Tuesday, March 02, 2010

trying to get orgnized

Well here I am with the birthday boy! We had a real nice time @ Landry's in Galveston Texas for his 40th birthday. He was my first exchange student from Sweden 22 yrs ago, and we have been in contact ever since. He is presently a doctoral student @ Baylor University in neurophysical Sciences in Houston.

I will never get organised! My brother is coming from NJ tomorrow so I need to fix up the room he will be staying in, but never have energy!

the weather is nice here today despite them saying it was gonna be awful. I hope it's nice while my brother & wife are here!

Well gotta go


Sandee said...

How fun celebrating your long ago exchange students 40th. I hope everyone had a great time.

I have the same problem. I wait until the last minute to get things done most of the time. It would be so simple if I'd do a little each day until a project is done. That would be too simple.

Have a terrific day. :)

Virginia Gal said...

That is so great that you still keep in touch with your former exchange students!

Craver Vii said...

You should have told your brother that he can stay INSIDE the house if he fixes up the room. Hee-hee!

secret agent woman said...

That's so great that you guys have maintained a friendship.

Sandy said...

Oh fun, your brother coming, hope you have a great time! And how fun to keep in touch with your exchange student.