Tuesday, December 11, 2007

A Snapshot of 2007

Well folks we are starting to close down another year,
For me it has been quite a bear. Have been able to Blog- humm didn't think that possible for me. Many changes, distractions, etc so here goes:

I had major surgery on the second day of the year to fix a surgery just before Christmas, which ended up with a week in hospital ICU stay. As a result I have no belly button any longer. Never used it after I was born, but sometimes miss it.

Decided to stay in NJ after all and have made some modifications to the ole homestead. Probably will do more.

Went on a few vacations-Colorado, Florida a few times and to the Pocono's(Nursing School Reunion).

Have made more trips to Maryland than I would have wanted. Took the annual anniversary trip with the whole family, to the Dutch Country.

Retired from a 30 year Nursing career and took a job as NANNY for the grandchildren. That has been rewarding and also very tiring at times. Still Love the kiddos. I have been helped, by the children, see things thru the eyes of a child. Have given spankings and still get huggs & kisses every day! Didn't have chance to be stay at home mom with my kids, but am now doing it thru fire(sometimes). Have helped my daughter remodel her 80 year old home-LOTS OF WORK THERE!

Contracted the dreaded Lyme Disease, had all the symptoms even the bullseye rash, but took awhile to finally come the that diagnosis as was in Colorado when the fever, chills, muscle aches and pains started. Man what headaches & muscle tetany I had. Was glad when the antibiotic started and I got some relief. Also, did have to go thru 2 rounds of antibiotics. Am glad my doc listens to me! And tested me for it and also continued the antibiotics longer than he thought he should. I am feeling pretty good from that, but still get tired or is that old age? Aside from me rest of family have been pretty healthy-Thank GOD!

We got a kitten, Angel, left in our back yard. Nursed it till now seems like a healthy, growing and amusing cat of 6 months, that the grandchildren say is there's.

Am purchasing a place in Florida to be Snow Birds until the little one gets into school! I can't wait- it is almost brand new. Will have to furnish with new things., etc. Can't wait till we can move there full time as the ole bones need the warmer climate!

With retiring sure miss some of the friends at work. However the TRUE friends will continue to be with me wherever we go. I appreciate their kindness and faithfulness to an ole kook! I also have been quite blessed by my Nursing School buddies after all these years as we continue to be in my life!
AND finally I have a loving family & church family that get me thru these days. SO how was your year?
Life is just a mirror, and what you see out there, you must first see inside of you.
Wally 'Famous' Amos (1936 - )


Merci said...

Still miss you at the office! Come around again soon. We missed GNO, so we MUST MUST MUST reschedule. Atonement is in theaters now, we might want to consider it.

Virginia Gal said...

You know what I love about this post, is that despite some difficult times you have managed to see all the good things life and God has blessed you with -that is fantastic. I hope your 2008 is even better!

Molly Malone said...

wow. you have had an eventful 2007! congrats on the florida purchase. that's gonna rock.

i didn't know (or had forgotten, sorry) that you contracted lyme's disease. i assume you have that under control and treated now? i will keep you in my prayers for that. that totally sucks!

as for the belly button: congratulations! i'm positive that even though it was surgically removed, it indicates your evolutionary and spiritual superiority. you and adam are leaders! ;)

mommanator said...

OMG- your comments made me laugh so! thanks for the chuckle gals!