Sunday, December 20, 2009

Quiet Insanity!

If indeed you must be candid, be candid beautifully. Kahlil Gibran (1883 - 1931)
One thing is clear to me. You can't know everything you'd like to know. You can't do everything you'd like to do. You can't read everything you'd like to read. You must hold onto some things and let go of others. Learning to make that choice is one of the big lessons of this life.
Real Live Preacher, Real Live weblog, September 9, 2003
Ya know stuck in a house for a day doesnt hurt anyone, but you would think it does! Yes it snowed and my goodness it snowed a bunch. I think we got about 22 inches over a day. We were only stuck in the house one day! ME my kids & grand kids!
But these crazy Americans we live with still thought it necessary to go out. They were getting stuck everywhere. My favorite I95, was even closed. Come on folks take a day of rest. Spend time with the family, Go sledding with the kids. Have Hot chocolate and sit by the fire. Just sit in Awe of all the snow. Contemplate on how much water was dumped! I think in DC they said 6 million people were affected.
So what did my crazy family do. All of the above plus- dau#2 & I started a quilt we are giving as a Christmas present. I cleaned the kitchen (how many times?). Got kids into and out of clothes, hats & boots all day. Used those millions of socks as gloves. Wrapped some Christmas gifts (did I ever tell ya I hate wrapping!) Sneezed a trillion times, took a nap because of too many antihistamines, even fell backward off a stool while sneezing. Got caught up on bloggers & facebookers, cleaned out 2 email site boxes. Amazing what one can get done while stuck in a house for but a day.
O I forgot took the dogs for walks and thought we'd loose them in the snow. O and lost my camera once again!
So friends take stock and as my daughter would say stop and smell the coffee. It's not too often we are forced to be home! Enjoy it while you can!


secret agent woman said...

Although I was not snowed in, I made a deliberate decision to not leave the house today. I love having a day of not going anywhere at all.

Sandee said...

We are retired and have slowed down a great deal since our work years. Not to say that we do nothing, but we aren't the frantic people we once were racing from meeting to meeting.

I hear what you are saying and I agree completely. There are lots of things one can do when snowed in.

Have a terrific day and you and yours have a very Merry Christmas. :)

Virginia Gal said...

Do dogs enjoy snow?

Carver said...

The snow is pretty but it is too bad when people go out and are in accidents.

Thanks for visiting mine and to answer your questions - It was weird because during most of the snow in Raleigh it was a degree above freezing although it got down to 20 at night after it stopped. In Durham which is only 20 miles from me, it was just below freezing and they got several inches. Western NC got over a foot.

So in terms of national news, they reported on NC getting a lot of snow but I was literally 20 miles east of where it accumulated.

Anonymous said...

Somehow the snow missed us thankfully! Hope you're all shoveled out. :O)

Craver Vii said...

Is the camera still lost? I would cry. Yup, I'd cry like a little baby.

Did you ever notice that hot cocoa tastes better when there's snow outside?

Merci said...

I'd have given a lot to be stuck at home! Being stuck at a dive motel in Ft. Lauderdale waiting for airports to reopen and planes to reroute was awful.

Sandy said...

Interesting fun post to read. Yeah I agree, there are lots of charming reasons to stay, except sneezing and falling off the chair, hehe.