Monday, September 10, 2007

Quite a Scare

Today, while I was caring for the youngest grandchild, I thought I had lost him. We were both outside, me packing up the car to come home. He was playing in the car, pretending to drive, pushing buttons & knobs of every description.
Mother nature called so I said Danny I have to go to the toilet, he said OK grandma. So off into the house I went. He was probably 20 feet or so away from me. When I went back outside, he was no-where to be found. I called and called. looked in all the rooms, even looked under the bed. Went out front and called him too. My heart was starting to skip a few beats and I had quite a sick feeling! Where could he be? Had someone snatched him up in the few minutes I was in the bathroom.
They live on a busy street, but it's rural. Big hill 100 yards out the back. I even went down to see if he was out back playing with the dog. Who was not barking- he is hound- he always barks when cars, people come in the long driveway.
Where was Danny, had someone nabbed him. What would I tell the family, the police, HIS MOTHER!
Don't know what made me , but I went and looked back in the car- he didn't want me to leave without him so he was under a coat in the back of the car, amid the boxes I had packed to come home! I was really releaved when I found him, but of course scolded to never do that again, as he made my heart go into failure. Of course, he said what's that and why not. I told him that I had thought someone had stolen him. He said would they adopt me? Of course, he is 4 and thought it pretty funny he scared Grannyjax. So I simply said get into the house and we'll talk about it some more. I locked the doors and we went and laid on my bed and he was just as content to be there in my arms. I wanted to kill him, but hugged him so tight instead.

One need not be a chamber to be haunted;
One need not be a house;
The brain has corridors
surpassing Material place.
Emily Dickinson (1830 - 1886)


Random Kath said...

Hi, Mommanator!

Yes, that sounds so scary and I'm so glad everything turned out OK.

Your Emily Dickinson quote fits so well . . .

pissed off patricia said...

There were times when my little sister was growing up that I would have sworn her goal in life was to scare the hell out of everyone with her little kid ideas. I know just how you felt.

Molly Malone said...

oy, vey! that's terrifying!
i remember about a year ago, some friends were visiting with their kids and they were trying to round them up to go to the car. well, the older daughter, then 7, runs back into the house saying she can't find her little sister. the older daughter and her parents and us all started yelling for the little one and start scouring the house and the neighborhood. turned out she was waiting patiently in the car, because she knew that's where her dad said they were going to. it scared the tar out of us. i was beside myself with fear that anyone could've nabbed a kid i loved so much!

Virginia Gal said...

Goodness I can only imagine your terror, I'm glad this story had a happy outcome.