Thursday, October 08, 2009


guess this is what it will look like soon up north, 'I didn't take pic'

I want to thank you for all the well wishes from the past post. I don't know what was up with me. Have been in a sorta whirlwind for the past month etc. Maybe just allowing myself to sit and think got me into a funk!? Don't know but seem to be back to normal today.

OK who has any ideas of what to do with my dog! Since we came back he has taking to barking at night. He may not get another year older if he doesn't stop it. I know his routine was mixed up too, BUT I do need to sleep. He has never done this before? Do I need to take him to psychiatrist or get some tranquilizer or just beat him up!

Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as though you were working for the Lord and not for people.
-Colossians 3:23 (TEV)

Did you know "Barcodes" were invented 57 years ago? presently they are using for other things besides @ stores. In the rain forest they are tracking tree deforestation to see where illegal logging may be going on. They are using to identify plants & stop illegal trade of endangered species. In some places recycling centers give you a barcode to place on your bags and you can get $35 for amounts of recylced items-wish they had that here. More folk would recycle!

When people talk, listen completely. Most people never listen.
- Ernest Hemingway
A little bragging here- my grandchildren were in a foot race at school. It's called run for education. This year they are running for new playground equipment at the school.The whole school does it. They get sponsors and like! Twin #1 in the beginning of the race fell and 'got trampled', Her words. I said did you go to the nurse , did you get hurt? No gramma, I just got up and ran, I wasn't hurt! I cant believe that-she complains about everything I call her Wendy Whiner most of the time! But she likes to run. She usually is the best runner in her class. She only did 26 laps, her sis did 24. Older brother did 20 something, but the youngest did 39 laps. That equals 5 miles in 1 hour! woowoo. I don't think I could do 5 miles in 5 days, but that's youth for ya! Guess Grammjax will be sending a check! These kids are gonna brake the bank with me Teehee.


Sandy said...

There are so many huge quakes going on in Indonesia right now. A lot of animals are sensitive to the energies on earth and the emotions of people. Maybe he is feeling "stressed" over it.

Possibly if you just talk to him like the dog whisperer does, you can calm him and tell him it's not necessary to act out so much, and if he is trying to voice his protection for your safety in a crazy world, tell him you understand but all will be well.

Or he is picking up your emotions because of the space maybe you have been in personally.

Glad to read you are feeling better.

beautiful photo by the way.

Sandy said...

and wow, about those grandkids of yours, lots of running there.

Patty said...

Sounds like the grandchildren did real well in the race. The leaves are starting to turn around here, but not a lot yet. Just a few trees here and there. Raining today, so that makes for a damp, chilly day. I'm hoping the sun comes out tomorrow. I feel so much better when it's shining. Happy week-end.

Craver Vii said...

Take the dog for a walk. Stop by an exotic restaurant, and pretend to read something about dogs on the menu (dogs understand what their masters say, but can't read at all). Fear is a good motivator.

Then take the dog home and try suggesting that it does not bark at night through hypnosis.

Virginia Gal said...

I don't know anything about dogs sorry.

But interesting fact about barcodes, I like that they are helping to save the planet!

Merci said...

Could there be a mouse in the house, or a cat lurking around outside at night? It's been my experience that this type of change in behavior is usually related to the presence of another living creature. Or was someone slipping him treats late at night in MD or NJ? Did he get used to sleeping with someone and now feels left out? Is there a new sound at night (a heater going on, or a light that has developed a hum)? What changed in the environment?

secret agent woman said...

Someone told me about a collar that releases a burst of citronella when the dog barks. Maybe yours could wear one just at night?

Yay for your running grandkids.

Diane said...

Hope all is going well. I only know of to swap books. I know there is another one but don't know it's name.

mommanator said...

thanks all for the advice etc. doggie has settled down a bit.
never heard of the citronella collar, will look into. he woke me too early this am whilst the trash men were here!

Diane said...

I need a chicken expert. Can you tell what type mine are from the pictures? Also, two have the red comb growing in and the others don't. Are they the males? thanks for your help! :O)

Anonymous said...

I have been a little out of it lately. I don't know how I missed your post. I'm sorry I'm so late in getting here.

Boy the Hemingway quote is dead on isn't it?

Great hearing about your little ones. What a wonderful attitude twin #1 has. It seems they all did well. No wonder you're proud!

Another thought on the dog: you may have an animal hanging around at night (maybe a skunk?)that is causing the dog to bark.

Merci said...

Mommanator, JUST SAY NO! to the citronella collar. They are highly aversive and actually cruel. They compare with some of the awful, aversive techniques that were once used in institutions. In the long run, they can actually make behavior worse.

Rambling Woods said...

I am not a dog owner so I can't help. Please congrats to your grandchildren..they are tough and not quitters.. it runs in the family.. Michelle

Mountain Woman of Red Pine Mountain said...

Congratulations to your grandchildren.
I loved the Hemingway quote. I think being a good listener is really an art.
As to the dog, I'll go read more of your posts but it would help to know more about the barking. Is he in your bedroom, locked out of the room, outside? There's all kinds of gentle techniques to get it under control. Hang in there.