Saturday, September 27, 2008

sat am musing

The happiness of a man in this life does not consist in the absence but in the mastery of his passions.
Alfred Lord Tennyson (1809 - 1892)

The last one was a firecracker plant. The ends look like firecrackers, quite pretty. This is not and azalea which was what I thought when I got here

Me and the hubby got up pretty early this am as we are going further south for a Flea market. Usually we like to get a good start on the day. However whom we are going with hasn't arrived yet and it is already 10:40 am. So much for an early start!

We walked the dog and found to our amazement many folk were out and about early- these old folk get up EARLY. One woman had already done her mile walk @ 7am. A guy was washing the house next door before 8am! Gardening was being done, painting and such!

Man is it a beautiful day here! 80 degrees, no humidity, sunny. I keep getting messages from dau #2 about their Nor'easter and rain! and putting the heat on. Just opened up the windows and shut down the air conditioner!

Danny, #2 grandson, had his football game last eve. He made 3-4 sacks in the first 5 plays of the game. Shortly thereafter they took him out and changed him to a different position. A back I think. In flag football they are all about learning the rudiments of the game. Dan finally got to pull several flags and was sure happy!

Kenny, grandson#1, has his game today, and is all geared up for it. I spoke with him this am. He has gone from 104 to 93 pounds playing football- now that's a diet. He has also gotten taller- he looks thin to me on pics, but guess he is more muscle now. I know his doc will be happy! By now he is probably is as tall as me ! Boohoo- your 9 year old grandson taller than you!

Hubby put up his various diplomas in the computer room-Yikes who needs wallpaper or such. Looks very impressive! No wall space left for any of mine!


Anonymous said...

I have to look at the plant a little closer, but what do you think about Paul Newman dying???

Virginia Gal said...

flea markets are big in Florida, no?

Molly Malone said...

though i believe in sleeping in, sometimes waking early on a Saturday is terribly delicious. i used to love getting a run in before 8. felt like the perfect beginning to a weekend.

Joe Tornatore said...

what a firecracker. Born on the fourth of July I tell you. Zelda might think I could use the color in my yard. lol