Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Time Marches ON

Family Reunion 2009 in New Jersey- This is a pic of my brothers and sister. I am in orange.

There are many years difference in our ages. Oldest soon 65 & youngest 44. We had an interesting upbringing. The oldest and youngest never lived in a house together. He was off to college when she was born. We had great parents who somehow melded us into a family. They actually wanted 10 years separating us, but that was not to be. My younger brother was born when I was 13. I learned how to take care of children when I was a youngin. I sometimes feel like I am the youngest ones mom. They rely on me like a mom now. I am the oldest granddaughter of about 45 grandchildren to my grandparents. My youngest cousin is in her 30's now. A couple of weeks ago we went to a concert together. It was fun. Luckily we went to a country concert so I did enjoy the music. You should have been to the reunion-so many folk there. I still have 1 aunt & 3 uncles who are alive out of 10 children. I saw folk I haven't seen for along time.

Update: I hate selling a house! I am stuck here in the north till all is done. I have to put in a new septic system!! Who knows when that will get done. WE have pushed settlement back 5 weeks.

The system didn't give us trouble, but they say it has to be replaced! Luckily the buyer still wants the house. AT least the weather has been nice up here and I am not in that heat & humidity in Florida. Although it is 90 degrees here today!

The only sure thing about luck is that it will change.
Bret Harte (1836 - 1902)


Sandy said...

I enjoyed the pic and reading about your siblings. My brother was
8 years younger than I was so I relate to the "mom" part kind of...although he passed away at

Bummer about the septic not even giving you a problem but still needing to be replaced.

Barbara said...

That's a very nice photo, you look like a very close family.

I have heard that southern Florida is unbearably hot in the summer time. The winters up here in Northern NH are unbearably cold. For those who can afford it, they go south in the winter. As the saying goes "when the snow fly's, they fly." And I guess that's why they call them 'snow birds'.

Sandee said...

Sounds like you came from good stock. Yep, it sure does.

I'm sorry about you having to do the septic system. I hope the nicer weather hangs in there for you.

Have a terrific day. :)

secret agent woman said...

There is a two decade span (22 years) in my sibds, too. I also feel like mor of a mother to the youngest of them. It's an interesting way to grow up.

Carver said...

Good shot from your family reunion. I'm sorry you have to deal with replacing the septic system.

Rambling Woods said...

I am 12 years older than my brother and I did take care of him....Lovely to see you and your family....