Monday, June 15, 2009

Monday Update

I believe love is primarily a choice and only sometimes a feeling. If you want to feel love, choose to love and be patient.
Real Live Preacher

Told ya I felt guilty about not doing too much with the girls, so we went to Clearwater Beach after my writing, believe it or not I didn't have my camera along! We had a great time! the beach and water were wonderful! I did return with abit of red on my arms and back! hurt a little, but didn't get the girls sunburned. I think I may have gotten the worst of it. Of course after the beach what does one do? Well we head to the pool for MORE swimming. I think those girls would stay in the pool all day everyday. They don't care that old granny is around. Where does their energy come from? I know I need a transfusion of it!

We finished my garden yesterday. I even had to get more mulch to finish the project. It looks great, good to have the girls around to help. They love gardening! My bricks aren't straight, but who cares? I will eventually straighten them out, but will wait till it gets cooler around these parts! too hot to work outside for sure! I have to wait til almost bedtime to do so I wont roast out there!

Spoke with daughter #2 last eve, she was telling me the temp there in Maryland @ 10 pm, it was 65 degrees. I just had to see our temp- it was 82 degrees! thankfully the humidity has been down though!

Friday we spent shopping, dau #1 loves TO SHOP.I on the other hand hate it, but I BIT THE BULLET. Of course time was spent at Build a Bear, each girl HAD to have a bear. It was fun, but expensive! Owell it's just money! One bear is named Chocolate and the other Molly!

Well we are off to the Clothes Closet at the church. Volunteer work we do. Hope you are all having a great day! O my home is starting to see the effects of children around. Gotta get it straightened up!


Carver said...

Great post. The quote is a great one and I love the shots of the girls. Sounds like a good weekend. I also am amazed at the energy of children.

Cactus Jack Splash said...

I love the quote at the beginning of your post. I have never heard it before

Kate said...

Sounds like you're having a wonderful time with the girls. I've loved hearing about it and seeing the pictures.

Tracey said...

The girls are so cute with their bears!
Sounds like you are having fun!!

Anonymous said...

Love the quote. The girls are really giving you a workout aren't they? Love to hear about Clearwater Beach-- my old stomping grounds.

Anonymous said...

You have some great pictures of your grand-girls here. It was 90 when I was driving home today.

Rambling Woods said...

I always wanted to build a bear as I collect teddy bears..I will have to see if we have one close..
Michelle From Rambling Woods

Sandy said...

whew! you wear me out just reading what all you do...

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