Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Lazy Hazy Dayz

We have just been to a concert. Given by "the youngest jazz band" they were kiddos 9-15 years old. We got a little antsy- how many hours are we supposed to be still! We went to Sunday School then church, then immediately to concert! We needed some running around in between or even a swim! Grandma keeps saying we are beautiful! She couldn't be wrong!
Cha cha cha want to play!?

This twin #2- where are her beautiful brown eyes, sun too much today! She is perky, bubbly, and often times shy, but always an animal lover. Sadie isn't getting too much bigger!

This is twin #1 always smiley, always ready! However she can be winy to. She loves Snickers.


Mountain Woman said...

Oh, they are such adorable children and their beautiful smiling faces is a joy to see.

Patty said...

2 beautiful young ladies.

Anonymous said...

Very pretty pics of very pretty young ladies. I can understand why you're proud.

Carver said...

Your grandchildren are beautiful. I enjoyed this post.