Thursday, December 17, 2009

Talk about Insanity!

First off don't forget the giveaway slated for December 24th-anyone interested in the drawing? A Janet Evanovich book in the offing!

The above is the motley looking crew this summer, did I post this!? am battling with A in Alzheimer's! HAHA Just dau #1 missing. She was away. I am in orange next to dau #2

Just 14 hours before we were to fly my friend tells me she cant watch the dog, so I make arrangements for him to come with us! Yikes one more thing to do. Do you know his ticket cost as much as mine! Plus I had to get a CORRECT carrier. That took me almost all day!

Well we arrived safely in Maryland to be about frozen to death. I left 80 degree weather and it was 35 when I arrived. Sure am glad I brought the jacket. This weekend they are talkin a foot of snow! So where are my boots! I have done allot of sleeping since I arrived, can't seem to get enough, and there isn't even a time change! Must just be relaxed with kiddos around. We've been shopping, but have lots to still get. We will bake cookies over the weekend. Right after getting off the plane we went to children's' school for a program and to surprise them all! What fun!
The children start their Christmas vacation this Friday till after the new year.
It will be nice to not have to get up early to get them off. You should see it around here! They get up about 6am, and all bound on my bed to wake me. Then their momma starts making lunches, breakfast, making sure they have correct clothes and shoes ( are the dresses long enough), teeth brushed and all hair combed, then drive them to school by 8am. Some take cookies & Stollen she has made for school programs. Never ending around here!

I found out my daughter changed computer carriers so all my book mars are gone, so dont know how many blogs I will be viewing, but I will try and keep ya up to date on me. I will have much to catch on when I get back to FL!
Blessings for a wonderful holiday for all of ya! "It's a wonderful life"!


Lynn said...

Sure - put me in the drawing! I love her books. Thank you -

Sandee said...

I'm sure I'm in the drawing because I love Janet Evanovich. Those Plum stories are funnier than heck and Grandma cracks me up.

Wow, what a temperature change. I think I'd take that Florida weather over that 35 degrees and all the snow, but family is family.

Have a terrific day. :)

Anonymous said...

Great family pic! Did I hear something about a giveaway?..... :O)

secret agent woman said...

Well, bundle up and enjoy the family time!

Rambling Woods said...

Good that you got there safely even if it is cold..Lovely photo.... Michelle

Zelda Parker said...

Jeez the biabies are all growing! Have a happy.

Zelda Parker said...

Put me in the drawing. I have been reading more that ever. Seems the TV around here is either on a sporting event or ABC family; i.e. I Carly?