Monday, April 16, 2007

Shell& Liz

Here I am in cold windy wet Maryland. Trying to post, but the twins are wanting to help. They were watching TV but as soon as they saw grannie, they decided they wanted to play on the computer, but I said NO my turn (mean grannie!).
They are identical twins and boy are they looking alike today. As they get older they seem to look more and more alike. They do have subtle differences in looks, but I almost have to look at them directly in the face and have them say something, before I can tell them apart.
We were so surprised when they were born, but are sure glad to have them, they make life interesting for sure, along with their 2 brothers. A total of 4 children in this quiet house. LOL
8-6-6-&4. When they all get home from school its like a war zone till they have a snack, get homework done and settled down. After school they take the dogs for a walk or feed them.
Their differences are in their personalities.
Liz is a helper, neat and very caring, she jumps up when asked to do something and does stuff even when not asked, she has to be told not to do Shells chores. Shell is quite different-she is MESSY! Messy, messy- she only helps when you make her, she is caring but doesnt like anyone to know it. Pax has said that Liz will be a doctor or nurse and Shell will be the artist, hippie type in SOHO(even with the baret on her head).
They are both very good students in first grade, bring home all A's & B's- between all the kids they are costing me a fortune as I give them money for each A they bring home, but it is money well spent if it continues.
As I only had girls I can see so many inherent differences between girls & boys.
Now they realy want to use the computer, I will finish here and write about the boys on another day.


pissed off patricia said...

Seems all twins I have known had those same sort of personalities. One is the care taker and the other is the risk taker.

Merci said...

So I posted, just for you. Go see it!

Pax Romano said...

I can't wait till Shell moves to SoHo and Uncle Pax and Granny Jax can spend loooonnngggg weekends in the city that never sleeps!

Molly Malone said...

4 kids in one house under the age of 10? i'm exhausted just writing that sentence. more power to you for enduring it!