Wednesday, September 17, 2008

AH Yes Work


Well I've gone back to work! Only every other weekend, but work non the less! What is it they say? Once a nurse always a nurse! Actually I guess we need that little bit of extra income till the house sells or I collect social security, whichever comes first.
Last weekend, my first weekend at this place, we had the local police there each day!
Yes I am working at a nursing facility. I am the day shift weekend supervisor of nurses. We only have about 100 patients. Not too many to manage. The staff seems so nice so far! Seems so strange doing real nursing after my last job. I can't really explain that, but the ones who know me understand.


Kate said...

I hope you enjoy your new job!

Anonymous said...

Guess the flower...I don't know the name, but usually when I have seen them they are red. They have grey/green leaves that look like mother-in-law tongue, but harder. They are grown up here in the north, usually as air type plants I think.

Craver Vii said...

How sad for Bette Davis that she found no satisfaction in human relationships. The way I see it, work is good, but people are better. I hope your clients/patients do not just see you as a worker, but appreciate you as a person.

I have no idea what that flower is, but it sure is pretty!

Anonymous said...

Good luck in the new job!

Pax Romano said...

First things first:

The flower is a Man Eating Daisy ... found only in certain places in New Jersey and Florida, and grown only by Bundt Cake Bakers.

As for your new job; Annie Wilkes strikes!!!!


Virginia Gal said...

Betty's comment is so sad; I find very rewarding relationships with friends and family.

mommanator said...

OH, Pax those were the days!!!