Monday, April 13, 2009


OK, you caught me in the Easter Candy! I just can't help myself. Don't buy much chocolate, cause I just can't eat one! Actually this is Dau#1's
but owell she is in bed !
Don't ya love the peeps "basket"? A yard sale find-I actually paid 25 cents for the basket so I could afford to buy more candy!
Went to a friend's home for Dinner last eve. That woman can sure cook. We had ham, potato salad, sweet potatoes, a fave squash thing she makes, homemade green beans, corn, apple sauce,deviled eggs, homemade Sangria and this decadent chocolate cake! WOOWOO I was stuffed.
O I forgot, I brought a shrimp & tortellini dish. I always forget you are not supposed to cook Italian food for an Italian, but all said it was good.

Don't feel too bad for me, but I actually got a sunburn on my back yesterday! Just walking the dog. Today it was hard getting up! Probably was a combo of the sunburn & wine & food I had yesterday. I am drowning myself in water today to flush it all out!

Some flowers from a friend for my birthday- a little belated. but appreciated none the less!

Was another lovely day here in Florida. We are expected to get rain tomorrow. We really need it. we are only supposed to water the plants one time per week! You guessed it- tomorrow is the day! Well I guess I have rambled long enough. Hope all are well!

Do not judge men by mere appearances; for the light laughter that bubbles on the lip often mantles over the depths of sadness, and the serious look may be the sober veil that covers a divine peace and joy.
Edward Chapin


Kate said...

it all sounds just wonderful!! the meal sounds positively decadent!

Carver said...

Those are beautiful flowers. The dinner at your friends sounds scrumptious.

Patty said...

Hope you had a great Easter. I'm like you, if there's chocolate in the house, I'm not happy till it's ALL GONE.

Bouquet is lovely. Happy belated birthday. I don't think I saw where you had it listed anyplace.

Our son that lives in Fl is coming to Ohio in May for a short visit.

Denise said...

Now that looked like a fun time.

Denise said...

Almost forgot, Happy Belated Birthday ;))))

Virginia Gal said...

You got that adorable basket for $.25 cents? Man, I gotta go yardsaling with you!

Anonymous said...

It sounds like you had a good day. I still give my adult daughter an Easter is a tradition.. A Happy Belated Birthday.. Michelle