Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Colorado Musings

Well the trip to Colorado has ended and now its just a remembrance. Will never underatand why we went from BWI-Atlanta - Denver- those silly airline people!
It had it's ups and downs, so I'll just share a few.
The wedding was really beautiful-up in the mountains-great view, great food. I was really cold though. Not like a pax wedding atall- they do it different there. They had Mexican food-REAL different, but REAL good. My sister in law made- the wedding gown, the cakes. Nieces did the flowers, invitations. You would never have known it was not done professionally- those folks are so talented! Actually my sister in law does weddings all the time.
We did a Celestial Season Tea tour in Boulder- kinda neat- to see the tea being made and packaged. They should package the smell of the place- OMG it was wonderful! and the MINT room- to die for! Then of course had to buy too much tea!
We did the normal touristy things a couple of days, but most of the time was spent relaxin and enjoyin family we hadn't seen in awhile. Some of the husbands and children I had never seen.
All in all it was a good vaca.
Now I need to get packed for the trip to Fla which starts on Fri- bet I won't be cold there!

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Virginia Gal said...

oh wow you did a Celestials Seasonings tour?! That sounds so interesting...what does the mint room look like? It must smell delicious!

What is "real" mexican food btw?