Saturday, April 11, 2009

the Hat Lady

I never, never wear a hat and found the sun so hot decided to steal this one from dau#1. Actually was having a very bad hair day but wanted a pic from this beautiful site. Silly me, but her hair always looks good even when she says she is having a bad hair day. You would not believe my daughters' hair- both of them! Have an abundance of hair! I know they got that from both sides even though dear ole dad was pretty bald! He had luscious hair when we first met. He always told folk " she wore it off me", or "they don't put marble tops on cheap furniture". He had an abundance of those silly sayings!

Whenever asked "whats your favorite holiday?" I always say 'o I don't know', but this week I am saying Easter is my favorite. I have never really liked Christmas, but now really don't like too much. My mom died 2 days after and hubby died 4 days after! Plus Christmas always has so many expectations that aren't always realised! Plus I get SADD.
With Easter, spring is starting all the flowers I love are blooming, and the world is waking up. My SADD departs for another season! YEAH

Went to do some last minute grocery shopping this am before the crowds started. How smart is that! However, when I stopped by Einstein Bagel to get something for dau#1, YIKES the folks were out in a vengeance! I had to wait a bit til her one breakfast sandwich got done!

Does anyone hate crowds as much as me? I hate shopping period. People don't understand that in me. Owell, just another tidbit about me.

Well I have loads to do before some friends stop by for dinner, so better close!
Despite all the rambling- Everyone have a wonder Easter, wherever it may lead you!

Most folks are about as happy as they make up their minds to be.
Abraham Lincoln (1809 - 1865)


Patty said...

So here's to you, hoping you have a grand Easter, and a lovely Spring. I almost didn't know this was your blog, like the new look.

Pax Romano said...

What, you forgot about my aversion to crowds????? I hate 'em, and I hate shopping ... unless it's online.

As for your daughter's hair ... two words: Marge Simpson!

I am starting to really dislike Xmas myself. Easter is OK. My faves are the Fourth of July, Halloween and Saint Pats ... all low key, low expectation holidays-pretty stress free in my book.

Miss you!!!!

Merci said...

Hope your Easter is wonderful.

Cactus Jack Splash said...

You look good in a hat.
Have a lovely Easter

Anonymous said...

Lovely photo..I hope you have a good Easter...(I don't like crowds either or the shopping)....Michelle

Shoebee said...

Crowds sceave me, believe it or not. It's my claustrophobic side from you.
Sent you an email about the horse riding lessons for the girls

Tracey said...

Hi :)
Thanks for visiting my blog...come back anytime!
Happy Easter to you,

Virginia Gal said...

oh your reasoning for lovely Easter is delightful and so true!!

As for crowds, amen to that sister. I actually love shopping but lately waiting in lines and rude cashiers have really turned me off.

Carver said...

I love hats. Great shot and I'm with you on shopping. I hate it. I also love Easter. Beautiful time of year even when it's chilly or raining. We've had a lot of that but still nice. By the way, the buildings I shot in monochrome are colorful (one is white and blue, another red, another mixed colors.

Sandy said...

Enjoyed this. Nice pic of you two and I like your hat! I hate crowds...YES!