Monday, April 21, 2008

AND I thought I-95 was bad!

Have been trying to learn how to get around here in Florida without getting lost, but that hasn't been too easy! The drivers here are insane! There are too many vehicles and not enough real estate! Plus hubby decided to take my navigator home with him!

You have the old folks with their cataract glasses on with walkers and canes jutting out the windows who can't turn their heads to see if anything is coming, so just point and shoot for where they want to go! Couldn't hear a horn if ya blew it.

Then there are the SUV's & Hummers who drive like they are at Daytona. When they make their quick u-turns, look like they will turn over!

Does anyone use a turn signal where you live, I don't think they know what they are down here! I also don't think anyone leaves their home on time for an appointment- fast is the rule!

They do however use their horns- I have never heard so many people use their their horns in NJ or MD.

And there are the islands in the middle of the roads-I have gone the wrong way more than once cause I didn't know a damn island was there until I was already on the wrong side of it! Did it twice yesterday and just screamed - egads glad no-one was coming!

I have gotten really lost twice since being here, but have had lovely drives in doing so and seen more of the state than I would have if not lost. I don't get anxious when lost, too many years as a visiting nurse and following directions of incompetent folk, just grin and bear it! I have nothing but time and finally reach my destination! The other day daughter #1 was with me and she was getting really anxious- I had to tell her to knock it off, what else did we have to do. She replied-it sure is good Dad isn't here he would have a cow- and I had to remind her I wasn't dad! We probably went 50 miles out of our way to get back home, but we did it. We did have to untie the legs of the pup though they were so crossed from him trying not to pee in the house! lol!

I still love it here though (note to me, must post on all the flowers here) and will get used to the crazy drivers! I am a veteran of I-95!

I believe in the forgiveness of sin and the redemption of ignorance.
Adlai E. Stevenson Jr. (1900 - 1965), retort to a heckler asking him to state his beliefs, Time, November 1, 1963


Kim said...

Hi you left a comment for my giveaway but no email where I can reach you if you win - there is an option in your blogger profile to set your email to viewable. If you change that then I will be able to reach you if you win.

Virginia Gal said...

So funny because I absolutely can't drive in Florida, everyone there annoys the heck out of me! Urgh! (says angry mean Northern Virginia driver).

mommanator said...

Kim-done would love to win

Molly Malone said...

sometimes i like getting lost. what better way to get to know a place? so long as you're calm and not pressed for time or in danger or anything ... getting turned around can be a good thing!

Ornery's Wife said...

Ornery and I recently spent three weeks in Florida with his business. I agree wholeheartedly with you about the crazy drivers. Sheer insanity! Every thing you said happened to us! It is lovely, but I'm pretty sure I'd go crazy living there!

Merci said...

Getting lost can be fun, if you're not running late for a wedding, funeral or doctor's appointment!