Thursday, December 27, 2007


Cyrus, twin #2 & oldest grandson

Twin #1 & youngest grandson
youngest grandson
"looks like sking to me!"

For this Christmas we have a visitor we have loved for years! Cyrus, one of our past exchange students from Sweden came to visit. What fun he is, with a great sense of humor and generosity! He was born in the US, his father Iranian and mom Swedish! Now isn't that a mix of cultures! Always puts a different slant on things. He recently moved to Albuquerque NM to work and study there. In July he finished up his Masters degree and is working to get into one of 3 PHD programs(MIT,Hopkins & somewhere in California) I vote for Hopkins so he will be closer.

So far we have had Smorgastorta( sandwich cake thing-he made), Gloog( a drink) and had vegetarian dishes as he is vegetarian now. All were good eating & drinking.

For the kiddos' Christmas gift he wanted to give them them a trip to a ski slope, and to teach them to ski. In Pennsylvania about 2 1/2 hours from here in MD. Their mom didn't want them to go as she was afraid someone would get hurt (just a mommabear caring for her cubs). As you can see by the pics she finally relented and we all packed up and went. Of course he wanted all of us to gear up and ski, even our physically disabled daughter, but I said no to that one. I had been on ski's once in my life and that was enough for me. I did, however coax my daughter to let them go as it would be a great experience and he really wanted to do it.
He had them up on the bunny slope in no time at all. They seemed to really enjoy it. We had no actual mishaps, except the little guy who didn't like running into the fence one time. At one point in the day he took off ski's and poles ran all the way down the hill and said "I gotta go pee". When we saw him running down the hill we thought O NO he got hurt or something. Seemed like they all liked just sitting back on the ski's and sliding down the hill, and falling.
They would have skied forever I think. The little guy wanted to bring the ski's home and practise- even though we have no snow at present. They all chirped in "they wanted to go back again tomorrow".
Worst part of day was getting the right boots fitted for the skis & the drive back home-bumper to bumper. Best part of the day- having Cyrus accomplish what he set out to do & seeing my grandkids ski for the first time and laugh with cheers of glee!


Zelda Parker said...

sounds nearly perfect! Hapy holidays!

Random Kath said...

What a lovely Christmas memory this is going to be for everyone! What a thoughtful gift!

Evil Chicken said...

Too fun!

What a wonderful present.

Virginia Gal said...

Happy Holidays - such fine memories that you and the grandkids will have forever - how lovely!