Friday, April 11, 2008

this & that

I have been reading all your posts with great enthusiasm, however have had a little glitch with my daughters computer, so haven't been able to post or comment. On the plane down I scripted this:
An ocean of distant clouds I see
As I travel by plane to a distant city
The sky above is a vibrant blue hue,
which reminds me of the sea in the morning dew.

With all troubles and depression left behind
I am ready for a wonderful vacation time
To our new home purchased with glee
just after Christmas we would get the key.

Taking care of the grandchildren my responsibility
will be transferred to grandpa readily!
I will be missed by the kids
but it's time for me
the winter clothes to shed
Enough said.

I have been here four days already and it has been a whirlwind! But I feel so relaxed and happy, guess the "sad " is gone again-I hope. For some reason down here I don't feel the pressures I feel in NJ or MD, but guess this will pass in time? Hope not. It really feels like we made the right decision to do this thing to Florida, I am still quite in love with the place. While in the pool yesterday I laid back and floated and said "now this is being retired!" Probably by Sept-Oct I can move down here full time. The little tyke will be in school full time, and that was the deal.

Man can my hubby shop- I had forgotten that, I don't like shopping as much as he, we have been out every day, all day since I have come. After shopping yest, he said "we won't be shopping any tomorrow, I think it's a day for rest and packing before I go back home", but before we went to sleep last night he said " I have to go to Walmart tomorrow to pick up a couple of things before I go"

He prepared a wonderful dinner for my arrival and Ya should have had some of the cake! Every other eve we have been out to other folks' houses for dinner. I haven't cooked a thing since being here, not even breakfast (he does that) and of course we go out for lunch.
Reality will strike when he goes home-we are going out again this eve.
Hope all are well and as blessed as I feel.


Kate said...

Sounds wonderful. And sounds like you needed it. So glad you're enjoying the time. Soak up the sun!!

Maggie said...

Lucky you to have a hubby that likes cooking. They're few and far between, so enjoy! FLA sounds wonderful. Hope everything goes well for you!

Molly Malone said...

i'm glad you GOT on a flight at all! and glad to hear the husband is treating you right. ;)
hopefully the honeymoon period of retirement will last for the long haul. enjoy it!

Pax Romano said...

What a great poem! (I wonder how it would have read if you were one of the million's stranded the other day).

So now you'll be moving to Florida? Damn, I thought you and me were going to Palm Springs?

Oh and sorry I missed your birthday - the big 39! You don't look a day over 25.


Virginia Gal said...

I am utterly jealous, you sitting back in a pool...I love Denmark but its still gloves and scarf weather over here. Aye!