Friday, March 27, 2009

Let's be thrifty Today!

On a beach in Clearwater

I read several blogs today and found many were writing about being thrifty, so thought I would continue with the theme.

2. We have been hanging clothes outside on the line- here at my daughters it saves about $30 per month! The clothes smell so good, and reduces the ironing too!
3. Get your gardens ready! even if ya live in an apartment you can container garden and have enough tomatoes & herbs to last the summer-PAX! Dau #2 built a small 10X 5 ft garden which supplied cucumbers, peppers, & string beans for her and her family last year. With enough to share with folks @ church. There is a fun way to grow veggies someone told me about where I live-you get a 20 LB bag of potting soil, lay it on the ground, cut horizontal, plant your tomatoes, peppers etc in it, grows the veggies perfectly, keeps out unwanted weeds. I am trying that this year, since space is limited where I live. If I ever get back!
4. Don't ever forget "Good Will or Salvation Armies"- they have some great almost new stuff for pennies of what you would buy in the Macy's/Penny's and even Walmart! At our church we have what is called 'the Clothes Closet' You could go there once a month and get nearly new and new stuff for nothing! You are supporting good causes plus saving a ton of money- These places are no longer only for the indigent. My younger brother would never go, but I kept egging him about it, so he finally went. he doesn't get his Jeans anywhere else now. It is quite surprising what folk literally throw away! It may not fit right, or they didn't like after they came home. Many things even have the price tags still attached.
5. Get a neighbor or friend involved with your saving- barter for things. For example if you don't have a much needed wheelbarrow or like borrow instead of buying and let them have something in return. Maybe you could go to the store for them or borrow something they have. And return in a timely manner in the way you got it! Bartering has been around a long time and we have just forgotten about it.
6. and lastly think! yes think before you buy! Sounds crazy I know, but think "do I really need this" or "do I want this" I personally am on a 'vow of poverty" for one year. I am using everything out of the overstuffed kitchen cupboards unless I really need it( I can't tell ya how many different kinds of tea are in my cabinets!, or how many bottles of barbecue sauce, and don't even ask how many bottles of wine! and I don't consider myself a drinker!). I am not buying any new clothes unless I really need. Have been bad while here in MD but will get back to it when I go back to FLA.
You have any ideas? just let me know!


Sandy said...

Good ideas and I love thrift stores...

I have a pantry with so much in there that we could go months without having to buy food. I need to begin to organize and move oldest to the front and use it.

Gardening. I have a lot of property but too many critters so it's not easy to begin to think about it, having to build raised beds and fencing and all that.

but I want to do it one of these days.

oh and wine! I could use a couple more bottles, hehe.

Kate said...

I love hanging laundry outside. We don't have a dryer, so in the winter it just gets hung near a heater. I cherish the first days in spring that it is sunny enough to start hanging laundry outside again!

Anonymous said...

I'm expanding my garden a little this year, and also participating in earth hour. Another thing I'm doing is everything possible to make the house energy efficient to save on gas/electricty.

zelda parker said...

I have a suggestion for gardening. Shoebee is already doing it, I think. Composte you garden scraps, coffeee grounds, egg shells add water abnd turn once in a while. you'll have bountiful rich organic matter for the garden or flower beds.

mommanator said...

Zelda- you are alive!? Yes you know she made that unbelievable composter with her dad. Mine is still at the house, guess for teh next occupant-not taking to FLA
Sandy when you come to Fla we shall share some wine!
Kate- it's easy to do without if ya plain don't have it!
Citizen- your cooking alone saves on all!

Craver Vii said...

When I first bought our house, I expected to be able to hang dry our laundry in the backyard, but our town's beautification committee does not allow it. We can only hang dry stuff inside the house. What a bother!

Carver said...

Great ideas and I love the shot. I also participated in Earth hour.

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