Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Breat Cancer Awareness

You are never too young to think about this! Plus MEN do get breast cancer!

"According to the American Cancer Society, every three minutes, on average, another woman learns she has breast cancer. The good news is that there are several strategies that can help reduce risk. Try incorporating the following lifestyle changes into your daily routine:
Get active. Regular physical activity (at least 30 minutes on most days) has been shown to be protective against breast cancer.
Maintain your health care.
Early detection is key: in addition to monthly self examinations, women between ages 20 and 39 should have a clinical breast exam performed by a health care professional at least every three years; women 40 years of age or older should have annual breast exams and talk with their doctor about mammograms.
Supplement wisely. Folic acid, vitamin D and antioxidants all may help decrease risk.
Reduce exposure to xenoestrogens. These chemicals with estrogen-like activity are found in common pesticides and industrial pollutants and as hormone residues in meat, poultry and dairy products.
Avoid exposure to radiation. Limiting the number of chest x-rays you receive, especially at a young age, may decrease the risk of breast cancer.
Talk with your doctor. If you have close relatives with breast cancer, your personal risk is increased. Let your doctor know your family history, and discuss other ways you can help to prevent breast cancer. "

Dr. Weil on Healthy Aging


Sandee said...

I get that wonderful mammogram every single year. Great post.

Have a terrific day. :)

Diane said...

They now have Thermographs too, so you don't have to have mammos every year. My mom died of breast cancer last year at age 57. Good info in your posts.

Patty said...

I try to stress for women to remember to get those mammograms. Both times mine was caught in the mammograms. Doctor could not feel the lump, and neither could I. No one had breast cancer on either side of our family, until my younger sister got it at age 42, she had a radical done, but that was also 26 years ago, they didn't treat her then like they do now adays. Started her chemo too late. She died before she turned 43

Craver Vii said...

Good message. This is a heavy topic. My wife hates mammograms. I suppose I would too.

Rambling Woods said...

Very timely post..I get a yearly mammogram no matter what... Michelle

secret agent woman said...

I just had a patient tell me yesterday she'd been diagnosed htis weeek with breast cancer. I started getting mammograms at 30 after my mother was diagnosed. I'm considered high risk (for a vraiety of reasons, not just the family history) so I'm on the every-six-months schedule now.

dot said...

I love her smile!

I had my yearly not long ago. I thank God that it was normal.

I've been trying to get into your other blog for several days. I just get a blank screen when I go there.

dot said...

Hi Mom, Your profile has two blogs listed. The one I can't get in is Mommanator. Possibly it's one you have deleted but it hasn't come off your profile yet.

Anonymous said...

Good post. Isn't it amazing how much physical exercise can do to help our general health? I didn't know about the xenoestrogens. Thanks for the tips.

Carver said...

Good post for awareness.

Virginia Gal said...

Thank you for the tip. A very good auntie of mine died from Breast Cancer, I appreciate you making everyone aware!

Alan said...

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