Saturday, April 14, 2007

Out & About

While I was out today killing some time before I had to pick up Melanie from her friends house & driving to Maryland. I took a drive about a 5 mile radius of my home and oddly enough not far from where I used to live as a kid. I couldn't help but notice;
1. the die hard gardeners were out mowing their lawns, do they have to start so soon! is the grass realy long enough to cut?? Ok I can deal with multching, fertelizing, planting and raking, but MOWING!
2. my yard doesnt look that bad considering I haven't done all that stuff! the daffodils, forsythia,grape hyacynths, hyacynths, and of course the Blue Bells of Scotland add some blue & yellow color to my yard.
3. the peach trees all around my house are starting their lovely pink blooms, should be in full regailia by next week if it stays like today!
4. people aren't bundled up like nannooks of the north everywhere
5. people seem PLEASANT- waving and smiling at the same time
6. people are driving far too fast to get to the shore-already
7. building, building, building everywhere-soon this will be called the too expensive house state not the garden state. So what ever happened to the Pinelands commission? I saw houses being built on postage stamp size lots. In the middle of town there was a section being built that will prob have 10-12 too expensive homes on it.
8. even the cemetaries were abloom and thank God we have them or else there would be a house or Eckerds or WAWA on every corner
9. Sadly I saw a stretch of trees(near where I used to ride my bike as a kid) that had either had Acid rain and a lot of it or else some chemical deposit- all the fauna and flora was DEAD- yes dead-how long will it take to replace that grove of trees along that creek? or better yet when will WE learn to stop the ruination of our trees and creeks with our polluting ways! I so wanted to take the grandkids on a bike ride there one day when they master two wheelers!
10. Saw the price of gas going up up up, in our state! at one station it was 2.53 this am and now 2.63 per gallon- maybe I shouldn't go to Maryland their gas is always at least 25 cents higher than ours.

But alas I am happy to still be able to see these things and enjoy the pretty things along with the ugly! Guess I should keep my eyes on the driving huh

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