Friday, July 30, 2010


It's truly Amazing how quickly a bug of some sort can bring ya down!
Everything was going pretty well at the daughters house, I was making a real headway into the laundry and sorting clothes (to get rid of the ones too small for the children). When I got sick, and do I mean sick. I felt like I had a monkey on my back or a large 16wheeler had run over me!
A real good case of GI track something or other! Me and the toilet had become real good friends! I was in a cold sweat too. Dau thought she should take me to the ER, but I said no.

Well it took all night to get out of my system, and here I am a day later and still feeling the effects! I even got up late this am?? Very unusual for me. The kiddos were good and let me sleep in, but now they are wanting brunch- yes they let me sleep that long! So another day wasted!
or was it?? Probably not. I will get done what I really need to get done, and take care of myself!

Now I pose questions for you my blogger friends:
How often do we think of our self!?
How often do we stop and smell the roses/coffee?
How often do we put others before ourselves?
How often do we think we are indispensable?AND
How often are we wrong!

ps-dau made some homemade chicken pastina soup,
the kids got me ginger ale(with a straw in the glass)
grandson #1 continued the laundry!!!
& I spent some quality time thinking, since I couldn't do much else LOL


Sandee said...

Sorry you were sick, but glad that you are on the mend.

How often do we think of our self!? Not often enough.

How often do we stop and smell the roses/coffee? I try to do this everyday, but sometimes it gets away from me.

How often do we put others before ourselves? Hubby and I talk about the frequently. We tend to do for everyone else and forget about us.

How often do we think we are indispensable? All. The. Time.

How often are we wrong! All. The. Time.

Have a terrific day. :)

Patty said...

Glad your on you way to recovery. I have noticed, as I get older, things seem to hit me a lot harder. Have a great week-end.

Gill - That British Woman said...

I'm sorry you have been sick.

In answer to all your questions, NO or Never.........

Gill in Canada

Denise said...

Sorry you were so sick, sounds like you had a real doozy but it gave you time to reflect after the worst of this bug was over.

I think everyone has answered what I would have answered. I do try to count my blessings every day and never take things for granted, because none of us know what's around the corner.

Hope you feel back to 100 percent real soon.

Craver Vii said...

What I want to know is, how did you get my picture for this post?

The profile looks like a philosopher, don't you think?

secret agent woman said...

Oh, I'm so sorry!

As much as I love my fellas, I have to admit I kind of look forward to a day when no one needs me every minute.

Just to let you know, I've had to change my blog's URL. This avatar links to the new site.

Virginia Gal said...

oh my goodness, I hope you feel better.

I got whopped with a cold as well.

Sandy said...

oHHH glad you are feeling better. Must have been a rough night.

You know, because of how busy I was as a young mom, raising four boys, working a medical transcription business at home and never having much time for myself, I take quite a bit now. I do help with the grandkids but I still have LOTS of time for myself.

Get all better soon!!!

Rambling Woods said...

Oh I am sorry, but glad that it passed...literally and you didn't need the ER...feel better...hugs.. Michelle

Mountain Woman said...

So sorry you are sick. How awful it must be. I know I'm not indispensable and I know I'm wrong quite frequently but I do stop and smell the roses many times each day. Feel better soon.

zelda parker said...

Hope you are feeling better soon.
How often do I think of myself, more than I used to. I cannot start my day without coffee.
how often do we put ourselves first? Parents put their children first, but I have never been a parent, except four legged creatures. I did think that I was indespensible and there are a great many misteries yet to be uncovered.....Wrong, my fair share.I can admit that oen easier that the rest....