Saturday, March 01, 2008

First Year Basketball

Ok Folks ,
this is the first year of my grandson playing basketball. This is the team, you can by their look they are really into it! However, scroll down and you can see some determination in their eyes!
They got into the play-off, however lost that game by a margin. They were told from the very beginning- it was all about fun, not wins. They DID like to win though. You could see them literally improving by each game, it took several games before they won one, so they were filled with humility! My grandson is # 8. I guess he was the tallest on the team,

Here you can see em enjoying ice cream after a win! Nothing like ice cream to quench one after a big game

Here's the team with their coach. She was the only woman coach for the league! Go GINA!

Again after a game, sisters being a part of the action!

Can you see the determination of my grandson? nothing was getting past him! He could be quite intimidating.

Run boys! get back into guarding mode!


Virginia Gal said...

At this age they can be so sweet when competing, realizing its just a game. So sweet!

Molly Malone said...

they look like they really enjoy their team. reminds me of when my little bro played pee wee basketball.