Tuesday, March 10, 2009


View from the hotel window-absolutely gorgeous Daytona Beach

Riding on the Beach in Daytona, I'm the one taking the pic.

Total absence of humor renders life impossible.
Colette (1873 - 1954), Chance Acquaintances, 1952

Don't know what is up with the pain in the back/butt today. Must have hung too many clothes on the line or picked up too much trash or cleaned too much at my dau#2 house. Her bathroom is still in the process of getting done. It looks quite nice!
OO it could never be the long drive from Florida or taking the stuff I brought up here for dau#29tools from her dad. Or of course getting dau#1 wheelchair in & out of the car.
All I know is my sciatica is there just a raging! Pain mid back down left hip/butt down to mid leg. Owell and this too shall pass.
Here is something to ponder and give me a reason; why do I hate to pay bills? No it isn't cause I don't have the money. I just hate the process of sitting down and doing them. Analyse that for me will ya! and with that in mind I MUST GET DONE TODAY!


Denise said...

Oh bummer, sorry about your back, that's awful for you. Hope you get better real soon. Lovely shots of the view and of the car. Take good care of yourself and have a great week.

Pax Romano said...

Paying bills reminds you that you are always indebted to someone ...

Merci said...

Advil. Lots of Advil.

I hate paying bills. I've done my best to get the number way down. I pay most of them online with the credit card, then pay off the credit balance online every month. I'd hardly ever use the credit card if it weren't for the bills.

Anonymous said...

Oh..I am sorry about your back. I have had my share and it makes me miserable..almost as resentful as paying bills...Love Daytona Beach.. Michelle

Molly Malone said...

now I wanna drive my car on daytona beach! nice pictures, today!