Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Dau #2 has a sinus infection, bronchitis and now a wonderful poison ivy infection on her leg,arm& ???face. Needless to say she is in itch mode! She has too much poison ivy around her house and she just can't stay out of it. You'd think she'd learn by now. On Sunday we were moving brush on her property. I wore long pants and longer sleeves despite the temp, but she had shorts & tank top.
Poison Ivy is pretty to look at, but one must stay away from! I can't tell ya how many times she has had it!
There's been many men coming in and out of the house! Repairmen of all shapes and sizes.
A very large earth mover arrived today. Maybe I will get back to Florida before winter! Keep
Today we went for a dip at a friends pool, oops the kiddos went, we went without bathing suits, but I got drenched none the less. Great time!
This eve are going to a local joint for dinner, have live music and great food, so should be good!
On another note I am asking for prayer for an orphanage in India which my cousin is very involved with. There are 37 kids there. Five have contracted swine flu and are hospitalized. The administrators wife now has symptoms. The home has been under quarantine. Please pray, these children already have so many strikes against them!


Sandee said...

Sorry that your daughter is having so many issues right now. Yikes. I've not had poison ivy, but I hear it's awful.

How fun on your night out. Have a terrific time.

Prayers in progress for the babies in India.

Have a terrific day. :)

Merci said...

Hmmm, you went swimming without suits. In my day, that was called SKINNY DIPPING!

On a serious note, sending prayers for the children, and for you with your real estate transaction, as well. It'll be over soon!

Rambling Woods said...

I am so sorry about your daughter. That can be really awful. I will keep your orphanage in my thoughts. I think the swine flu is going to be a big problem come fall and winter..