Friday, July 30, 2010


It's truly Amazing how quickly a bug of some sort can bring ya down!
Everything was going pretty well at the daughters house, I was making a real headway into the laundry and sorting clothes (to get rid of the ones too small for the children). When I got sick, and do I mean sick. I felt like I had a monkey on my back or a large 16wheeler had run over me!
A real good case of GI track something or other! Me and the toilet had become real good friends! I was in a cold sweat too. Dau thought she should take me to the ER, but I said no.

Well it took all night to get out of my system, and here I am a day later and still feeling the effects! I even got up late this am?? Very unusual for me. The kiddos were good and let me sleep in, but now they are wanting brunch- yes they let me sleep that long! So another day wasted!
or was it?? Probably not. I will get done what I really need to get done, and take care of myself!

Now I pose questions for you my blogger friends:
How often do we think of our self!?
How often do we stop and smell the roses/coffee?
How often do we put others before ourselves?
How often do we think we are indispensable?AND
How often are we wrong!

ps-dau made some homemade chicken pastina soup,
the kids got me ginger ale(with a straw in the glass)
grandson #1 continued the laundry!!!
& I spent some quality time thinking, since I couldn't do much else LOL

Monday, July 26, 2010

She aint what she used to be!

Just living is not enough. One must have sunshine, freedom, and a little flower. ~Hans Christian Anderson

The purpose of life is a life of purpose. ~Robert Byrne

The miracle is not to fly in the air, or to walk on the water, but to walk on the earth. ~Chinese Proverb

Well I am back in Maryland for the duration of the summer until I go back to Florida, I will be caring for the Kiddos until school starts back up. It is much easier here as there is more room for them. However i get to do the housework! It's back to laundry by the bushels, cooking and cleaning!

One might say, but you have the pleasure of being with your grandchildren. BUT BUT she remarks, shouldn't I be able to love em and send them back! Anyone knows me, knows I love the kiddos, but sometimes I like time to myself! Owell that's life I suppose. Their mother is working lots of overtime for extra cash to pay the tuition for this year! Just grin and bear it granny, you will go back to your sedate life all too soon and you'll be missing them!

Friday, July 16, 2010

Corn Palace

You ask "Corn Palace" . Well it sits in Mitchell, South Dakota. We were driving past and Dau #2 says- I have seen that on "Ripleys Believe It or Not", We must go see. So we make a turn off the interstate and we go see. It's a building adorned in all types of corn cobs! Actually very interesting. I don't know what I expected to see. but here it is. Much larger in life! At the end of this post is a little something from their site.
The whole town seems to be fascinated with corn! In the background is the Palace

Inside the palace are many treasures one could purchase. All corn related! This id the corn man of course!

The Christmas Tree with ornaments made of corn cobs. And the kiddos being corny!

AH yes, corn hats, At first I thought they were the "cheese hats" till I looked further!

You can in the background some of the more recent murals made from corn. Every year they have a different motif.

See the duck made from corn of differing varieties!

This is how the artists block out a mural to actually make the entire picture.

The Corn Palace is a multi-purpose arena/facility located in Mitchell, South Dakota. It is a popular tourist destination, visited by more than 500,000 people each year.[1] The Moorish Revival building is decorated with Crop art; the murals and designs covering the building are made from corn and other grains. It also hosts the home basketball games of Dakota Wesleyan University and the Mitchell High School Kernels.
The original Mitchell Corn Palace (known as "The Corn Belt Exposition") was built in 1892 to showcase the rich soil of South Dakota and encourage people to settle in the area. It was a wooden castle structure on Mitchell's Main Street. In 1904–1905, the city of Mitchell mounted a challenge to the city of Pierre in an unsuccessful attempt to replace it as the state capital of South Dakota. As part of this effort, the Corn Palace was rebuilt in 1905. In 1921 the Corn Palace was rebuilt once again, with a design by the architectural firm Rapp and Rapp of Chicago. Moorish domes and minarets were added in 1937, giving the Palace the distinctive appearance that it has today. It costs $130,000 to decorate the Palace annually.
The exterior corn murals are replaced and redesigned each year with a new theme. The designs are created by local artists. From 1948 to 1971 the artist Oscar Howe designed the panels. Calvin Schultz designed the murals from 1977 to 2002. Since 2003, the murals have been designed by Cherie Ramsdell. No new mural was created in 2006 due to an extreme drought.[2]
Besides being a tourist attraction, the Corn Palace also serves the local community as a venue for concerts, sports events, exhibits and other community events. Each year, the Corn Palace is celebrated with a citywide festival, the Corn Palace Festival. Historically it was held at harvest time in September, but recently it has been held at the end of August. Other popular annual events include the Corn Palace Stampede Rodeo (in July) and the Corn Palace Polka Festival (in September). It is also home to the Dakota Wesleyan University Tigers and the Mitchell High School Kernels basketball teams.

Wednesday, July 07, 2010


People are drawn to the rugged beauty of the Badlands. These geologic deposits contain one of the world’s richest fossil beds. Ancient mammals such as the rhino, horse, and saber-toothed cat once roamed here. The park’s 244,000 acres protect an expanse of mixed-grass prairie where bison, bighorn sheep, deer, pronghorn, prairie dogs, and black-footed ferrets live today.

This was not on the planned trip originally, but owell we were so close why not! We had many such stops along the way, I like trips that aren't all 'planned' out.

These are incredible. I also love places to see that are free. There was a nominal fee to get into the park, $10 a carload, but well worth it. Of course we didn't see everything, too many miles, but had a great experience.

Funny pics with everyone squatting, BUT the wind was horrible that day. Was awful driving. The kiddos were scared out there, even the big kids! We found out later there were tornado's in N Dakota, maybe that's part of why the wind was there!

This kiddo is usually so brave, but not this day! LOL Wind does have a calming effect! Have to remember and put in my granny bag of tricks! lol

If we all did the things we are capable of doing, we would literally astound ourselves.
Thomas A. EdisonUS inventor (1847 - 1931)

Friday, July 02, 2010

Home Again!?

Every exit is an entry somewhere else.
- Tom Stoppard

This quote fits us to a T. Yes I am in Florida unexpectedly, but here none the less.

We went out to Colorado for the memorial service, but took the long way there.

Turned it into a real summer vaca! We saw: Devils Tower, The Badlands, Yellowstone, The Corn Palace, Wall Drug, Mt Rushmore, The Great Salt Lake and much more along the way. The Kiddos really enjoyed all the places going out there. You will be in for some unusual pics in the future!

Somewhere along the way we, #2 dau & I decided, maybe it would be a good idea for us to travel to Fl back home, the kiddos would stay with me for a few weeks , see the Shuttle lift off, and then I could drive them back after that! Somewhere along the way I must have gone brain dead. I am now thinking, after my dau has gone back up to MD, Me with 4 kiddos & 2 dogs by myself in the car! By the time we get back to MD we figured the kiddos would have been in 25 states! Now that's a summer huh?

I want you all to know, we did do some teaching along the way about states, and me thinks the kiddos have actually learned allot about this big ole country! I don't think anyone understands how big and magnificent this country is until they travel its expanse by car! Along the way we have met some pretty nice Americans- and just perfect remembrance for the 4th of July!