Friday, August 10, 2007

just some thoughts

Why do insects fly to the lights? I've been watching in the eve, and they are quite driven to the light.

and bats use sonar to get around?

Had a glorious storm here yesterday. While driving the kiddos back from basketball practise. Thought I would take a longer way since, for some reason or other the battery was dead in the car and wanted to recharge it some. You would have thought we were in the worst storm of the century by the sound of the boys! The yelling and screaming- go back home we are scared. They were actually telling me how to drive-IE. turn right or there's a curve. Jeez it was unbelievable! Then when we got home the little one wanted to play out in it! thunder/lightening and all. He was quite dismayed when I wouldn't let him. and of course he also wanted to go swimming!
AHH and it actually cooled it down and some of the humidity went. Don't know how it is this am, hoping it worked for awhile, but if I know the east coast it will be MUGGY again.
Have a great weekend and stay cool!


Virginia Gal said...

Yes there is something as a child that makes you want to play in the little cousin was the same way!

pissed off patricia said...

I can loan you all the humidity you can use. It rained here yesterday and I almost went out in it just to see if it felt the way it used to when I was a little girl

Pax Romano said...

bugs navigate by light (or at least I heard that somewhere), and yes, bats use sonar.

Glad you survived your drive!

Molly Malone said...

i remember that storm the other day. it was a logistical nightmare for some colleagues of mine trying to leave from two different east coast airports to the midwest. i think we went through 2 flight cancellations, a 10 hour delay and a few premature grey hairs. makes me think of the judy collins song, "both sides now." your grandkids are on the fun sides of storms, and i was on the headache side! i'm glad the one anyway, enjoyed it!