Thursday, October 04, 2007


Went to the Poconos for another nursing school reunion- we are all celebrating our 60th birthdays! Was a lovely ride from South Jersey. Picked up a couple of others going. The weather was wonderful- just warm enough, no rain, & sunny. We are planning a reunion in Hawaii for our 40th Nursing school reunion. There were 2 more there, but they had to leave early and the one taking the pic.
Many folks can't believe we are still getting together after all these years. It is more of a sisterhood than a class. We don't have any significant others come like hubbies, children etc.
We can talk freely about stuff. We reminisce about old times, and some of the things we did when. IE, about the time I put an upperclassman's room furniture on the roof of the school, because she was absolutely torturing me during the first weeks of freshmen year. I think she thought twice before waking me up every night around 3am, pouring water on my floor and stacking all kinds of things in front of my door during the night.

Then there is eating, drinking, singing, dancing to the oldies, and don't forget about feeding the deer that walk all over the place. We were told this time that there were bear sightings there where we go, So we were not going out at night! OO and we also get up and walk for exercise! One of the gals does all the cooking. She lives alone now and loves to cook- so let her! and can she cook!
A great time was had by all- at least I know by the emails & talk on the way home! So we will be
doing again- as long as we can make it and you all know that 60 is the new 40 so we will be doing until we are on canes and crutches!

Always acknowledge a fault. This will throw those in authority off their guard and give you an opportunity to commit more. Mark TwainUS humorist, novelist, short story author, & wit (1835 - 1910)


Zelda Parker said...

Sounds like a great time. Good for you after being grandma most of the time. IF 60 is the new 40, is 50 the new 30?
Luv and pc

mommanator said...

yep, you got it, so do you feel 30?
most of the time I dont feel 60, but then how does 60 or 50 feel!?

Karl said...

AHHHHHHHH............a NURSING HOME Reunion! How cool!