Thursday, May 06, 2010

the WALL

yet another birthday bouquet- man it was nice having a birthday filled with flowers! These were from a past exchange student-he's a son I never had!

The best way to cheer yourself up is to cheer up somebody else.
- Mark Twain
I should read the Twain quote myself for sure. I do need cheering. A friend was just diagnosed with cancer of the leg and they want to amputate. She is 45 yrs old and such a wonderful person. I have been pretty sad since we talked last night. She is getting a second opinion, but not until the 21st of May. She is also in a bit of pain. I am praying with and for her and a miracle for her!
Well the infamous wall in the entry way is being enlarged today so dau #1 can maneuver her wheelchair a bit better so as not to tear down the other wall. It has been a real source of contention. I know she cant help it, but it sure incited me every time she busts through! It's not a supporting wall so is not supposed to be a problem.
I also hit a big wall yesterday with a guy I have been dating for over a month now. I won't elaborate, but he said and did all the right things in response. He is a great guy, he would have to be to put up with me. Is it possible God has sent me another great guy!?
I hope all the walls you all hit today are little ones!


Carver said...

Those are beautiful flowers and Happy Birthday although I guess I'm late with the wishes. Glad you have met a great guy.

Sandee said...

Happy belated birthday. As for the wonderful guy in your life. Yes, it's very possible to have a second one. I got a second one. Just saying.

Have a terrific day. :)

Virginia Gal said...

You deserve a good guy!

I love the flowers and I think you are spot on about best way to cheer oneself up is to cheer another. Good for you!

Merci said...


It's all good!

secret agent woman said...

Oh, yay for you! Very exciting news.

Lynn said...

Sounds like you are having a banner week!

Sandy said...

Wonderful to hear you have a "guy" in your life and hopefully the universe has sent you a "keeper"....So sorry to hear about your young friend. Many prayers blessings for her. Many!