Wednesday, June 20, 2007


First I'd like to say, you all can't think of any words to add to my meme! Owell, guess no one is loooking.

Went to Clearwater Beach today. After spending time in the water AND lunch decided it was time to take a walk before going into the Gulf. I must say I think the actual beaches are cleaner in good ole Joisy. Here is a short list of things I saw while walking on the beach. People of course-All shapes and sizes- there was even one gal who was 8 or 9 months pregnant with a bikini on! That was quite the site! I saw on the shoreline a half eaten peach, & a calzone! Also were soda, water & beer bottles and cans, a T shirt, shoes of various sizes, paper & plastic cups, cigarette butts, and little plastic things that looked like from kids toys. OO and lots of seashells & seaweed.
I kept thinking while walking when are people gonna learn!!!!!! WE ARE KILLING OUR PLANET, BEACHES AND WATER SUPPLY. And distroying the nature that some of us really love.


Virginia Gal said...

Yeah who are these people who just dump their food like that? don't they have any sense of like "gee I shouldn't do that?" Weird.

pissed off patricia said...

Having organized the first county wide beach cleanup in my area several years ago and participated in beach cleanups since, nothing found on the beach surprises me. It's such a shame that people use the ocean and gulf for a garbage dump.

I guess they think, out of sight out of mind. But that's not the way it works, is it?

Pax Romano said...


You need to start Mama Jax - Save The Earth Foundation!

Now that you are retired, you can dedicate all of your boundless energy to it!


Zelda Parker said...

You know how I feel about saving our environment. RC calss me a tree huger and I am dam proud of it. I wonder how do people take care of their homes? They are one and the same in an abstract way.

mommanator said...

Pax- my daughter thinks I have gone off my rocker about the earth since I graduated DDD, but someone has to care!