Monday, August 03, 2009


Saw these two while driving up I95! Yes there are pink elephants, one granddaughter loves them so had to click the pic! Can always find interesting things on that road!

My daughters and I went to The 'Women of Faith Event' in Washington DC. Despite dau#2 and I not feeling too well, we had a nice time all in all. Great speakers, and the music OMY! Steven Curtis Chapman, Mandisa & Sandi Patty were the main singers, they had that place a jumpin! Then of course the regular event singers were there. The speakers were very good. They dealt with 'folk dealing with a variety' of things; Depression, Money, Abuse just to name a few.

Of course, I got lost going there, but who doesn't in DC. For some reason they have changed the exit numbers on 495! They could have told me! teehee! It was in the Verizon center. We all went in my Mini- that was fun! Ya know, I really love the capitol! so much history, and the buildings! ya gotta love them. Washington Monument looks so different without the scaffolding all gone from the repair! Verizon Center is a few blocks from the White House and I wasn't invited there! Humm whats up with that! Pushing a wheelchair around in DC is sooooo much fun! no wonder my knee is aching and I can't sleep!

Maryland hosted 3 tornadoes over the weekend! Mother Nature had her sort of fire works, with wind & rain! Dau #2 house was sorta around the center of the three of them. Since she went later than us, she texted they were in a monsoon! Luckily not allot of damage was done around here, but ya can tell there were good winds, many trees and branches are everywhere! Sunday,we were still having remnants of rain. Maybe the sun will shine later!- one can only hope! I even did some laundry Sunday as I only brought so many clothes with me, and put them in the dryer! It was a good old fashioned do nothing Sunday after church! Gotta get rested before the dau puts me to work Monday! On the agenda is: more laundry, getting stuff off the trailor so I can haul a freezer back up to NJ, & getting ivy vines off the big red barn!

It's 2am- just went out to take Snickers for a short walk, There were stars in the sky and the moon is quite full & on the horizon! Maybe we will have a blue moon this month!

Thanks for all the wonderful responses I have been receiving-I don't usually respond to them, but I sure read them and appreciate!


Zelda Parker said...

Sunday should be carved out for relaxation and rejuvination of the spirit. In what evver way you choose. Best of luck!

Cactus Jack Splash said...

Love the photo.
Have a great week

Sandee said...

I've seen pink elephants before, but only a couple of times. Thank goodness.

Have a terrific day. :)

Patty said...

Glad you had a great Sunday. WE lived in Baltimore, MD for about a year, while my husband finished out his military hitch. A little suburb, we lived on a street called Dundolk Ave., probably spelled wrong, that ws back in 56/57. We would take our baby at that time, to Walter Reed Hospital for treatment on her birthmark that was on her lip. But we never had time to do any sightseeing while in DC.

Barbara said...

Great photo! Life is good, enjoy yourself.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like the weather gave your part of the country a workover. Glad you came out of it okay.

secret agent woman said...

Wonder why fireworks places always have strange decorations? ANd they also usually have names like "Hobo Joe's" and "Crazy Ed's."

Denise said...

That sure was a busy weekend for you. My last post was of DC. I loved the elephant picture.