Tuesday, August 14, 2007

The Family Tree

Guess I will ramble on!? This tree is in our front yard and the kiddos love to climb in it. I sometimes shake & shudder when they go up there. The oldest twin always goes the highest! She almost goes to the top, dress and all! There have been more pics taken of and on this tree, somehow it measures time and space.
When we bought the house some 30 yrs ago, my folks were living here. Dad decided one day he wanted a red maple in the front yard. So he went out, purchased one and gave me the bill! I was not so happy at the time, but now when I look at it I think of dad and how happy he made us. The crazy things he sometimes did, his humor. He was such a quiet man, but could get his point across with just a glance! and I don't mean just anger. He could make me laugh just by pointing at mom. OOO, Sometimes he could get her so aggravated when I would laugh.
Why do trees sometimes have so much meaning in our lives? I can remember my grannies Weeping Willow like it is in my back yard! She would always make us go get a switch to whip us with. Funny how ya don't see too many Weeping Willows any more. My baby brother just planted one in his yard- he remembers the switches too. Says he needs it for his grand babies!
I see so vividly the tree we buried my first cat under. I must have been all of 5 when that happened.
Then there are fig trees, grown locally by the Italians- some yummy fruit grown if done correctly. They have to be meticulously covered for the winter. If you arent from around here, you wonder what is under these covers.
I live in a peach orchard, and there's Apple,nectarine,& plum trees too.
Maybe the tree means so much because of my Christian upbringing? Ya know the Tree of Life?
Does make one stop and think if for only a few minutes?


pissed off patricia said...

I am of the tree hugging group of human beings. It breaks my heart to see a tree cut down. They are some of nature's strongest work. They are natural toys for kids to climb and explore. The first poem I remember reading was Trees by Joyce Killmer. I still know it by heart.

Zelda Parker said...

Wow! Great pic and you know that I am a tree hugger. I try to plant one every year for arbor day/earth day. Tree mark the passing of time, the first tree when you buy your home, the birth/death of a loved one. Thats one of the best ways to remember. Trees are gifts to the next generation. Great post!

mommanator said...

POP every time I read something of yours I feel we are kindred spiris from afar, I love that poem too!
Zelda-so what are you planting this year?? new roots!LOL

Did ya's know in Sweden trees are given as birth gifts!? My Swede gave Lizzy one when he became her
Godfather-you should see how it has grown as she has!

Virginia Gal said...

Your post reminds me of that book by Shel Silverstein - I've forgotten the name, about the tree who follows the lives of a child, as grows up, gets married, kids, till death. Very sweet.

Joe Tornatore said...

you are out on limb with this story.

Molly Malone said...

what a beautiful meditation this post is! ... and i think the book VA Gal is thinking of is "The Giving Tree" ... which i haven't read since the reagan administration, but i remember it so well that even mentioning it, i have to fight back tears!

how lovely that your grandchildren enjoy the tree your father gave you. how joyful that seeing it brings back fond memories of him and your mother. this really is a great post!