Friday, August 24, 2007

O-MAN/Giant Eagle

I think blogger has the flu or something like that! I have been trying to post since last evening! And like I have the time to keep on trying! Finally I have it fixed I hope! Had to actually write blogger to figure it out then redisign my template-hope ya like the new look, guess it was time for a change anywho!
AT any rate here goes a try at what I had written last eve.
Yesterday we again went to Giant Eagle, The kiddos went to the eagles nest for some playtime, computer & games. We shopped for groceries.
giant has food stations like most stores do now a days. We had such a ecletic bunch of food-all was good. I started off with a peach-new kind and quite sweet, next was a small toast with chedder cheese spread, a small crab cake, pork hotdog on bun, acakey like thing with marscapone cheese and bown sugar-too sweet, a corn relish was delightful-prob had corn, black beans, roasted red peppers, vinegar & hot pepper( we actually want to try and make some), then the best for last was a milk chocolate covered strawberry with marscapone cheese-OMG to die for! They were only $10.99 per pound- I could get a bunch of em and take to a Pax Party and they would be gone in seconds!
We did actually purchase food, picked up the kids and checked out and much to our surprise my daughter got $1.20 per gallon of her next purchase of gasoline! She has a van and it was almost empty so on the the gas station we went! It cost her $27.00 to fill up!
So when are we getting a Giant Eagle in NJ! Additionally the store is so cleand and the staff are so pleasant!

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Random Kath said...

Yes, do love the new look. Quite a change! :-)