Saturday, May 15, 2010


It was a spectacular site on a picture perfect day for the shuttle WOW I loved it. I have been waiting for years to experience a shuttle take off! So on 5/14/2010 I finally did! Supposed to be the last flight of Atlantis. Of course I got a t shirt! and a book!

It was a 7 1/2 million pounds of thrust. It was off the ground in mere seconds!

And then the contrails were all that was left to see!
We arrived there at 9:30am, and many people were there already! All sizes shapes and colors.
Young, old and babes in arms! There was one lady whom was celebrating her first blast off on her 88th birthday. It was one hot day! I did come home with sunburn despite being under an umbrella, loads of sunscreen & light clothing covering me! But who cared when that thing blasted off. Everyone in the crowd was excited ;yelling screaming & clapping. I was so nervous(excited) I shook all over for about ten minutes afterward! Man if ya ever get to visualize one of those babies take off DO IT SOON! only 2 more to go!
EEK the traffic coming home was just horrible. We drove 2-3MPH for at least 20 miles, and we waited for the crowd to thin out. It took us 6 hours to make a 2-3hr drive!
It was all worth it and I am gonna try and make the next one!
post script-7 1/2 million ton thrust and only 3 womens bathrooms where we were! except if ya count the porta potties!bottles of soda $2.99, hot dogs $7


Evil Chicken said...

How COOL is that!

I've always wanted to take the girls to see a liftoff but that usually happen down in Cape Canaveral and not in Cape May.

Great shots too!

mommanator said...

Evil- there are only 2 more scheduled, one in July and the other in Nov get it scheduled, you can come visit me!

Denise said...

Incredible! What a fantastic experience. I can just imagine the roar of those rockets. Yes it would be worth the hassle getting home.

Carver said...

What a fun event to attend and you got some great shots.

secret agent woman said...

That's really neat - you won't soon forget that experience.

Virginia Gal said...

Wow! What a neat adventure! I heard it was a perfect take-off, and only one of three left in the schedule, lucky you!

Craver Vii said...

That's a whole lotta thrust! It would be so cool to ride inside, don't you think?

Rambling Woods said...

I always wanted to see that. I am happy that you got the chance and could share the photos.. Thank you for all the nice comments on my photos..I really appreciate it...Michelle