Monday, April 30, 2007


Well, I did it and have 2 job offers already. I started watching the grandkids over the weekend-the whole house has some type of flu! NOT GOOD! all are running fevers, coughing and all sorts of junk stuff. The last one woke me up at 5am by turning on the lights and screaming "I can't breathe" EEK he has a touch of asthma and was really making himself worse. God bless children they certainly know how to get your attention. His mom had been trying to get him to calm down, guess he thought granny was better. Temp was 103- we started today off with a bang!
It is now bath time. And then off to bed! YEH!
I need to write about the wonderful retirement party, but will have that another time. Need to do without 8 hands helping me. So have a good one for me.


Molly Malone said...

Wow! Two job offers! Congratulations! I've never had more than one job offer at a time. You must be wondermous!

mommanator said...

I feel awful after posting that- poor Va gal has been looking for an internship forever, but I am a nurse

Zelda Parker said...

There is always a demand for great nursing care. Who else would look at the contessa's derrier? Just kidding...LOL

mommanator said...

thanks zelda!