Thursday, January 03, 2008


OK folks I have been tagged for this meme by a couple of folks now and it has taken me awhile to figure out how to do, and also time to figure out the 8 things. I am to write 8 random things about myself of which not much is known about me- I am pretty much an open book, so in this I found the difficulty. SO here goes

1. I am aiming at being a better person. That means kinder , more tolerant. I am also trying to be more Christ centered in all I do. They are some great challenges.

2. In my life I have wanted to be an opera singer, teacher, good mom & grandma, a good nurse, a great friend & wife.

3. I love to watch people- I can watch just about anywhere or time. People are just plain fascinating. Young , Old , in between. I love their interpersonal relationships, crying, laughing. The ones that think they are above any one else- I could go on forever. The best places to people watch are the mall & the beach, and of course restaurants. The one thing I hate when I watch is when I see an adult belittle a child-I just want to go up and smack them for the child!

4. I suffer from depression/seasonal affective disorder(I hope Floridian sun will help with that!)
It really is a PIA to have it. Most of the time I try and cover it up with humor, however sometimes it just plain overtakes me. I do take meds for it. Christmas/ this time of year are really bad for me. This Christmas was not that much fun emotionally for me although I did actually have a great time thru the tears of depression.

5. I am now in the buying jitters for the new place. We have the money etc, but can't help being nervous. Did we do the right thing, are we gonna be happy,when do I get to spend more time down there, when will we sell up north & the list could go on forever.

6. Although many folks think I am quite outgoing & personable- I find myself shy. Don't laugh guys. When I am with new folk it takes me awhile to open up before I can be the crazy mommajax most of ya know.

7. I love the beach- walking on it, lying on it, watching the waves the sunset, whatever. I love the smells, the breeze against my face. I even like ti during a storm with the waves crashing! O such beauty God has made for us to enjoy!

8. Lastly I had a pretty good Nursing career- didn't feel I "burned out" too much. Felt it was a good career choice- helped put kids thru college and paid the bills. Met some lifelong friends along the way. Helped some folks thru their bad & good times on Earth, delivered a baby, watched one die. Worked with housebound, in hospital, in nursing homes- in all had quite a varied experience. Have watched nursing go thru some real changes over the past 30 years from hand servant to well respected part of the medical community.

So there are my 8 for whatever they are worth, Now I challenge 8 others: Zelda, Merci, Pax, JT,
Craver, CHICKEN, Shoe, & Carol


Virginia Gal said...

I like people watching as well, you know what is one of my favorite places to do that...the airport.

Its funny when I read your posts and comments I do picture you as outgoing, or maybe I just figure whenever we meet we will immediately build a rapport and be friends, with none of that initial awkwardness. : )

Kate said...

I get SAD as well and find this time of year incredibly difficult. Keep thinking of Florida sun and lovely beaches.

I think it's wonderful that you can look back on your career with such affection and satisfaction. I count that as a sign of a successful life. I hope that one day I will have a clear sense of vocation as well.

Molly Malone said...

i know what you mean about being shy before jumping into outgoingness. i'm the same way w/ any new group of people. i have to watch the vibe of the tribe before i unleash the Molly.

leading a Christ-centered life is hard. i can barely keep up with the "ian" part of Christian. and i'm not even very good at the "ian!" can you imagine if i was Jewish? with my religious track record, i'd be more like Jew-"ish!"

re: seasonal depression - i wrestle with situational depression and anxiety and i DO find that i get grumpier and glummer during these shorter, colder days. more grumpy than glum, lately, though. i hope the Florida sun can shine away your tears, beautiful gal!