Tuesday, February 10, 2009

ok then

This is a beautiful pointsietta around the neighborhood, I'm not sure the photos does it justice??

Today is the birthday of a great friend of mine. After awhile we are going out for supper and toast one for her 60th. Then tomorrow eve a gang of us will be throwing a surprise Birthday party for her. I don't think she has a clue unless someone spilled the beans-I hope not. She is the friend that comes via plane to meet me somewhere when I travel back from up north. Ya don't get many friends that will do that! We have been friends for years, about 30 I think. We have been through allot together! She is one of the reasons I am presently living in Fla.

I think I have made a decision to either quit my job or go on per Diem- 'that is only work when they absolutely need me'. I really got so aggravated this past weekend. I really don't need it! I cried all weekend, not because of work but because of hubby. But work precipitated it! Daughter #2 says I should have taken off longer. Who knows.

I have to go up north in March. Dau#2 is having surgery on her ankle- so I am needed to help out with kiddos. Don't know how long we will be gone 2 weeks, 8 weeks or the whole summer. I do fly by a shoestring most of the time. At any rate if my friend, mentioned above finds someone who wants that job. I am needed by my grandkids!
I am gonna miss Spring Training though BOOHOO!


Anonymous said...

I'm sorry that you job is making your grief worse..I don't know what to tell you, but your health comes first before the job and you will need energy for your grandkids..Michelle

Patty said...

Your job shouldn't make your grief worse and if it has been, then perhaps it's the wrong job.

Yes it seems us Mom's always try to go where we are needed. Good luck in what ever you decide about your work and good luck helping the daughter.

I have one friend that we have known each other since fifth grade. She's gone through a divorce, (1st. husband) death (2nd. husband) and how she has a live in boyfriend and I say more power to her. She doesn't remarry because she would lose the benefits from her second husband. She also has kept her own place, and her boyfriend has a place of his own, if anything should happen. So we've been friends for about 60 years. You don't find too many of those. She lives about 35 miles from me, but she took the time and brought a casserole to us when I had my first breast cancer surgery. She's a dear.

Molly Malone said...

i hope your friend doesn't read this blog!! ;)

so sorry your job is a pain right now. you don't need that BS. not at your age, not during this period. probably not ever. going per diem is probably a good decision. many hugs!

mommanator said...

thanks folks! a little respite with the grandkids will cheer me up!
welcome Patty
My friend is not a blogger

Kate said...

There's a wonderful book which I think you might appreciate right now. It's a book of poetry by Mary Oliver, written after the death of her partner (of 40 years, I think). It's called 'Thirst'. Any good bookstore should have it (she's American, and she's very easy to find over here, so I'm assuming she's easy to find over there too). I've found it immensely comforting, and she writes a lot about being attentive to grief and, paradoxically, the gifts it can bring. It's a very small book and very accessible poetry. If you'd like, email me your address and I'll happily buy you a copy.

I think you need to do what is right for you right now. If that means quitting your job or only working occasionally, then so be it. Take care of YOU!!!

I hope that your time up north with the family next month helps.

Sending you lots of love and good thoughts....

Merci said...

OK, then, the annual b-day celebration will be in the cooler climes. NJ or MD, whatever works!