Friday, February 20, 2009

updates of sorts

1. the bear in the air was searching for a prisoner who escaped from a local jail! he was a rapist! I am glad they found him!
2. the plant was a Pencil Plant.
3. The day of fasting went great- it was a time of fasting for prayer, reflectiveness & spirituality. I really didn't get hungry until it was time to go to bed- I wanted a snack as I usually do before bed. But I maintained the fast!
4. The young student at my grandkids school has had 2 plasmphoresis and is doing really well after that. Please to continue to pray & praise for our blessings!
5. Work again tomorrow, last time till I return from Maryland! YEAH hopefully she can replace me before I return. I won't let her be in a lurch though. I am just not built that way, and I know that would be reciprocal!
6. My brother arrives safely from NJ- it took him longer than any time I have driven it-and he is a truck driver by trade? He took the long route through north & south Carolina- that's what happens when you stop to other family. He was a tired duck when he arrived here last night!
7 I rec'd a bouquet of flowers from a neighbor- how pretty they are, my fsavorite kind- Wild Flowers


Cactus Jack Splash said...

Wonderful updates...nice to hear that things are sorting out. Prayers still continuing here for things to continue going well

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update..It seems that things are going a bit better..but will still be in my thoughts...Michelle

Anonymous said...

Wow, that is a mor interesting update about the helocopter search than I'd have expected! Glad you didn't encounter him!

Patty said...

Have a safe trip to and from Maryland.

Virginia Gal said...

There is nothing like a surprise bouquet of flowers to brighten a day, no?

Carver said...

Good to get the updates. I'm glad the escapee was caught. I'm also glad that the day of fasting went well and that the young student is doing better. I'm also glad your brother arrived safely and that tomorrow will be your last day at work until you return from MD.

Molly Malone said...

this is what happens when i get backlogged on your post. i'm updated as i go!
i'm glad they caught the escapee! that's scary!
VERY glad to hear the boy is doing better. i'll pray for him and his family. i'm sure it's a tough time for all.