black beans, roasted red peppers, vinegar & hot pepper( we actually want to try and make some), then the best for last was a milk chocolate covered strawberry with marscapone cheese-OMG to die for! They were only $10.99 per pound- I could get a bunch of em and take to a Pax Party and they would be gone in seconds!
We did actually purchase food, picked up the kids and checked out and much to our surprise my daughter got $1.20 per gallon of her next purchase of gasoline! She has a van and it was almost empty so on the the gas station we went! It cost her $27.00 to fill up!
So when are we getting a Giant Eagle in NJ! Additionally the store is so cleand and the staff are so pleasant!


Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Humm-One Old Lady

Can't believe I can't think of anything to ramble on about.

How is it that 4 children can mess up things faster than one old lady can get it cleaned up!
How much laundry can one old lady fold in one day!
How many threats can one old lady deliver before noon!
Who has time for a shower or comb her hair.

How many boo boos can one old lady cure!
How many noses can one old lady blow in a day!
How many different meals can one old lady think up-when they only want noodles!
Who has time for reading a book or reading a magazine!

How many times can one old lady say go to bed!
How many times can one old lady say NO you can't go swimming!
How many nails can one old lady say don't hammer it there to a four old!
Who has time for a drink of wine!

How many scoops of ice cream can one old lady scoop in a day!
How many times can one old lady say get off me I am not a sofa!
How many times can one old lady say get off the computer & stop downloading things!
Who has time to blog, or even use the computer!

This old lady is tired, guess she is going to bed!
However she has twin granddaughters helping her sleep-OYEH!
Tomorrow IS another day of Granny Bliss.
I get so many kisses from the 4yr old, runny nose and all!
And huggs and I love You's from em all.
Today they told me they didnt need their mom cause I was here ( with momma sitting across the table)! You should have seen her look!

Friday, August 17, 2007

Garden of Eden-Zelda

Hope Zelda doesn't mind- but here goes.
Today she had surgery for a rotator cuff- she asked me to go with her. Of course I said yes.
She had the surgery and is doing great so far! She actually had a tear of the biceps and a tendon tear, plus a small rotator cuff injury.
After a few hours of surg & recovery I was able to drive her home!
Now for a few days of more revovery! she will have to start her exercises.
I wish her well and will see her again when I return from Maryland! What a trooper she is!

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

The Family Tree

Guess I will ramble on!? This tree is in our front yard and the kiddos love to climb in it. I sometimes shake & shudder when they go up there. The oldest twin always goes the highest! She almost goes to the top, dress and all! There have been more pics taken of and on this tree, somehow it measures time and space.
When we bought the house some 30 yrs ago, my folks were living here. Dad decided one day he wanted a red maple in the front yard. So he went out, purchased one and gave me the bill! I was not so happy at the time, but now when I look at it I think of dad and how happy he made us. The crazy things he sometimes did, his humor. He was such a quiet man, but could get his point across with just a glance! and I don't mean just anger. He could make me laugh just by pointing at mom. OOO, Sometimes he could get her so aggravated when I would laugh.
Why do trees sometimes have so much meaning in our lives? I can remember my grannies Weeping Willow like it is in my back yard! She would always make us go get a switch to whip us with. Funny how ya don't see too many Weeping Willows any more. My baby brother just planted one in his yard- he remembers the switches too. Says he needs it for his grand babies!
I see so vividly the tree we buried my first cat under. I must have been all of 5 when that happened.
Then there are fig trees, grown locally by the Italians- some yummy fruit grown if done correctly. They have to be meticulously covered for the winter. If you arent from around here, you wonder what is under these covers.
I live in a peach orchard, and there's Apple,nectarine,& plum trees too.
Maybe the tree means so much because of my Christian upbringing? Ya know the Tree of Life?
Does make one stop and think if for only a few minutes?

Friday, August 10, 2007

just some thoughts

Why do insects fly to the lights? I've been watching in the eve, and they are quite driven to the light.

and bats use sonar to get around?

Had a glorious storm here yesterday. While driving the kiddos back from basketball practise. Thought I would take a longer way since, for some reason or other the battery was dead in the car and wanted to recharge it some. You would have thought we were in the worst storm of the century by the sound of the boys! The yelling and screaming- go back home we are scared. They were actually telling me how to drive-IE. turn right or there's a curve. Jeez it was unbelievable! Then when we got home the little one wanted to play out in it! thunder/lightening and all. He was quite dismayed when I wouldn't let him. and of course he also wanted to go swimming!
AHH and it actually cooled it down and some of the humidity went. Don't know how it is this am, hoping it worked for awhile, but if I know the east coast it will be MUGGY again.
Have a great weekend and stay cool!

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

I am blue!

Today I was packing a trailer to move some stuff back to NJ. Whew, why on earth would I do that with the heat index @105-just a mommanator sort of thing I guess. After loading the trailer I backed up the hubby's one yr old vehicle with trailer attached, of course-I TOLD HIM I COULDN'T"T BACK UP WITH TRAILER. So whilst backing up, something went wrong and I made a hole in the car. I have been in a state since. I did call him and tell him. He wasn't very happy! He is pretty handy with mechanical things so maybe he can fix or maybe my baby brother will get me out of dutch! or should I say out of the heat! I can blame no one but myself! But the kids were about, 2 of them in the car telling me what to do- like 7 yr olds know how to drive. Actually I didn't know I had even done it till my daughter said MOM, what did you do to the car, ya know it has a hole in it.
while this was all happening, my grandson 4 yr old, who loves water- sprayed his mom's cell phone. She was not blessed either! That isn't working- thankfully she has cell insurance.
Guess this is just another day in the life of the mommanotor! at least no person was injured-things can be replaced! And also am reminded that I am to be thankfull in all things-and so it goes! And how was your day!

Monday, August 06, 2007

Gal's night out

Went out the other eve with two of my bestest friends. As luck would have it, don't ya know when we arrived at the theater- 4 others from work were there. We were hoping they weren't going to see what we had intended! Luck was with us this time.
We went to see Hairspray- O MY we laughed , danced in the seats, and thoroughly enjoyed it! Much better than I had really thought it would be. I can't even imagine what it would have been like on stage! Queen Latiffa- stole the show again! She can REALLY sing! & dance! Although the lead actress was so cute too, and what a pleasant voice she had. I guess I didn't know the story line before I went. I felt like I was back there again in the 60's. The clothes, the hairstyles etc.
After the flick we went to a pizza place and had the best white pizza I have ever eaten. No broccoli, just extra cheese, mozzarella & ricotta & the best garlic & fresh basil! YUMMY
Of course there was much talking and laughing as only can happen at a gal's night out! Men just don't understand a gal's night out! So refreshing and cathartic!

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

A Tribute to Gabby

Gabrielle was 15 when she was taken in life to death while doing one of her favorite things-riding an ATV. I was shocked and horrified as anyone would be. An acquaintance's daughter taken so early in life! What could I do or say to comfort her family! Words just don't seem to come to me at this time. I am in grief too. How do I understand? What is the purpose? Why so young? Why, Why, Why?
HOWEVER as I live my faith I remember I am not to question why!
Genesis 18:14 reads-Is anything too hard for the Lord?
Psalm 121:1-2 reads-I will lift my eyes to the hills - from whence comes my help? My help comes from the Lord, who made heaven and earth.
Matthew 28:20 reads- Lo, I am with you always, even to the end of the age.
Philippians 4:19 reads- My God shall supply all your needs according to His riches in glory by Jesus Christ.
Psalm 56:8 reads- You number my wanderings; put my tears in Your bottle; are they not in Your book?
HE holds your tears in a bottle, and our tears. Not one of them falls to the ground without Him intervening to save them. We often feel alone in our grief. That God has forgotten us. He is always doing something! Even when He is seemingly doing nothing. He is doing something. He lets us bury our heads in His chest, and He wipes our tears as He wipes His own!
Dawn, Allen & Allen Jr. Let God collect your tears and let you bury your heads in His chest as you grieve.

Monday, July 30, 2007

Maryland & Back to NJ in a Day

While driving back from Maryland on the infamous I95- while watching oncoming traffic- I wondered if I95 could be seen from the satellites as the Great Wall of China. It would be the Great Wall of I95. A moving oops- traffic jam all up & down the Eastern Seaboard! Also known as: too much traffic not enough real estate!.

How many varieties of cars there are! Black, blue, green, silver, red and all the colors in between.

Then there's sedans, SUV's, Humv's etc & etc.

There are the drivers which you see mostly from the shoulders up. Those on ear piece cell phones that look like they are talking to themselves, the smokers, the eaters, the coughers & wavers. and How about the honkers, no turn signalers, the car ragers and the ones the hubby says are : driving with their heads up their asses!.

Don't let me forget the motorcyclers and crotch rockets that drive in every lane and down the centers.

The ones who don't know where they are going- reading maps.

My all time favorite are the ones driving 70 or 75 MPH while reading their favorite books!

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

ANGEL baby

So what do you think! Should we put back outside for the animals to get? I couldn't! My eldest daughter is feeding and he likes it this way, only occasionally eats the food in dish although watered down. Is using litter for tinkles. I am concerned today doesn't look as happy! Will keep ya posted. Am taking to vet this week.

Monday, July 23, 2007

I'm falling and not in Love

Well I've gone and done it this time. While doing a yard sale this week, I missed my footing and fell, gracefully of course,to a gravel driveway. I fell hand first and three of my fingers looked like the were going in the wrong direction. (and I didn't even go to Pax's party).

After inspecting the hand thoroughly, the hubby said nothing is broken, but did it hurt! The rest of the day was spent with a pack of frozen hot dogs on it, which did help with the swelling and pain. Sunday am my fingers looked like they had turned into sausages! Complete with a purplish hue. Thankfully it is my left hand, I'm right handed, but I never realised how much one uses the other hand while doing stuff! I am really doing the "seek and find" on the keyboard now!. My left hand is practically useless! Good week for the grandchildren to be here!

The kitten is good. The grand's love it. We have decided it's a boy not a girl Name is Angel, although car wash is still being wanted by the kids!

Found out how Merci found out it was Pakistan! She ran the Mouse over the pic and it showed the name of the place, And I thought she was soooo smart. She really is about computers teehee!

Friday, July 20, 2007

Kittens Cats & things like that

Ok folks, believe it or not I am a grandma to a kitten now. The other eve my hubby came walking around the house with our dog on the leash and something in his hand. I couldn't tell what he had. Well lo and behold it was a yelping kitten. He found it in the backyard, not more than 3-4 weeks old. What could we do? leave it out there to get killed by the other animals that live out there? No, my daughter immediately fell in love and we now have something new to tend to!
We are feeding with a dropper at present and are going to get some kitty food later today.
I hope it does well and survives the grandchildren coming up next week! If it does survive I guess God intended it to be here! A couple of weeks ago our grandchildrens' cat ,daughter had before they were born, left the house and never returned! They were all heartbroken. So now granny has one despite her allergies.
I already have a sinus infection and suffering a great bout of Lyme Disease (on second round of antibiotics & headaches!) so whats a few allergies!
We haven't decided on a name yet but Angel is the current favorite. I like Mimi. Heard names from the grandchildren: carwash, fluffy, speedy & lexie.
I am starting to call my home a little zoo- a dog, 2 turtles and now a cat!

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

You Be the Judge

My daughter and I have been having this discussion for years now. Something like, which way does the toilet paper roll go on the dispenser.
"Which way in the dishwasher do the knives, forks & spoons go". She maintains that they should all go up\; the bowls of the spoons, tines of the forks, & the blades of the knives. O did I mention in some things she is compulsive? Plus she learned this at summer camp when she was 16 or so.
I maintain that they should go down so as not to touch the ends that go in your mouth when used. Additionally, you won't cut your hand on the knife or prick with the tines.
She also maintains they be all like things together. I think this is a great idea, but maintain just as long as they get in there, I could give a fat rats ass. Actually, I really could care how they go in especially when dealing with 4 grandchildren. You should see the number of utensils that are used in a twenty-four hour period.
To sum it up- I really can't get all that excited about it. There is a dishwasher and it's name isn't mommanator!
Just an added note read on you shouldn't prewash your dishes by hand either to conserve energy=water, electricity etc. as most dishwashers today with the products we use will get much of the stuff off. If a problem is found then prewash heavily soiled objects- IE. cooked on stuff in the pots & pans.
And a quiz- where do you think the pic was taken?

Friday, July 13, 2007


Down here in Maryland my daughter found a new grocery store. You wouldn't believe it! It had a child care place sorta like Ikea only better! The kiddos can go in for 1 1/2 hours free, then you must pay. Well we took the 4 cherubs this week. The youngest one has a real problem being left anywhere. He was the first to go in and they all loved it! In fact they didn't want to come out they were having so much fun. They had computers they could play with. The kids really love time on the computer. I usually have to take a number to get online. Not really I use it first in the am and they can use much of the rest of the day.
Back to the store- it was very clean, actually my daughter & I had fun in it. Racing to get items. I really hate grocery shopping!
The kicker is that when you checkout they give you money off on your gas if you buy at their station, which is accross the street.! She got 20cents per gallon off her next fill up! With the price of gas these days that is amazing! Gas here is 20-30cents a gallon higher than in NJ.
I certainly would frequent this store-prices were comparable to the store she presently goes.
It's called Giant Eagle - so if ya see one give it a try. We don't have in NJ yet, at least I don't think so.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

7 Wonders again

just found out they are having a vote again for the Natural Wonders of the World here's a site you can go to for a vote. get your vote in!

Sunday, July 08, 2007


While watching TV yesterday found out we have seven new wonders of the world.

1. why did we have to have seven new ones? Didn't we already have 7 of the Ancient World and 7 of the Modern World?

2. I'm not complaining just wondering what kind of political statement it was.

3. What kind of money making scheme was it?

4. How come they didn't want Europe taking all the cudos , but yet the Roman Coloseum stil got a place? & Whats wrong with North America?

5. What about natural wonders?The Grand Canyon, the Niagara Falls, The Nile River, The Glasiers in Iceland, North & South Poles, the Sahara Desert, the Great Barrier Reef, & the Amazon Rain Forests

The winners are: The Great Wall of China, The Taj Mahal in India, Christ the Redeemer in Rio, Machu Picchu in Peru, and Chichen Itza in Mexico.

Some of the top loosers were: The Acropolis in Greece, The Eiffel Tower in Paris, Easter Island, Stonehenge, Sydney Opera House & the Statue of Liberty

Congrats to Nadal & Venus great tennis! @ Wimbleton

Thursday, July 05, 2007


Here is a critique of the past 2 movies I have seen in the past week:
I actually went and saw a movie about a RAT, in line I kept saying to myself I'm going to see a movie about a Rat? Actually we took the kids to see it, but I was pleasantly surprised. It was fun, alot of action packed humor. It was a bit too long-I am judging this as a 4 year old wouldn't sit still for the last 15 minutes-, but don't know how it could have been cut down. The kids wanted to see it real bad and I'm glad we took them. All in all it was a good kid flick, the computer graphics unbelievable, you could see the strands of hair on the rats body.

"Fantastic Four- Rise of the Silver Slider"
Was predictable, but the action shots were good. I would have liked to see the Silver Surfer without the silver on, he had quite a body! Hubby and I had a good time. Went to our favorite theater which is much cheaper than others, you can actually buy popcorn and not feel like you have spent enough for a good meal.

So what have you seen lately?

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Celebrating the 4th??

Number of hotdogs to be consumed on July 4th: 150 million
Amount of chicken purchased in the week leading up to July 4th: 700 million pounds
Amount of red meat/pork purchased in the week leading up to July 4th: 190 million pounds Percentage of American households with outdoor grills: 87


Amount of fireworks sold to individuals for personal celebrations in 2006:252millionpounds.
Amount of fireworks sold to cities and municipalities for public celebrations last year: 25 million pounds
Amount of fireworks sold to individuals for personal celebrations in 2000: 102 million pounds Total dollar amount spent on fireworks in 2007: 900 million dollars
Total dollar amount spent on fireworks in 2000: 350 million dollars
Percentage of fireworks sales that take place in late June and early July: 80


Dollar amount of fireworks imported to the US from China in 2006: 212 million
Dollar amount of American flags imported into the US from China in 2006: 5 million


Tuesday, July 03, 2007


Words spoken may soon pass away and forgotten be,
But when spoken in love and kindness,
are like beautiful flowers,
and even though they fade and die from conscious memory,
their fragrance lives on embedded in the deeper mind –forever.
– Dick Innes

found this while on the web today. HOW true!

But those spoken in anger and resentment-OMY
they tear up relationships,
flow with bitterness and are emblazened upon ones heart.

Monday, July 02, 2007

Family Reunion

Yesterday was the annual family reunion here in NJ. We used to do this all the time when I was a kid at grannies house or go to Ocean City for the day. Life however got into the way and the reunion was suspended for quite awhile. Much to one of my Uncles and his wife's credit they resumed it a couple of years ago. It takes place at their home here in South Jersey and it is a ball seeing everyone and talking about good ole times!
My dad was one of ten and the eldest. He passed many years ago(maybe thats why I feel a bit depressed today?). There's one Aunt and 3 uncles left. All of the extended families attend, even those of the expired brothers and sisters. We come from all over to attend- NJ, NH, NC,SC, Penna, & Va, at least thats all I can remember right now.
My dad's family actually originated in Kentucky so in reality it's a bunch of rednecks getting together and having a noisy ball. We also come in a variety of shapes and sizes!!! & now colors.
They have pictures of which we try to tell who folks are, being one of the older grandchildren I can remember most of em, but one had me stuck yesterday. Then there was that pic of me 150 pounds heavier EEK, what an eye opener!
We talked, ate & ate, drank, swam& played games. I even played volley ball with a bunch of teens- was supposed to be guys against the gals, but being me I played with the guys-we won!
Then there was the music- was great mixture of old and new, pop/country. Then the finale was two of my uncles playing guitar & singing. Then the singing of Amazing Grace that left no eye without a tear as that was/is our family song.
What a great day with wonderful weather!

Friday, June 29, 2007

things lost, but not forgotten

Where does the time go?
Been to Colorado & Florida this month and now the month is gone!
Where did the necklace I bought for my granddaughter go?
Could be in the bag I have yet to unpack, as now in Maryland.
I'm still looking for those mismatched socks.

Where is the poem I wrote on the plane so I could post?
must be in my carryon bag I've yet to unpack.
Where is my money?
O yeh I am retired I have none!

Well at least I still have my memory,
am sharing the moments of my grandchildrens youths,
the smiles, the laughter, the good days and bad.
But most of all I get huggs and kisses galore! and will remember till I die.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007


First I'd like to say, you all can't think of any words to add to my meme! Owell, guess no one is loooking.

Went to Clearwater Beach today. After spending time in the water AND lunch decided it was time to take a walk before going into the Gulf. I must say I think the actual beaches are cleaner in good ole Joisy. Here is a short list of things I saw while walking on the beach. People of course-All shapes and sizes- there was even one gal who was 8 or 9 months pregnant with a bikini on! That was quite the site! I saw on the shoreline a half eaten peach, & a calzone! Also were soda, water & beer bottles and cans, a T shirt, shoes of various sizes, paper & plastic cups, cigarette butts, and little plastic things that looked like from kids toys. OO and lots of seashells & seaweed.
I kept thinking while walking when are people gonna learn!!!!!! WE ARE KILLING OUR PLANET, BEACHES AND WATER SUPPLY. And distroying the nature that some of us really love.

Saturday, June 16, 2007


Never I say Never let Ole granny out without SPF50 ever again! I flew into Tampa Fri am via Spirit. We went to the pool about 11:30 am, I had sunscreen on and reapplied every time I got out of the pool. I am a lovely shade of Red and HURTING a bunch! Tomorrow we are going to St Peters, to the beach. I am gonna be one of those idiots that go to the beach with that white stuff on their noses all over my body! I thought the tan I had from taking the grandkids outside all the time would get me through, BUT O NO not me! I am a lobster I tell ya, just out of the pot and ready to eat!

Wednesday, June 13, 2007


Here is a list of 100 words set by the American Standard Dictionary which are musts for the high school graduate! Now all you post-graduates-how about some practical advice or words for everyday life-meme! I was pretty impressed with myself- I only had to look up a couple.

laissez faire

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Colorado Musings

Well the trip to Colorado has ended and now its just a remembrance. Will never underatand why we went from BWI-Atlanta - Denver- those silly airline people!
It had it's ups and downs, so I'll just share a few.
The wedding was really beautiful-up in the mountains-great view, great food. I was really cold though. Not like a pax wedding atall- they do it different there. They had Mexican food-REAL different, but REAL good. My sister in law made- the wedding gown, the cakes. Nieces did the flowers, invitations. You would never have known it was not done professionally- those folks are so talented! Actually my sister in law does weddings all the time.
We did a Celestial Season Tea tour in Boulder- kinda neat- to see the tea being made and packaged. They should package the smell of the place- OMG it was wonderful! and the MINT room- to die for! Then of course had to buy too much tea!
We did the normal touristy things a couple of days, but most of the time was spent relaxin and enjoyin family we hadn't seen in awhile. Some of the husbands and children I had never seen.
All in all it was a good vaca.
Now I need to get packed for the trip to Fla which starts on Fri- bet I won't be cold there!

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Coffee vs gasoline

While on vacation in Colorado, we were chatting about the price of gasoline-
Then I interjected why doesn't anyone complain about the price of Starbucks!
Albiet sooo good tasting do we realise we are spending nearly $25 per gallon of it!
Yes we actually sat around and figured it out!
Ridiculous I say- do we see anyone yelling about that!
But I do say that is why I only splurge on it occasionally!
Thank God we don't need it like gas,
but we do have to conserve energy-

My daughter says I have become a nut about energy conservation, BUT
I want some around for my children and grandchildren.
We can all do just a little bit for conservation! and it can add up to alot!
Going to Colorado only makes me even more zealous for green! I love the East coast and Joisey!
and am getting a little tired of people putting us down here in the garden state- they shouldn't knock what they don't know! Plus all of Joisey is not North Jersey- down here in the south we still have open spaces and farms and trees and tomatoes and peppers and peaches. OOPS I have now gottten on a soap box- Have a good day!

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Gardening & fair skin

Well should I say the curse of fair skin. Went out to work on my garden again, bought some roses and just had to put them in, however had to prepare the ground, it took about 2 hours to do that. In the meantime I am collecting the sun on my shoulders and neck. I am now a bright hue of red in those same places. When will I learn to use spf 30?? My skin doctor always says use sunscreen if you are gonna be out in the sun. I went out after 3pm, but had spent the am yard saleing with the hubby( he loves it).
I guess I do need some color before I go to Florida in June?? OO and the Colorado sun (that's next week)always turns me bright red- closer to the sun ya know! So do I suffer now or later, probably both.
Tomorrow out in the sun again planting the dahlias and peonies! I am just a glutton for punishment. Guess I am just too set in my ways to learn some of the lessons in life- use sunscreen!

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Green! and granny-bragging!

Ok folks, I purchased some plants with the green stuff I was given for retirement. Then of course had to exert some energy to plant it all and wound up cutting shrubery on one piece of the property to make my Iris/ Rose garden . Today however I purchased a butterfly bush, clematis in purple and pink, yellow coreoptus (sp?)( I called it Shannon), blue eyed grass which I call ( Melanie)I don't know why I named them, But did.
Of course, more bushes for the back garden a Blueberry and a grape- whew- we are gonna have more berries after awhile. I think the hubby has planted 15 or 20 berry bushes this season already- he has dreams of using the garden to get farmer rates on the taxes! One can dream can't they!
Now on to the bragging- went to the grand kidds award chapel
#1 grandson rec'd an award for playing the keyboard, an award for Art- creativity in fine arts. He didnt get a scholastic award but gets almost all A's on his report card- go figure
#1 grand daughter award for scholastic achievement
#2 grand daughter rec'd the same award for scholastic achievement
#2 grand son will get an award for being a pistol!
Now did I say they are chips off the ole block! (our side of course!)We are so proud of them- you should have seen their mom when their names were read- you could have driven a car into her dropped jaw!
I just pray this continues as they grow!

Monday, May 21, 2007


Took time out this weekend to indulge myself just a little. Went to see the movie Fracture. Was a typical Anthony Hopkins great acting flick and Ryan Gosling was really believable. Unfortunately I got to the theater a couple of min's late, but don't think I missed the point of the whole flick. If I had come in a few min's later I would have missed much.
I figured out the plot prob 15-20 mins into the flick, and when I found out I was right, movie was kinda anticlimatic. Was an enjoyable outing, went shopping afterward! ALONE- I hardly do anything alone! Always have kids, my children or hubby along. Unless I go out with my buddies.
Although I like being alone sometimes, don't think I would want all the time! too much of a people person. Also think being alone gets me depressed-think/ reflect too much!