Monday, February 02, 2009

Ya Gotta Have FRIENDS

A friend is a present you give to yourself! author unknown

Friends are a vital part of our lives!
I don't know what I would have done without mine of late!
They come in all shapes, sizes, religious affiliation, and no affiliation!
I even have some really great friends who are relatives.
Like my daughters, my brother& sister and 2 great sisters in law!
I have some great friends from Nursing school.
And how about web friends- I call em friends although I have never seen,
but have a wonderful relationship with.
As I remember friends I wish the best for all of them,
and wish everyone has friends like me.
Of course my friend Jesus is always with me!

This is close to where I live. Walking distance-a good reflecting place (no pun intended!)

A true friend unbosoms freely, advises justly,
assists readily, adventures boldly,
takes all patiently,defends courageously
and continues a friend unchangeably
William Penn


Old Lady Lincoln said...

Love the poem, and the little yellow flower is beautiful. Is that a primrose?

Shoebee said...

The yellow flower is a Hibiscus. Isn't that the lake next to the swimming pool at your place, where dad was supposed to take Danny fishing?

Anonymous said...

I didn't realize hibiscus came in yellow. Mine are all white and purple.

And you're right, friends are a blessing.

Virginia Gal said...

That is a beautiful picture, much nicer than the ice and snow we have here in Virginia. blah.

mommanator said...

yep its a hibicus- I was gonna do a post on all the colors of em I see around here. Jim liked this yellow one the best I can't decide if I like it, bubt it is pretty in the pic. Yes Shoe thats the lake.
VA GAL its cool here today and goin down below freezin tonight, but in the 70s over the weekend-PLEASE feel my pain TEEHEE

Carver said...

Beautiful photographs and poem. Friends really do make all the difference.

Anonymous said...

I love the poem and it's true, friends are so important. I hope you are coping as well as you can...Michelle

Denise said...

Lovely photo and lovely poem.

zelda parker said...

Wow Jax, that is beautiful even in winter. Hope that I get to sit there with you soon.

zelda parker said...

Wow Jax, that is beautiful even in winter. Hope that I get to sit there with you soon.

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