Sunday, June 10, 2007

Coffee vs gasoline

While on vacation in Colorado, we were chatting about the price of gasoline-
Then I interjected why doesn't anyone complain about the price of Starbucks!
Albiet sooo good tasting do we realise we are spending nearly $25 per gallon of it!
Yes we actually sat around and figured it out!
Ridiculous I say- do we see anyone yelling about that!
But I do say that is why I only splurge on it occasionally!
Thank God we don't need it like gas,
but we do have to conserve energy-

My daughter says I have become a nut about energy conservation, BUT
I want some around for my children and grandchildren.
We can all do just a little bit for conservation! and it can add up to alot!
Going to Colorado only makes me even more zealous for green! I love the East coast and Joisey!
and am getting a little tired of people putting us down here in the garden state- they shouldn't knock what they don't know! Plus all of Joisey is not North Jersey- down here in the south we still have open spaces and farms and trees and tomatoes and peppers and peaches. OOPS I have now gottten on a soap box- Have a good day!


Zelda Parker said...

Good one, go for the green. ONce the trees are all gone we won't be far behind....

Pax Romano said...

I say drink more Starbucks, drive less.

Nice to have you back where you belong Mama!!!